11 October 2012 @ 08:58 pm
Tale 011: The pages keep turning  

[Henry's been wandering around the town when he's not in school. The friends he made were all vanishing, one by one, only being replaced by drones. Today, he wandered by the Once-ler's house to see Rapunzel is now a drone too. They were all going back, which was good, but now Henry was beginning to know how much it hurt to be the one left behind.

So he's gotten on the phone to try and keep his mind off of things.]

When people go home and drones are left here in their place...do those people still remember us when they go home?

[This was probably the worst curse of them all, even if they weren't cursed. Knowing each other and then being sent home and forgetting everyone.]


[Henry's in class, he's not really paying attention to the teacher right now. It's probably just a drone anyways. Currently he's reading his storybook, trying to find some hope in it. This book always is able to give him hope.]

20 August 2012 @ 11:37 am
Tale 010: A Ghosting Town  
754 Partridge Drive

[It's just another morning in Mayfield. Henry is waking to the sound of birds, like usual. But for some reason they seem to be hitting the same note in their chirping. Usually birds vary on their chriping don't they? But they just keep doing the same chirp. That's extremely weird. But, he's decided not to take much notice of it right now.

But his wake up isn't what he expected it to be. He moves towards the door and he trips over his carpet Falling towards the door, he raises his hands to catch himself. Henry expects his hands to stop himself on the door, but he falls right through, face planting on the ground with a loud thud. Wincing, he looks back to the door.]

What the-?


Did anyone else fall through their doors today?

[He's pretty up front about it, and just saying it casually. Obvious curiosity is obvious.]


[Henry's just accepted the fact that something weird is going on in Mayfield. About several times he's gone passed the same drone as he's walked around with it going in the other direction, backwards. Plus, he's found himself being able to pass through solid doors. Perhaps it is as Olivier said. The system was breaking down.

Currently Henry is just sitting, on a bench, at a table, on the sidewalk, wherever, reading a comic book.]

11 July 2012 @ 11:31 pm
Tale 009: Intel and regains  

754 Partridge Drive

[Henry has opened up the mail to find a card and a certain walkie talkie. He flips the card over as it shows a picture of a castle. Blinking, he looks out the window, to see in the back that his castle in the backyard. Not destroyed like Regina had done to it. A smile broadens on his face.] (Locked to house mates)


[Henry is waiting for those he called on the phone to show up.] (Opened to all.)


Phone [Filtered from the drones and The mayor and the Lucy household] 

[So after the horrors of the Carnival, Henry is on the phone and has filtered this call.]

It's Henry. I made it back from the Carnival thanks to Lucas and I managed to find some stuff out. I'm not going to share it over the phonelines, even if it's filtered it might be too dangerous. So come to 754 Partridge Drive. I'll be in the back yard in my castle.

25 June 2012 @ 06:48 pm
Tale 008: Operation Fairy Tale  

Page 1 - Phone !Filtered from Drones

I'm not going to say much over the phone, even though it's filtered, I don't want anyone who might be able to get passed it to know what I'm going to do. But I have some information for anyone, like me, who's only been here for a month or doesn't know anything about West Port. I have to thank Lucas for letting me copy all of the notes he and everyone who were there gathered....So I want to share what I have. Come over to 754 Partridge Drive. Also, I'm renaming Operation Viper/Bunny, Operation Fairy Tale. I didn't know the drones could hear over the phones when I was letting people in on the Operation.


Page 2 - 754 Partridge Drive

[Henry is currently inside, packing a large back pack for the trip into the fun house. It's about mid afternoon while he does this. He's not sure how long he's going to be in there for so he's packing a few days worth of food and water, a change of clothes, a pocket knife with multiple tools he managed to find lying around the house, a blank note book and pens. The front door is open for anyone who is responding to Henry's information party thing.]


Page 3 - Around town

[Henry is wandering around town, trying to find things to bring along on the mission into the fun house. Is he in your store? Or is he wandering on the street? Either way, you see a very determined little boy marching wherever he's going with much purpose.]

