29 August 2012 @ 10:08 am
22nd Tactic  
[phone; no filters]

Not to put a damper on anyone's excitement, but, provided this place doesn't finish breaking down and taking us all with it, school will be starting again on the sixth of September. For those of you who are new or who just haven't been paying attention, there's a few things you need to know:

First, you don't actually have to go to school every day. The town will only force you to go if you miss three days in a row. If you have someone willing to call you in sick from your house, you can extend that time frame for another day or so.

Second, grades don't matter. The worst you'll get by blowing off your work is either dull disappointment from drones or relatively harmless ire from certain teachers.

[You know who you are, certain teachers.]

And finally, don't be surprised if you end up repeating classes. You can end up doing that a lot and it'll have nothing to do with whether you passed or not.

That's it, your annual school announcement. The one that matters, anyway.

[/end phone]

[Caesar sure hopes he won't have to give that speech a third time next year...

Or should he be hoping to, depending? Oh well. He'll go back to lazing about on the front porch with Bonaparte the Second after that, trying to keep from getting too bored between watching the drones glitch out as they wander by and dangling a string over the cat for her to bat at.
11 July 2012 @ 09:35 pm
21st Tactic  
[...the faintest memory of fog closing in on them, a horrible burning pain, and now waking with a start to stare at an unfamiliar ceiling is what welcomes Caesar back to the normal Mayfield. As normal as it is compared to the other one, at least, but it isn't a comparison he can make just yet.

He doesn't remember it, not beyond some panic-inducing nightmare which grows fainter and fainter in his memory. Memories... Where was he, anyway?

action; locked to 847 Goldberg St. )

[phone; no filters]

Hello? Is anyone there? [Caesar's talking in a hushed, uncertain voice, though not really all that panicked.] Can someone connect me to the authorities? Or at the very least tell me where I am? I think I've been kidnapped or I'm lost or...

[He's not quite sure, even though he should know better, having already been trapped in Mayfield for over a year!]

[action; the rest of town, later on in the week]

[And despite any warning about staying inside he may or may not have gotten, until his amnesia faded at the very least, Caesar can be found a day or so out and about after his confused call to the town. He may have snuck out through the window, but can you blame a guy for being curious?

He wanders aimlessly, stopping at certain places to look around and try to find anything to jog his memory. The school grounds, since it's closed itself. The park, following some half-remembered paths to places he thinks may have been old haunts, favorite trees to be in. The library gets a visit. He can even be found standing just outside the bakery, though turned to stare uneasily at the dairy instead of the other building. Even he can feel the dread about that place, though he wishes he could figure out why...

(OOC note: Caesar is back from a grisly fog-ridden death! He did not revive immediately following the end of Event: Step Right Up and has been missing a day. His penalty is full amnesia for several days. He doesn't remember his time in Mayfield or his time in his original world beyond the extent of thinking the occasional person, place, or object is vaguely familiar.)
01 June 2012 @ 12:53 pm
20th Tactic  
au information )

[Caesar's up and about early and would have even been gone from the house just as early if he hadn't had to pick through his clothing for something suitable. When did his room become such a mess? He'll have to settle for a relatively clean pair of dark jeans and a nice black dress shirt he finds untouched in his closet. It'll be nice once Mayfield returns his own clothing, but until then... The next stop is the bathroom so he can put his scruffy red hair into order. Now there's an ordeal all on its own.

That done, he has business with the rest of the town before he heads out anywhere, so he will be lingering around the house on Goldberg.

[phone; no filters]

I wonder if anyone else has noticed a difference today. [There's a pause, but not a long one, as him noting he's suddenly younger isn't his real message today.] Not that I would expect most of you to, knowing how preoccupied you all are upon your own silly dramas.

Is anyone else tired of those yet?

I hope I'm not alone in wanting to finally do something again besides sit around fretting some more, preferably without the idiots who keep charging around trying to save the day this time... There are better options to grand heroics here, after all.
29 March 2012 @ 07:00 pm
19th Tactic  
[phone; no filters]

I don't know everyone who knew them, but I can guess there are at least some people besides me who would like to know that Viki and Millie are no longer with us. I guess that means they've gone home.

[...or the town's eaten them. He'd rather not dwell on that, though.]

