17 January 2012 @ 02:13 pm
one sword skyward  
[ on the rooftops of houses ]

[Today, Mayfield - you may notice a certain idiot running off of rooftops, jumping to his imminent doom. If only because he was trying to whistle to get his bird...

Except he forgot that his magic bird sensing power was on the fritz. For those who have some sort of fourth walling capabilities, feel free to see (and hear) his hearts going from twenty to eighteen.]

[ at the park ]

[Link has a stick! And he's practicing his sword skills on a tree. But after a while, he'll just roll into the tree. This is obviously a good plan.]

[ anywhere there is grass ]

[And Link over here will be using a small knife, cutting off grass. He then says to himself:] ... Huh, no money here either.

[At least, before he goes back to cutting more grass!]