26 November 2012 @ 01:20 am
Chapter 18 - Like Little Stars In The Dark  
[Action A - When there were all those hazmats and drone-zombies and crap]

[With what the streets are crawling with, Dakki is sure that she has made the right choice, choosing to trade in her CAST self instead of her weapons. Because she damn sure needs those weapons right now. Even if the library is safe, what will people eat? How will they keep warm? Someone has to be out there, fetching supplies and protecting others.

And that's just what Dakki is doing, making dashes to the stores and suburbs for supplies, and attempting round up anyone in need of rescue. When she's not plugging things full of photon bullets at a distance, she's carving them up at close range. Her form is far from perfect. This human body is far inferior to her real one... but she's had some experience using it, and maybe that'll be the difference between a few wounds and outright death.

Since when did a Guardian fear death, anyway?]

[Action B - Library Steps, After talking to Zemekis]

[Having made it out the other side of Mayfield going to hell, and having talked to Zemekis herself, Dakki.... is wrote. Injured, absolutely bone-tired from all the fighting, and mentally numb. And not sure that the mental numbness is exhaustion, or what she heard and saw inside the church. But surely there was more for her to do? There was always more to do, wasn't there? What she had heard Zemekis say didn't matter. Being a copy was no reason to simply give up. She had to do more...

...just... after taking a little break. She's sitting on the library steps, arms resting on her knees, leaning forward and head bowed, staring blankly at the pavement. Just a bit of a break to catch her breath, and compose her thoughts, and maybe change her bandages and then... something.]
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event: don't you forget about me  
[For those of you venturing into Mayfield's library today, you can find the head librarian hard at work at the front desk or shelving books. Most people who try to approach her will simply get a stern look and a reminder to keep their voices down.

If you happen to have something of hers though, you may get quite a different reaction...]

[OOC: This post is locked to characters who have a memento. Please do not reply if you don't have one. For those who do, you can go ahead and respond in any order; however, day 7's memento will be chronologically the last one she'll see.]
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second waning gibbous ☾  
[action - 1485 Kramden]

[Honestly, those sword-fighting "lessons" with Crown had been far less "lessons" and much closer to "beating Remus' face in with a piece of wood." The day following had found him laying very, very still on the couch and rather wishing he were dead. Now, he's simply approaching everything quite gingerly.

Going about his daily life in excruciating pain. My, but this feels familiar. Perhaps he's simply a glutton for punishment.

Reasoning that perhaps it won't be quite so bad if he binds it, Remus has left the bathroom door cracked, and -- shirt abandoned on the floor -- is trying to work out the best method of wrapping ace bandage around all of the bruises on his badly-mottled torso. Most of his ribs and abdomen are an angry purple bruise at this point, but the shirts hide it well.

When he hears the front door, he pokes his head out of the bathroom.

Lily? Is that you?

[action - library; later]

[Torso properly bound, Remus feels far more confident in his ability to venture out into public. Granted, cycling to the library isn't exactly comfortable, but he contents himself with the knowledge that he'll be able to barricade himself in an armchair with a stack of books when he arrives.

And that is precisely what he does.
26 July 2012 @ 03:17 pm
Case: 019  
{{ →!Action | Grocery Store | Mid-Morning }}

[ To get back to Ran he had solve this mystery first. To do that he needed better leads then what he has and a just a few more pieces to the puzzle known as Mayfield. It's probably a long shot, but if someone like the Mayor or Jack Smith or Annie isn't just a drone then they probably suffer from something all living things do. Hunger. It's possible to stock pile food but eventually that food would run out and someone would have to replace it. And that someone just might know a little more than most of the residents. ]

[ It's for this reason you might find Conan stalking around the grocery store, he's not hurting anything as he's not touching anything but he's watching the entrance and other employees like a hawk. If you approach him, or he approaches you, he'll probably ask some questions. ]

{{ →!Action | Neutron Diner | Afternoon }}

[ The only time Conan has acceptable social skills is when he's being a manipulative little brat. He knows that most people will answer a curious child if they don't have anything to hide. So he just moves into the restaurant without a care in the world and moves over to the register, offering his brightest smile as he looks up at the cashier. ]