[at the high school]

[Later on, he's technically at school, but good luck getting him to pay attention in class. He's been a drone for the past week and a half, which means he has a lot of catching up to do on his usual bad student act. So! Rather than listening and taking notes, he'll be sleeping through them the best he can.

Good thing he doesn't snore, right?

[and then at 847 Goldberg St.]

[Then sometime after he's wasted the school day away, he'll be back home again, only he's not indoors for once. He's outside on the front yard attempting to figure out how to use that sword he had made some time ago, one that had been meant for a different long gone ally, but, well, it's his now. He's using the yard's tree as a target again, managing to not get it stuck this time around, but he's still... not very... good at it.

Ughh. Time for a break. He sticks the sword point first into the ground and leans on the pommel.

...this can't possibly be a one-handed sword... it's too heavy!

[or maybe he's a wimp but shut up]
20 February 2012 @ 10:11 pm
18th Tactic  
[phone a; drone and evil jerkwad filter]
...okay, okay, this has been put off long enough. [He's muttering at first, but his next words are louder.] Good morning, Mayfield. This is Caesar. Since we've managed to survive the latest string of atrocities, I figured it might be a good time for another DA meeting. As of now, I'm really not going to bother with special messages anymore. They haven't proven any more secure than the phones and, frankly, are less inclusive and too much of a hassle.

[See: he's too lazy to do that ever again.]

For those of you who are new, the DA is the Defense Association. We still aren't the Resistance and we aren't a secret society. The DA is supposed to focus more on helping one another, since we're all stuck in this mess together. We have people who are willing to teach you how to defend yourself and a few other projects on the table to try and make this place slightly less horrible. [But only slightly.] Anyway, it's open to anyone, anyone can drop by the meeting, or not, whatever. Just try not to be a murderous psychopath when you do.

Moving along, the meeting will be Thursday night. We'll be using the high school gym this time, since the UFO doesn't exactly have heating set up and it's still cold out. It won't only be DA business. There will be an open forum part in the meeting if anyone wants to come along and add their own two potch on, well, anything, I guess.

If anyone has questions that they don't want to ask over the phones, I'm not at my usual house right now, but I can tell you where I am. [Just not publicly. Uh, because. Reasons.] And no, I don't have snacks for the meeting. Don't ask, not unless you're offering to provide some...
[phone b; filtered to DA and Resistance folk] )

[After the phone calls, Caesar can be found hanging out around 747 Partridge Drive for the rest of the morning. Inevitably, he deigns to make an appearance at school for a class or two, maybe even lunch! He'll sleep through that for the most part, since he still has no plans on learning from that joke of an institution. Nonetheless, he can be found skulking around there or between school and Partridge Drive on his way back to, well, hiding, because let's be honest, that's exactly what he's doing.]
06 February 2012 @ 04:23 pm
17th Tactic  
[Good morning, Mayfield. Caesar's about ready to let people know he's alive again. He had planned on putting that off, still trying to sleep off the last of the painkillers he'd swiped from the hospital before barricading himself in his room. However, putting his room -- he had throughly trashed it, thanks to Johnson's unhelpful little changes -- back together had revealed several missing items...

It's enough to take him to the phone, however reluctantly.

I can't find it in me to appreciate someone playing thief while I was dead. Whoever helped themselves to the DA notes and the map from my room, I don't want to go chasing around town looking for you, so if you wouldn't mind...

[And he really means it about not wanting to chase around town.

He has no plans on going much farther than the space between the phone and his bed again as soon as possible, not unless he has to.
23 January 2012 @ 07:35 pm
16th Tactic; phone & action  
[phone; obvious filters are obvious]

You know what's funny? How their lines are never secure and yet all of you think yours are.

Just an idle observation, that's all.

[action; throughout town and 847 Goldberg Street]

[Members of the Defense Association and anyone affiliated with them will be receiving notes addressed to them. They're all the same and straightforward enough:

We're picking out a cake tomorrow. Meet us at the bakery before three o'clock if you're any good at dangerous baking and want to help out. If you have any questions, you'll need to drop by my house to ask.

- Caesar

And sure enough, he'll be hanging out at the Goldberg Street afterwards, though some might run into him en route on that weird horse of his to deliver some of those notes (because he sure isn't going to walk to all those places).