21 August 2012 @ 11:01 am
Operation 3 - Town in need of a checkup  
[Fran is nonplussed as ever by all the oddness going on, opting to instead approach it as a good scientist should. Fran has not yet regained her usual appearance so she still looks like a normal 16 year old girl.]

A) Action - Fran can be seen walking around, taking notes as she observes the drones' odd behavior. She might be standing and listening as one babbles on, perhaps prodding it to see if there is any physical reaction, or you may spot her following one of the ones busy walking backwards or bumping into walls.

B) Action - Oops, Fran wasn't looking where she was going and now she's stuck halfway through a tree or a door. She doesn't look panicked, but more cutely distressed.

"Ahh~ Can someone help me?"

C) Phone - To Doctors Solus, Brown, Banner and Doofenshmirtz, as well as any other scientists and medical professionals here~ What do you make of what's happening with the drones?
01 August 2012 @ 10:42 pm
Third Crusade  
[Action A: 7135 Brooks st.]

[Sweetie Belle has come to Rarity's house to ask her sister for a favor. Upon arriving she bangs on the door.]

Rarity, are you here?

[Action B: around town]

[Sweetie has takes Tsukasa's camera and is taking photos on the street.]

Excuse me, I got this camera and I'm looking for people to take pictures of. Would you do something and let me photograph it?
29 July 2012 @ 10:05 am
8th Smile  
[Action A, 1670 Nelson: It's just another bright, cheery Mayfield afternoon when your local Smile Junkie goes to grab the mail and sees two boxes for him. How exciting! Not bothering to wait, he opens one right there. He lets out a thrilled "Yes!" and runs back to the porch to sit down and immediately play his Gameboy Advance. Looks like he left the other box in the open mailbox. Care to check out what's going on?]


[Action B: Hardware store, then back to 1670 Nelson: Looks like Elmer is stocking up on supplies. Planks of wood, nails, paint, things like that. He'll be bringing them home in his car and dumping them on the front lawn near that nice, big maple tree in the yard. Soon, he's sawing, hammering and nailing things to the tree. Seems like a treehouse is underway! Elmer cheerfully hums and sings to himself as he works. So serene, so happy. Feel free to interrupt. He might even flag you down as you walk by.]

Oi! Are you busy? Can you hold on to this for a moment?

28 July 2012 @ 02:09 pm
⊕ 23 ⊕  
[A. Action for 1645 Albright Ln. // Backdated to after the shindig]

[After coming home from the impromptu party, Hanyuu decided to lock herself in her room and not come out. If someone doesn't do something, she'll be there for the next six months.]

[B. Phone // Present]

[There's a somewhat familiar voice on the phones today. One that hasn't been heard for quite sometime.]

Auuu...um...can anyone tell me what happened in the past year and a half, nano desu?

[C. Phone // Private to Rika.]

Rika...Rika you're still here right?
27 July 2012 @ 07:27 pm
{FOUR} -- RED Scout Can't Jump.  
[A] - [PHONE]
[Scout sounds really excited about something. What could the reason be?]
Yo! Anyone wanna race me? I got my speed back! And I ain't about t'waste it by not runnin' around circles and bein' real awesome.

I may even be nice 'n letcha get a head start! C'mon, let's do it!

[As excited as Scout is about getting his speed back, he's not too happy about not being able to jump on top of a gazebo in the middle of the park. If you're in the area, you may see him try really hard to double jump and get some height, but quickly fail and fall back down to the ground.]

Damnit! Why can't I make this?
25 July 2012 @ 07:43 pm
Episode V: My ride  
{A: Action - Open to all}
-- location: John Doe Park
-- time: Midday

[A 40 foot long X-wing starfighter doesn't really fit in the average suburban driveway, let alone a two-car garage, so Luke's landed it in the park to tinker with it. He's brought some tools with him and laid them out on the grass, some made by other people in town, some made by himself, and others from the hardware store that he thought looked semi useful. The severe lack of technology here has been a bit frustrating to say the least.

Luke's sitting cross-legged on top of the craft near the astromech droid port with a couple tools, hunched over an open panel. There's a sudden spark and he quickly pulls his hand away.]

{B: Phone - Open to Kaylee Frye}
-- time: Early evening

Hey, it's me. You want to be spontaneous with me? Let's do something tonight.
24 July 2012 @ 10:03 am
Operation 2 - Resume the Operation  
[Fran has been gathering a lot of information at her return, talking with different people and quickly being brought up to speed on how Mayfield works, as well as what she had been up to in her previous visits here. She's decided to follow up on a few things here and there.]

A) Action - 1671 Nelson Street
Having been clued in to her former lab space in this household, she has decided to pay the residence a visit. The doorbell rings and Fran waits patiently at the front step.

B) Action - John Doe Park
While roaming the park, Fran had come across the strange lurching tractor-cow abominations. Upon further examination of them she noticed that they had all the signs that she was the one who had constructed them...or at least oversaw the procedure. She can be found watching the cows, taking notes, and even performing basic checkups and medical care on them. Some of them seem to be in brighter spirits after she's done with them. There's something to be said for regular medical care.