24 June 2012 @ 01:41 am
Tale 007 : Voices over static  


[Henry was awakened by the sound of the radio. That's more than a little creepy. Wasn't there something about a carnival? He decides to try and talk to anyone ho might be up. Going to the kitchen he picks up the phone. People living at 754 partridge drive can interrupt him.]

H-hey...did anyone else hear that? Some man was talking about a carnival and something about codes and holes I think?

10 June 2012 @ 07:37 pm
Tale 006 - Zombies, Zombies everywhere. (Backdated to Saturday 9th 2012)  

Page 1 - 754 Partridge Drive

[Well Henry woke up and went downstairs to have breakfast. But he found a package on the breakfast table that was addressed to him. Curiously, he unwraps the package and his eyes widen with delight. It was his storybook! So the town did give back things when they did those horrible events? But was it really worth hurting those people's feelings to get this back...? No probably not but he would have to thankful that he at least got it without sacrificing a kidney.

So Henry, is going to run upstairs and change so he can go around finding people he told about his book to show that he got it back.]


Page 2 - Around Town

[Well...this as not what he was expecting. There were people foaming at the mouth and trying to bite him. A couple of times he had to swing his back pack at some of them to knock them away (thank God that book is so damn heavy.) But still he's extremely frightened and he's calling out for help.]

Someone! Anyone!


Page 3 - John Doe Park

[Henry has managed to climb up a tree and hide in the higher branches. Will someone be in the tree with him or is someone trying to climb up at him?]

05 June 2012 @ 07:44 pm
Tale 005 - Innocent Tears (Post AUfield forward dated?)  

Page 1 - 754 Partridge Drive

[Henry has awakened this morning and now has remembered his true self. The things he had said over the past few days...those awful things he did. He sits up in his bed clenching at his heart. Is this what it means to live in Mayfield? Was this one of those dirty tricks, those events, that the town pulls on everyone? Henry's not sure but he knows that he feels horrible for what he did. The only thing he can do now is apologize and hope everyone forgives him. But right now he's just going to be sobbing in his bedroom.]

Page 2 - Phone

[After calming himself down, Henry made his way to the phone. He picks it up still sniffling a bit.]

It's Henry...If...if I ran into you this week...I'm so sorry. I didn't mean what I said... I don't know why I said it. You don't deserve to be here and suffer. I'm sorry...

[At this point he's crying again but much more softly than before.]

01 June 2012 @ 01:02 pm
Tale 004 - Heart of the Rotten tree.  

Page 1 - Phone

[Well Henry has woken up this morning. But he's no longer the sweet little boy that he used to be. No he's bitter and horrible just like his mother. Why? Well lets say that in his book Snow White as a terrible tyrant that destroyed the good Queen's happiness. So in order to stop evil from winning she had to put a curse on everything so that Snow White wouldn't win. So Now Henry will be getting up looking particularly annoyed. 

He still thinks that maybe Mayfield might be another layer of the queen's curse but who cares? Everyone here deserves it don't they? They took his mother's happiness away. So he's going to get on the phone.]


You know...you all deserve this. It's all your fault that you're here. You took away someone's happiness and now you have to pay.

Page 2 - John Doe Park

[Henry had ditched school today in favour of the park. Currently he's just throwing rocks at passing by drones. Sure they're drones but it's not very nice. Going to approach?]

21 May 2012 @ 03:42 pm
Tale 003 - First day of Mayfield Elementary.  

Page 1 - Phone

[Henry has risen from his bed and his drone mother has told him it was time for him to go to school. He sighs, rather annoyed as he would like to stay at home and write down more of what he remembers from his book. Oh well he guesses he'll do it at the school. However...he doesn't even know where it is. So picking up the phone he hits a bunch of random numbers. Last time a bunch of people had talked to him even though he was trying to call Emma so maybe this time someone could help?

