03 May 2012 @ 06:44 pm
third lesson | Basics of Magic on Other Worlds  

Ah, good afternoon, everyone. I was just a little curious, but is there anyone else here who can use magic? I'd like to know how different it is from one world to another. I'm sorry if this is too invasive, though.

[What else...]

Oh, yes! Does anyone have a few books I can borrow? Like real literature, not what we read in the library here. Thank you!
15 March 2012 @ 10:54 am
second lesson | How To Tell When You're Talking To An Aged-Up Ten-Year-Old  
[So some time ago, Negi regained a jar of red and blue pills, and had put them away just in case he ever needed them. Unfortunately, he'd almost forgotten about them, until he found them under his bed, hidden away so thoroughly he almost missed it the first time.

But these aren't your ordinary pills, oh, no. They're definitely what explains why there's an older-looking version of Negi coming down the stairs.]

[ACTION - on the way to school]

Nagi! Oh, hey there!

[Negi blinks, then turns around, smiling politely. It's a drone, of course, walking up to him with a sense of urgency.]

Ah, good morning to you, sir.

Where have you been, man? You've been missing for days!

[He...actually looks sort of taken aback by this.] What do you mean?

You know what I mean! Being absent for three days...the teachers have been throwing a fit over it.

But I don't--

Come on! You don't wanna miss school again, do you?

[Poor kid. He's looking ever more confused--after all, he attended school yesterday, so why would he be absent for three days straight? Someone should explain to him that since, technically, he's a teenager now, he should be attending high school.]

[ACTION - High School]

[So now Negi is lost all over again. It was simpler in elementary, really, and the fact that the drones treat him as if he's always attended this school does not help his confusion one bit.

So don't be surprised, then, when a rather handsome young man taps you on the shoulder.]

Excuse me, I'm sorry if I've interrupted you or anything, but I'm a little lost...

[Or, of course, you can encounter him during lunch break, eating on his own at the table. Feel free to sit down next to him, heaven knows he needs the company.]

((OOC: Just a heads-up, I'll be replying with [personal profile] bishonenteacher, for all the older!Negi [aka Nagi] icons.))
14 February 2012 @ 05:25 pm
first lesson | Why You Should Avoid Flowers In Mayfield  
[Feb. 13/14, ACTION, around town]

[So by now, you should know that the mint's effects include the need to hit on everyone in sight till they give you a kiss, right?

Negi has been sniffing mint since the 13th, and now he's wandering around town putting the moves on everyone that...well, moves. Yes, boys and girls, for two days only, the Kissing Machine is in town and completely aware of his actions. Wherever you are, whoever you are, you are not safe, because he is sidling up right next to you with a rather charming smile.]

Ah, hi. Has anyone told you that you're very beautiful yet?

[Yes, fellas, that is a ten-year-old hitting on you. If it helps, he can kiss very well. Just ask Yuna.]