C) Phone - Everyone
Ahhh~ Hello~ My name is Fran Madaraki and it has come to my attention that I have been to this town a couple times already~ If I had previously performed medical care for you, or helped you out in any way in my prior trips, please get in contact with me so I can add you to my files~ Thank you~
17 July 2012 @ 04:07 pm
Five: In Which Klaus Leads a Mundane Life  
A. Action (Grocery Store)

[It's time for Klaus's usual grocery trip to stock up on waffle ingredients. Sure, he's buying more than that, but that's really all that's important. He has therefore filled his shopping basket with about five boxes of waffle mix, as many bottles of syrup. They are all different brands. Baron Wulfenbach is going to be running an experiment when he gets home.

Bother him and ask what in the world he's doing with that much breakfast material?]

Phone for Garviel )

Action for Hiccup )
17 July 2012 @ 01:40 am
1st Shoe of Baileys - Action/Phone  
[Action - Locked to 951 Beuluh]

[How do you like being woken up in bed, Carlton?

Because when you wake up this morning you'll feel some very warm, very heavy breathing at the back of your neck. What's even worse is the salty, sewage-waste smell of the breath as well.

If you turn around you'll see quite possibly one of the most horrible looking creatures in front of you from it's horrid green skin and sea weed hair down to the thin mustache it has and unnecessarily red lipstick it has smeared around it's mouth. And it is just staring back at you Carlton.

Just. Staring. Until it speaks.]

Why you in Old Gregg's bed, motherlicker?


Old Gregg don't all like this. No sir. Old Gregg was happy being back at his nice old pond, scaring ducks and eating spiders. Didn't have no desire to be getting dragged all back to this witch town.

Know what Gregg thinks? You know what? Gregg thinks you all played a trick on Old Gregg. Yes sir. You all just made him think he was back home when he was really just here. All put a big old picture of his nice cave and just been tricking him like that.

Old Gregg don't like that. No sir.

Old Gregg gonna find out who tricked him. And then Old Gregg gonna tear their legs off and use them as crutches.




[Action - Around Town]

[With everything that's wrong with this town (most notably lack of Baileys) there is one thing Gregg enjoys about the town. And that's the fact that he has a car he's allowed to drive here.

Around town today there is a little white car just tear assing around town. Maybe he's driving donuts on your lawn or maybe he just barely missed running you down in the street. But either way its the same.

And all the time he is just keeping his head out the window, giving the only warning he can as his car comes careening barely under control.]


17 July 2012 @ 12:27 am
14th Guitar Drive-By - Action, The Park  
[Today is not a good day for Haruko.

Oh. The whole disappearing carnival wasn't so bad. Hell it was kind of fun the way Haruko saw it. What was bad was what was waiting for her at "home".

There's a big rule Haruko operates under or at least endeavors to. And that rule is to keep away from attachment. It was something she just picked up during her adventures due to how often she'd go from place to place and how disposable she'd come to think of people. You hang out with people for a time, use them up for what you can, then leave on when you have what you want or all you can get. That was the ideal for how she operated. But it'd be a lie to say she always accomplished it. Fleecing kids was part of her shtick in trying to find Atomsk, the being that held the power she so craved. And while she'd always try to keep as impersonal as she could while getting them to trust her it was hard. And in a way she always felt SOMETHING about them. Hell. Even in this town she was growing fond of people which she recognized was a bad thing.

But Naota had been...something special. Her favorite of the kids she guessed. It wasn't even because he was the one who had gotten her the closest to capturing Atomsk so much as the fact that there was a spark in him. Despite all his pouty, whiny bullshit he actually could grow with a little prodding. Haruko had to admit she liked that. Hell she'd even admit if pressured enough that she was happy he was in Mayfield.

Or had been. It's a bit easier to tell she's less happy he's gone now, at least mentally. She doesn't even know if she wants to call whatever is in front of her when she looks at him a drone. The whole thing is just so tasteless. So bland and stupid and obnoxious and so obviously meant to piss her off.

After almost nine months the town has for the very first time hurt her. But she won't admit it. At all. Instead she'll deal with this the most proactive way she can think.

She'll be taking Naota's drone to the park and give him a baseball bat. Hell she even seems almost nurturing as she gets on a knee and takes a handkerchief out of her pocket.]

Gee mom it sure is swell you're going to help me practice baseball! But don't you think dad would be better for it?

Sorry Ta-kun. Dad's busy right. And I'm pretty sure I know a thing or two.

[Her voice is her usual tone but deep down...there's something wrong. The people who've known her the longest in town, in fact, would possibly tell that it sounds like she's forcing her voice. As if it's some kind of shell with something else waiting underneath it.

Haruko takes the handkerchief and ties it over drone!Naota's eyes, leaving the boy confused as she walks back towards a sack of baseballs.]