{{ →!Action | The Library | Afternoon (later) }}

[ He can be found over by the mystery section which isn't really much of a surprise. He's holding a book in his hand but he's been on that same page the past ten minutes and his eyes have been directed towards the front desk. ]

[ Eventually, he snaps the book closed and moves along the wall, aiming to get behind the desk once the coast is clear. ]

{{ →!Action | Outside The Library | Late Evening }}

[ It's already night fall and yet for some reason Conan never made it home. It's probably nothing to worry about, he's prone to making these disappearing acts and then reappearing hours later. This is no different, he's just standing around the library, keeping cover in some bushes as watches the door carefully. Waiting. ]
11 July 2012 @ 09:35 pm
21st Tactic  
[...the faintest memory of fog closing in on them, a horrible burning pain, and now waking with a start to stare at an unfamiliar ceiling is what welcomes Caesar back to the normal Mayfield. As normal as it is compared to the other one, at least, but it isn't a comparison he can make just yet.

He doesn't remember it, not beyond some panic-inducing nightmare which grows fainter and fainter in his memory. Memories... Where was he, anyway?

action; locked to 847 Goldberg St. )

[phone; no filters]

Hello? Is anyone there? [Caesar's talking in a hushed, uncertain voice, though not really all that panicked.] Can someone connect me to the authorities? Or at the very least tell me where I am? I think I've been kidnapped or I'm lost or...

[He's not quite sure, even though he should know better, having already been trapped in Mayfield for over a year!]

[action; the rest of town, later on in the week]

[And despite any warning about staying inside he may or may not have gotten, until his amnesia faded at the very least, Caesar can be found a day or so out and about after his confused call to the town. He may have snuck out through the window, but can you blame a guy for being curious?

He wanders aimlessly, stopping at certain places to look around and try to find anything to jog his memory. The school grounds, since it's closed itself. The park, following some half-remembered paths to places he thinks may have been old haunts, favorite trees to be in. The library gets a visit. He can even be found standing just outside the bakery, though turned to stare uneasily at the dairy instead of the other building. Even he can feel the dread about that place, though he wishes he could figure out why...

(OOC note: Caesar is back from a grisly fog-ridden death! He did not revive immediately following the end of Event: Step Right Up and has been missing a day. His penalty is full amnesia for several days. He doesn't remember his time in Mayfield or his time in his original world beyond the extent of thinking the occasional person, place, or object is vaguely familiar.)
22 June 2012 @ 10:35 pm
Lazy Summer Days  
[748 Patridge, open to neighbors and passers-by]

[Tieria got his Gundam, now complete with weapons and all the working parts, and he was working on it. In the front yard. An oddity, perhaps, but he decided it was okay, seeing as how he finally got all the security encryptions he felt he needed set up so no one could steal it. He was up in the cockpit right now, doing what he could with what he had. Lack of computer terminals made maintenance hard.]


[Library, wiiiiide open]

[With school coming to a close, Tieria was glad to pretend to study for final exams while he avoided the drones and Hiling at the house. Things had been odd from the events recently, so he was quite happy to just pretend nothing happened for now and go on with his life of trying to get back home. Not that the library had information, but it was a good place to gather his thoughts and ideas in peace.]


[In Between, wiiiiiiide open]

[Going to the library from home or heading home from the library, Tieria had his school bag and books and was walking. He might look a little thoughtful or distracted, and he had an extra bag that looked like it was rather heavy.]
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II. ( action ; phone )  
[ Action ]
( Library - Morning )
[ Charles has gotten quite used to life in Mayfield since he had arrived. It was even easier to get around in a wheelchair now. He had even developed a routine until the school year had ended. Now, he was developing a new routine. His day always started at the library, going through a few books. Anyone who notices him there, would find that he pulls things off the shelf, puts them on his lap, and decides if he would like to read. Once he has several books, he moves to a table, and settles down there with about seven books. ]

( General Store - Early Afternoon )
[ Charles always intends for his trip to the general store to be quick. He never gets much. Just a lined notebook, a graph notepad, a new pen, juice, and a snack for the day. He's just browsing through the aisles and seems to be enjoying the quiet. ]

