17 May 2012 @ 04:29 pm
02 ●  
[ Claudia's been struggling to get used to her new environment. She isn't used to living in a town with new people showing up everyday. She's also struggling with some daily things and trying to maintain her pride at the same time. And unfortunately, it shows. ]

● Action | High School / Lunch
[ Starting with her lunches! She's been making her own lunches since the first day, but they're not improving. Today, she has an omelette that is burnt to a crisp and a few slices of untoasted bread. She's given up on toasting them. ]
Hmph... geez, this isn't like being at the Crimson Shell at all... [ She sighs and picks up her burnt egg sandwich. Then she looks over at whoever is sitting next to her... eying their lunch with grumpy, envious eyes. ] ... hnngh. [ She wants that food! ]

● Action | Malt Shop
[ Today, she has money! Claudia can be found in the malt shop with one of every malt flavor sitting around her. She looks between them, smiling excitably. ]
Finally, something good! I wonder which one I should start with! [ Claudia takes a few bites, her smile fading when she looks at the empty seat across from her. ] Xeno. You'd like this, huh? Stupid moron...

● Phone | Evening
What's prom? Tell me. And what's prom king and queen? I want to know that too. This doesn't seem like the sort of place that would have a king or queen.

24 April 2012 @ 05:27 pm
01 ●  
[ Claudia has been here for quite some time. Alternating between going to school and skipping it as she alternates between feeling it's okay to attend and deciding that it's a bad idea. Her presence around the neighborhood has been almost nonexistent. Her presence outside of her room revolves around getting food. So it's a bit surprising, even to her, when she drags herself out to actually do things. ]

[ High School ● All Day Long ]
[ No matter who you are, if you took a seat in the back of the classroom then there is now a girl looming over you. She looks between you and the seat you're occupying, then the font of the classroom.  ]
Hey. Move, okay? I'd like to sit there. [ Claudia speaks bluntly. ] All of the other back seats are take. [ A pause. Oh right; ] Please?

[ The Malt Shop ● Afternoon ]
[ After school, Claudia makes her way to the malt shop. She heard from some droned classmates that they had milkshakes and such here, and Claudia is pretty curious about them. After a short talk with the cashier, Claudia scowls and puts a hand on the counter. ]
I just want to try it! Money shouldn't matter here. It doesn't sound like you've got any economy to care about, so a free malt shouldn't be a problem! [ Someone has no money to buy herself a drink. ]

[ Phone ● Evening ]
[ There's a loud sigh. Claudia is exhausted from grumpying around all day. She's done her best, but she can't find the inspiration to act properly. With all of the thoughts in her head, and spending so much trying to figure out Mayfield without any help at all... she finally cracks. ]
Um, hey, I'm... Claudia. I arrived here a while ago. [ Pause. ] I know some basic stuff now, I think. I truly hate to ask- [ Really, she hates this so much. ] -but I was wondering if I could... ask some questions... about this place.