Haha mom! Is this some kind of prank?

Oh, no prank.

[Haruko takes one of the balls out, tossing it up and down for a moment. Feeling it. Testing it.]

We've just got some hardcore training to do.

[The speed of the ball as she throws it at the drone is incredible, and the crack it makes against the drone's side as it hits is audible. The drone cries out in surprise and pain before falling to the ground, clutching his side.

Haruko just laughs.]

Oops! Looks like you weren't ready, huh?

[She takes another baseball out of the bag, gripping it so hard her knuckles go white and one of the seems on the baseball pops. Haruko cusses a little under her breath as she tosses the ruined baseball away and picks up a usable one. Her eyes turn to Naota's drone, still down on the ground, and she glares.]

Get up.

[Get up dammit. Get up and get the bat and hit the ball. You did it back in Mabase. You proved you can do it. Show her that there's something of you still in there dammit.]

I said get up!

[And she's throwing another ball.

And another.

And another.]

[OOC Note: Attempting to interfere with Haruko at the moment can be incredibly dangerous. She's extremely volatile and likely to attack people who refuse to move, and is an astoundingly physically powerful fighter. The possibility of injury and harm is pretty high in this case, so please specify if you want to avoid it.

I apologize for how late I was to getting this warning up. That was my bad.
22 March 2012 @ 09:42 pm
fourth operation ✗ 004; mood {aka a whole bunch of backdating}  
[ A; Mayfield High; After school {Backdated to the 20th- Open to All} ]

[ They halls may be quiet, they might be whirring with the sounds of other teenage prisoners and drones bustling throughout the halls but coming from one the classrooms you hear: ]

Beginning the operation!

[ If you follow the sound of this one girl's voice, it will lead you to one classroom where Fran has made the teacher's desk belonging to a drone her own personal slab. She may not have her extra limbs with her it's not matter now, Fran is more than capable of opening this student drone's rib cage.

Requests for cosmetic enhancement are not foreign to the young scientist. But today she felt irritated, so much so it became distracting. Sucking the fat out with a dust buster became tiring. Ohh-- is this thing getting clogged already? This is beginning to be annoying! ]

[ B; 1671 Nelson Street; Night {Backdated to the 21st; Outside- Open to All} ]

[ Fran has a good head on her shoulders. Now that head is now sitting on top of a pillow on a lounge chair in front of the house. Try not to trip over the wires, her "body" is fixing tea. ]
29 February 2012 @ 02:58 pm
third operation ✗ 003; red  
[ Action; Mayfield High School - Lunch/Afternoon {Open to All} ]

[ Fran is just making her way out of the hectic cafeteria. All of her books and notes are packed neatly inside her backpack. But what she doesn't realize is the big red stain on her shirt. Or maybe she does? Whatever it is, it's awfully noticeable and looks a lot like blood.

And oops! Did she just bump into you with her stained shirt accidentally? Hope you have really quick reflexes. ]

Ahh- excuse me!

[ Action; The Pet Shop - Afternoon/Early Evening {Open to All} ]

[ Rabbits or cats... Rabbits or cats...

Fran is in deep thought looking at a cage of rabbits. She keeps bombarding the shopkeeper with questions about their weight, what injections did they take, kind of diet do they have. Real pointless stuff if you just want a bun-bun hopping around your little abode. ]

Maybe some rabbits would be a good start...

[ Action; 1671 Nelson - Late Night {Housemates} ]

[ There is no rest for Fran tonight. The light in her room is dim so that she doesn't bother her other housemates but the door is ajar. She is too engrossed in...whatever she's doing. Notebooks and papers all over the place. All sorts of wires coming from god knows what.

It's a mess. ]
02 February 2012 @ 04:35 pm
Second Operation ✗ 002 : Bones [backdated to the 2nd]  
[ Action: Around Town (Open to All) ]
cut for gore )
14 January 2012 @ 01:02 pm
First Operation ✗ 001 : Abduction  
[ Action: 1671 Nelson Street. Miday ]

[ This surely was a strange string of events. It was odd enough to wake up to the constant stream of alarm bells but to wake up in a completely different location really has Fran’s brain stirring.

At the kitchen, there is a hot kettle ready to go in case her house-mates wish to help themselves. Obviously Fran made way too much for her to consume all at once. Usually one of her servants would help fix her hot beverage but it’s all manual domestic labor from here on out. As she sits by the dining table with her tea at hand, she eyes a piece of paper with notes that she jotted down. ]

Hmm, I wish I could remember what happened last night…

[ Action: Around Town. Afternoon going into the evening. ]

[ Fran is currently wandering different parts in town from John Doe Park to the downtown area. She isn’t doing anything noticeable, she has that typical “Oh my, I am lost~” look most Mayfield residents might recognize. But if you happen to be in Fran’s line of sight, she’ll probably stop you to ask a few questions.]

Excuse me! I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me.