( John Doe Park - Mid Afternoon - Early Evening )
[ Charles leaves himself sitting near the edge of the park. He leaves the juice and chips in the bag hanging over the arm of his chair, as he starts with the graph paper. He's plotting out moves in chess games. He occasionally says things out loud, mumbles, though. Nothing anyone could really understand, at least. ]

[ Phone; Evening - Unfiltered ]

I see that things have settled down; however, is anyone in need of assistance? I understand things such as this can have a bit of a lasting aftermath and I don't really expect everyone to be okay for a little while.

[ He pauses. ]

Also, I was wondering if anyone here knows where I can obtain a chessboard, and if anyone knows how to play. I would love to play it with someone soon, if it is possible.
03 June 2012 @ 02:51 am
[ Action ]  
( Follow the Fake Cut to AU Info! )

[Hello, Mayfield. Have a grumpy Innovade tromping about town. While this may not be completely unusual, beware. Even those who may have calmed him in the past will likely be met with nasty stares and distrust. Bother him at your own risk. He can be found at the library for school work, picking up some groceries for drone!mom, and walking between those locations and the house at 748 Partridge.]
29 May 2012 @ 08:12 pm
❀ 03  

[boy oh boy, has it been getting hot out. true to form, Once-ler’s moods have been flip-flopping back and forth in response to this because, on one hand, it means that summer’s coming. on the other hand, it means that he’s going to have to spend it here in Creepville. once again, he’s reminded that all this stupid town has going for it is the nice weather; if he could, he’d catch the sun and bottle up the clouds to take with him back home if - when - that metaphorical doorway back is found. that way he wouldn’t have to constantly debate with himself which of his two homes is worse.

today, the weather’s not too bad. it’s sunny and still as humid as it was yesterday, but there’s a lovely breeze to be felt and just leaving the window open would be unfair because it’d be denying him the full summer experience. he definitely doesn’t want to sit out in his yard and be gawked at by every paperboy and girl scout ever, so…that leaves one other place.

you’ll find Once-ler at the park today, laying under a nice, big shady tree. he’s lying on his stomach, shoes kicked off with his socks discarded somewhere close by, feet rocking idly in the air.

from the sound of things, he’s not alone.]

You know what’s weird? There isn’t a fountain here. Respectable parks usually have those, but not this one. It stinks. I haven’t even seen one measly sprinkler, not even a tiny one let alone one of those huge ones that’re big enough to run through. Too bad. It would’ve been a great way to cool off.

[he pauses for a moment before continuing on in a much more conversational, thoughtful tone:]

So would a water park. I don’t think those have been invented yet here, but they were back in my world. And the one I had designed for Thneedville? It would’ve been the best one of its kind. Maybe the only of its kind. I mean, of course you wouldn’t know anything about it, but I’ve never been a park where you could surf and ski all in one day. It was gonna have a slope with synthetic snow and fans rigged around to blow cold air, just like a real mountain. So you could go play around up there, and then, when you got tired of building snowmen, you could take a lift down the slope and lay around by the pool. Maybe even have a barbecue.

I had a construction crew working on it last August. It’s already the end of May. I…I wonder if it’s done. [he bites his lip.] Most of the town wasn’t. The residential areas weren’t even finished and I was already drawing up plans for water parks. Imagine that. For a while, I was starting to think that…that it’d just stay like that. Half-finished. Like a big, worthless lump of nothing in the middle of nowhere. Then Audrey came along and…and I –

[he trails off, the words caught in his throat. why is he even thinking about this? he takes a deep breath, looking intently at the arm he’s laid onto his stomach.]

…I didn’t want to believe her, but...she doesn’t really have any reason to lie, does she? If you saw her, you wouldn’t think so no matter how crazy her story was. Imagine – a town with plastic grass and bugs! You’d hate it.

[he lifts his arm up, moving it close to his face. a lone snail is crawling across it.]

Wouldn’t you?

[what a lousy conversationalist.]