Note - people living at 754 Partridge drive can interrupt Henry on his call.]

Hey can anyone tell me where the elementary school is?


Page 2 - Walk to school

[Thanks Yuuko you abandoned  Henry at the prom. But it's okay he met some interesting people so he forgives you. It had been fun but Henry was now brought up with the horrid fact that he needed to attend school by his drone mother. Guessing skipping that one day didn't help much did it? So getting up and getting ready Henry had left his Mayfield house to walk to school.

Will he meet anyone on the way?]

Page 3 - Mayfield Elementary Lunch time

[So today has been positively boring. Henry never had to endure any annoying teachers before. He much rather have Miss.Blanchard/Snow White as his teacher still than these creepy drones. So ignoring half of his classes (mainly for the purpose they were saying if you wanted to survive a nuclear explosion you needed to hide under your desk. Yeah that doesn't work.) it was time for lunch. So Henry is just going to be sitting far away from the drone kids off on a table of his own.]

13 May 2012 @ 04:59 pm
Tales 002 - The Mother's day Curse [back dated]  

Page 1 - John Doe park

[So having met some new people in this town and it being a new day Henry awakens in his room. Not having his story book and that he may get it back later did not satisfy him so he has gathered a bunch of paper lying around the house and stole little Suzie drone's crayons. Not wanting to be bothered by either the drone mother or drone sister Henry leaves the house to explore the town. However he's feeling like the two drone females are positively like real family, which is weird. He finds himself in a park where he takes a set on a bench and begins writing away on the scraps of paper he has, trying to remember all the fairy tales from his book.]

Page 2 - The library

[Leaving the park as it seems the drone children are being extremely creepily cheerful and happy and trying to make him play with them, Henry retreated to the library. Finding the children's section Henry searches through them for any sort of fairy tale books, just so he can have some reference they're anything like his book that is.]

Page 3 -  Anywhere

[Now Henry just wanders around the town looking around at it. Yup defintely a little more creepier than Storybrooke. Least everyone there had personalities. Here they're all cardboard cut outs.]


(ooc: Women you may harass the poor child)

12 May 2012 @ 02:09 am
Tale 001 - The Boy from Storybrooke.  

Page 1 - 754 Partridge Drive

[Henry had been on his way to go see Emma. She had called him to talk about something important. Maybe it was about Operation Cobra. Had to be right? What else would she need to talk to him so urgently about? But on his way he found himself getting rather sleepy before blacking out.

When awakening Henry finds he is not in his own bedroom. It looks pretty old and there isn't as many clocks in it as he has in his old room at home. Moving to the window Henry looks out it only to see there a row on row of identical houses, plus where the heck was the clock tower that he could see.

Henry hears a knock at his door and before he can go to open it a woman walks in smiling ear to ear. She greets him good morning and as she leans down towards him Henry moves around her and goes out the door. She looked like she as going to kiss him.

Question was, where was he? He's only ever been outside of Storybrooke once and he didn't remember getting on a bus and coming to this place, let alone lying in a strange bedroom.  He goes outside his front door only to see a row of more identical houses. Henry frowns looking obviously more than a little upset. Did the Queen figure out what Operation Cobra was and sent him here to keep him out of the way?

All Henry knew is that he wished Emma was with him]


Page 2 - Phone

[Running back inside, Henry goes and grabs the closest phone. Maybe he could dial Emma, maybe he was still in Storybrooke but the Queen just changed everything somehow. After all she's an evil Queen right? Dialing Emma's number he hears someone pick up.]

Emma! It's Henry! Something's happened! I think the Queen has done something to the curse! Look outside if you don't believe me!


Page 3 - Running down the street

[Hanging the phone up, Henry runs outside again down the street in his pajamas, maybe his storybook had the answer to what was going on. He kept it locked up at the sheriff's office and maybe Emma would be there and they could go over it together and find out what was happening.]