28 September 2012 @ 10:39 pm
❦ the fifth rose  
[HELLO MAYFIELD the day of reckoning has come. meaning you get not one irritated, bossy and rude immortal on your phone lines today, you get two!!]

As most of you know, things are getting rather busy around here. That means there's less and less time for menial tasks and chores.

Because that is the case, we have decided that now is the best time to look for some sort of hired help. After all, I doubt that you people really have anything better to do. [RACHEL PLS at least try to make a good impression.] If you are such a person--and you likely are--and also excel at household chores, we now have a proposition for you.

We'll be holding a short audition at the high school auditorium at noon sharp today for those who are interested. Don't fret about pay, it will be a rate which you certainly won't deserve. [now it's tagteam bad impressions...]

If you're late, please do not waste our time by coming. That will be enough of an indicator that you would do a poor job serving. With that said though, I look forward to any who come to audition. It may be difficult, but do your best to at least be somewhat competent. [what a charming young lady you have the potential to serve right]

Thank you in advance for your consideration, and enjoy the rest of your morning. [no it's too late to fix the rudeness of this phone call now but he apparently doesn't see anything wrong with ending on this note...]

[for those brave souls who actually decide to go see what this thing is all about, they'll find a sign on the outside of the auditorium doors that simple says "auditions here" in neat script. inside the auditorium itself, the stage is well-lit and a table is set up in front of it, where Rachel and Charles are currently sitting with a couple of papers, pencils and what appears to be half of a tea set.

APPROACH WITH CAUTION the judgment begins before you even step on the stage...]
07 June 2012 @ 02:44 pm
scene xxv  
A) [In the morning, Charles can be found living up to his actual age, being an old man and setting up a chessboard in the park! Someone save him before he starts feeding pigeons and wearing sweater vests. He doesn't seem to have a partner to play with. Not until you walk by, that is, at which point he smiles and gestures to the other side of the table.]

Why don't you take a seat? Let's have a match. [SUSPICIOUS... No, he's just that bored and in a rare social mood.]

B) [Or maybe you catch him a little later on, after he's packed away his chess set and is out walking his, uh... Horace. The giant beast actually seems pretty tame, all things considered, only stopping to sniff moving things (like you, whoops!) and occasionally making gross growling noises and drooling on the ground. So majestic.

For the unfortunate citizens, these two losers can also be found in much less docile situations - Charles trying to shoo his droolbeast away from a drone it's attempting to gnaw on, or perhaps Horace lolloping down the road with a few geese in its mouth.]

[And carrying on with the trend of being utterly unruffled by everything that happened over the weekend, Charles will pick up his phone in the early evening with a question for the masses.]

I'd like to know your opinion on concerts. Proper orchestral performances, I mean. Who here enjoys them? If something with that sort of music happened to be available in the city, would you attend? [His little fancy cultured self is starting to feel more deprived than usual okay... Having at least one other star performer now, all that's left is to gauge the interest of a potential audience.]
23 March 2012 @ 12:55 pm
scene xxiv  
(ACTION) morning;
[A) Charles can be found heading in the direction of the highway, looking surprisingly somber for someone awake at such an ungodly hour. Equally strange is the bulky-looking sack slung over his shoulder, which is actually the lined cape he normally wears. In addition to the disconcerting air about him, he also seems even less inclined to pay attention to his surroundings than usual. Perhaps he rudely bumps into you without so much as an apology. He might even trod over your toes! You should go track him down and lecture him about proper pedestrian civility.

...Or just stop to pick up the teddy bear that's fallen from his makeshift knapsack and landed at your feet. He'll probably be wanting that back, right?]

[B) For those brave citizens who still think ambling through the park at night is a good idea, boy are you in for a treat! Something up ahead falls from a tree, landing with a sickening but quiet splat beneath a park light. It's small, whatever it is, but it also looks rather red and pulpy... Do you:
>cautiously take a closer look
>backtrack out of there so fast so fast
>wonder why you still think going outside at night is a good idea but approach anyway because it's Mayfield, why not]
02 February 2012 @ 02:40 pm
scene xxiii (backdated to feb 1st)  
There is one (1) tiny chiropteran out and ambling away with today's batch of hospital patients. In comparison to some of the others, he seems to have gotten off lightly. No limbs out of place, no disfigurement; in fact, the only notable differences seem to be the quick but careful way that he moves, and a distracted sort of exhaustion about him. But from his apparently aimless wandering, he isn't heading back to the residential area just yet... Instead, he can be found:

A) In front of the hardware store! Which in and of itself wouldn't be too odd, if it weren't for the fact that he's yet to change from his hospital clothing and is staring at the front of the building in complete and utter confusion. If you wander close enough, he'll attempt to wave you over. However, the closer you get, the less exhausted and confused he'll seem and the more hostile and agitated and he'll become.

B) Sitting in the entry of an alleyway like the completely inconspicuous individual he is. He's intensely preoccupied with a small scratch on his arm and the blood already welling up there, looking distressed but not doing anything to wipe it away yet.

C) Piling up a barricade of sorts in the middle of the sidewalk in front of the general store. It's taking him a fair amount of effort to heft all of those bags of cat food and gardening soil out, but it's of incredible importance for him to build a safe zone now, before the shrapnel starts flying again.

[ooc; as a result of his operation, Charles will occasionally hallucinate that he is a Vietcong soldier and that anyone he talks to is an enemy combatant. though his usual strength, agility and healing are gone, he still has a tougher-than-average body, so please note if you'd rather avoid any possibility of injury!]