20 April 2012 @ 07:54 am
Honk Honk 4: Chentonese Style Cooking  
Action: Outside 458 Stone Street

(See this cat girl flying around her house? This time, she's flying around for a reason: she's tending to her soybean plants! And she has a lot of them! She will make them grow and tend to them and love them and make many many things with them!

...what do you mean cats don't know how to make tofu?! Of course Chen knows how to make it! Her master taught her a long time ago, but nonetheless, flying cat girl watering her plants. Care to approach?


Hi everyone! I'm Chen! And Mayfield did something really nice to me: it gave me soybean plants! I used to take care of them a lot with Ran-sama back home and she taught me everything I know.

And I'll be able to cook tofu! Because Ran-sama taught me that, too! If you're hungry, come by 458 Stone Street; that's where I'll be!
14 April 2012 @ 12:47 am
Chapter 12 - From CAST to Cat  
[Action A - 458 Stone Street, Morning]

[Waking up in the morning is usually a quick, power-up-and-go affair for Dakki. But this morning was that slow, sleepy, gummy-eyed organic kind of feeling... which immediately had her worried. Had her body been taken away again? But it soon became clear that this wasn't even that poor human substitute body that Mayfield had given her.

She had ears. And tails. And she was shorter. Oh dear.]

AAAAH! What the heck is going on!?

[Have yourself a panicky nekomata, household. And probably a panicky android somewhere upstairs, too.]

[Action B - Around Town]

[Okay, okay. It wasn't so bad being Chen. It was actually kind of neat and different. Because she could float! And also, possibly do that danmaku-spellcard-whee-lotsa-projectiles stuff. So perhaps you'll catch her flying around with a big silly grin on her face. Or maybe you'll have to dodge some stray, wimpy, half-assed little energy bullet things.]

Oops! Ah! I'm sorry! Didn't mean to... really! Hee...

[No wonder Chen was in such good spirits all the time. It was fun to be Chen.]

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02 April 2012 @ 11:55 pm
20 ✿ i believe that pranks are much better than death [backdated to april 1st]  
[[truthfully, she had been preparing for the events of last year to repeat themselves as the man on the phone had told her. but, thankfully, her hopes were recognized, and the minute she finished reading her letter, she felt every bottled up fear flutter out of her in the form of a happy sigh. and then she questioned the fact of her "agreeing" to do this. and then the remembered it's mayfield, and mayfield does stuff like this because mayfield.

anyway. playing jokes on people? pranks? she'll do her best (although, she doesn't like the idea of making people cry, so none of that).

now, to find her targets.]]

locked to: chen, lili, inara, and the fair lady! )

[[action (after the fun "pranking" shenanigans]] // john doe park // open ]]

[[somehow, nia has found a way to prank herself. sitting in the park, she's having a little bit of a wrestling match with a tenacious piece of saran wrap. she can't seem to get it off her arms and/or torso. what a problem! what a pickle! what a conundrum!

although, she doesn't seem all too upset. she's laughing about it, in fact!]]

07 February 2012 @ 03:03 am
Honk Honk 3: Chental Breakdown  
Action A:951 Beulah Street; open to all

(Anyone passing by this particular house may notice this young neko speaking with an obviously droned yellow fox. This fox was her master back home, and after the madness of the broken revival machine, Chen began to feel guilty about not being able to protect her loved ones. Here, she seems to be having idle conversation with the fox, a very thin stack of papers with childish drawings between the two.)

Look, Ran-sama! This one has me and you and Yukari-sama back home! We're drinking tea and celebrating our togetherness...oh, and this one is from when we helped Reimu end the imperishable night and we all celebrated at her shrine! Do you remember that, Ran-sama...?

(The fox seemed very much not interested in the drawings and was simply looking at the young girl before her. It was taking Chen a lot of effort to not cry outside, but she wasn't doing a very good job of hiding it.)

Action B: Anywhere in Mayfield

(There were many thoughts going through Chen's mind, many more than she was used to. They all managed to trail back to her questioning her worth as a guardian and a friend; in her hand, she holds a little stack of cards, each one detailing her lower-level spells. Figures the town would give her some of her power back after the time everyone was allowed to break things finished. She wasn't too sure what she should be feeling, but whatever it was, she definitely wasn't happy. Regardless of which part of Mayfield you meet her in, Chen will be slowly floating around the area, her head drooping down as she draws a spellcard and wreaks havoc upon wherever she is, unleashing waves of non-lethal bullet patterns on whatever got in the way.

She'll be going through her spells until she is either droned or she runs out of energy.

(OOC: A is for sad Chen and B is for angry Chen. For the Touhou characters, her spells are nothing beyond normal difficulty.)