23 May 2012 @ 12:48 pm
The Fool - Rank 1  
[action - 630 Topper Street; 2:00 PM]

[Falling asleep on a train was never the best idea. You'd get people stealing your stuff, maybe spilling things on you, and the place is unsanitary most of the time. On the flip side, you could spend some relaxing time catching up on your Zs and upping your status. When Narukami is finally awoken from his sleep, he realizes that both the bed he is in and the clothes he is wearing are not his. Quite the conundrum, Narukami seems to be the quietest person that has ever experienced Mayfield. He'll be doing the usual chores around his house as if he were here the entire time, before finally deciding to head to the phone.]

[phone - 630 Topper Street; 4:00 PM]

Where am I?