17 April 2012 @ 08:41 pm
oo1 → action & phone  
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[ Being in a new place wasn't all that odd to Erik, who spent much of his life travelling for various and sundry reasons. What was odd was the fact that he had no recollection of coming to this particular place. The oddities piled up: a stranger in the house with him, a closet full of clothes that fit, but weren't his, and... Oh, yes, that sixth sense that allowed him to feel magnetic fields was gone. Great! Not only was he in this strange, new place, but as a baseline human. The day definitely needed coffee. ]

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[ Now dressed and ready for the day, Erik sat on the front step sipping what had to be a third cup of coffee. Whatever unnerve he might have felt was safely buried under a stoic façade and tempered by the need to observe his surroundings, to learn what he can about this place and how he arrived here. He watched people on morning runs, neighbours who seemed to know him and waved as they walked their dogs and departed for work, children leaving for school. The normalcy of it was so utterly alien to him. This place was so perfectly normal it left Erik on edge. ]

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[ Exploration sent Erik wandering through town. Why was he here, he wondered? He didn't remember coming here on his own, so the only conclusion he could draw was that someone else brought him here. If he was to be in this place, it was best to get the lay of the land. One thing he noted: the styles of clothing and the cars looked more like those of a decade ago. What a strange place this was that seemed like any old town with its houses and shops and banks, but with a slight time warp. ]

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[ Like any reasonable person (from Erik's era, at least), he tried to dial the operator. ]

Hello, operator?