04 February 2012 @ 02:27 pm
1 ☣ Costs an arm (and a leg!)  
[ Phone - No filter. ]

Guys. I have a couple of questions. One, what do you do when your arm smells really bad? [ Do you think she has a brain to mouth filter? ] Two, how do you prevent your drone parents from kissing? It's so gross!

[ Action A - Bunker 766 Street. ]

[ Did a drone version of Rudolf Ushiromiya really just fly out the window? Yep. He sure did. Nena appears by the window, glaring and yelling down at the newly droned. ]

And stay out!

[ The drone just picks himself up and walks back into her home again, only to be punched out the wall in the living room which leaves a hole in the wall that's shaped exactly like him. ]

I said stay out! [ She's serious about this. Maybe you want to tell her to stop yelling? Or at least prevent the drone from going back inside again? ]

[ Action B - Your Street! ]

[ For some reason, there seems to be an awfully long wake of destruction down the side walk of your street. Street lights are toppled over, fire hydrants have exploded with gushing water everywhere, there's impact craters on the sidewalk, and, your mail box seems to have been personally smashed open. Continue to follow this path of your mysteriously destroyed street and you'll find Nena.

Unlike her normal brand of malice, this seems entirely accidental. Or maybe she lost it. You'll find her doing, what looks like, wrestling with an invisible squid. But, upon a closer inspection, it's really just her being forcibly misguided by her arm, which has rotting flesh just above her new metal replacement! Fantabulous! ]


[ Action C - General Store ->
Anywhere! ]

[ There is a girl that's carrying ten bags of sugar with one arm. Why is she carrying all of that sugar with one arm?! Did she even pay for this?! ]