[after his park escapades, Once-ler heads off to the library. he's brought the snail along with him, plus something else he's picked up on the way.

sitting down at a table in the back of the room, he gently sets his snail buddy down, away from the small paper bag he plops on the table soon after. he reaches inside and takes out a squarish box followed by something easily identifiable to anyone as a lighter, then he opens up the box and takes one of the objects it's carrying out, holding it to his lips and lighting the end.

oh. oh, yes. good. he really needed that. how he's missed you, tobacco.

Once-ler takes a slow, lazy drag on the cigar, exhaling smoke. after a few minutes, he gets up out of his chair, giving the snail a small pat on its shell as if to say guard my stuff, then heads off down one of the aisles to find a book to read, cigar still in hand.]
24 May 2012 @ 08:11 pm
[A: Action; Early Morning; 917 Bilko Boulevard]

[Rapunzel's been having as good a time one can have in Mayfield, so far. But last night, being away from home so long finally caught up with her. She had the guiltiest nightmares about home; Eugene, Pascal... Mostly Mother.

Since before the sun rose she's been outside, just to look at the sky and try not to think.]

[B: Action; Afternoon; The Library]

[She couldn't find it on Mothers' Day, but Rapunzel is <em>determined</em> to find  that story about the girl with her name and, apparently, hair and living situation. The problem is... She can't get her hands on the right book, no matter how hard she looks.]

Where is it?

[C: Phone; Evening]

I know it's already been a while, but how did everyone enjoy prom?

Also, does anyone want to get together and do some baking some day soon? I have all these chances to try my hobbies with other people now...

24 May 2012 @ 05:17 pm
A. On and around Topper Street, before school

[Being held in a strange town, surrounded by very strange people and without her sword is not excuse for Arya to neglect her training.

So she’s fallen back to one of the first exercises Syrio taught her: catching cats. She’s fairly good at it too, clambering over fences and ducking under bushes to follow any unfortunate creature that may become her target. So you may find her in your yard or just running down the street this morning. Try not to break her concentration or do.]

B. Mayfield Elementary

[It’s not that Arya is stupid. She’s quite clever and, in the classes that interest her, she’s done extremely well. But the fact is right now she’s bored. And when Arya is bored, she gets into shenanigans.

Today’s shenanigans involve ripping up little pieces of paper from her notebook, wadding them up into a ball, and tossing them at some unfortunate child sitting in the front row. It’s a triple challenge: to see how many times she can hit them, to see how long she can keep them from figuring out who it is, and to see how long she can avoid the teacher’s notice.

Yep. This is definitely more fun than what she’s supposed to be doing.]

C. Library, after school

[Finally, she’s going to do something productive. It’s important to know about your surroundings, after all. And she knows that a library is where she would find maps, notes, that sort of thing.

At least, that’s what she thought. Now that she’s here she’s finding only books on cleaning and cooking. Much to her disgust.]

Isn’t there anything useful in here? Or interesting?
04 May 2012 @ 04:41 pm
Fifth Horror: Prom = bad memories  
[She's still not sure about going. But at least doing something will be nice.

A. Carrie is buying some fabric for a dress. Maybe she'll go, maybe she won't. Either way, right now she's standing off to the side, waiting to get the attention of the drone lady who seems to be ignoring her.

B. At the library, she's picking out some cook books. The pile is just floating in the air next to her. Yup, practise makes perfect.

C. At home, ignoring the drone mother, she's making some supper.] 


.....Um, if people need help with prom dresses....I'm good at making them. I can help.

....has anything bad...ever happened at a prom? ...here...I mean.... really bad.

[Phone/Filtered to Fate.]

.....Can...I talk to you? ...in person, I mean.
01 May 2012 @ 06:55 pm
{ Ninth ☯ Tale }  
✱ library - afternoon

[ Mana is reading a few of her own books that she brought along with her. Seeing as it's nice and peaceful in the afternoons it wouldn't hurt to spend a few hours before heading back home for dinner reading a book or two. ]

✱ Phone – evening

Mother's day is coming up with in a few weeks and I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to lend a hand. I don't really know what I should get mother, ice cream might work but I want to do something that will last longer.
26 April 2012 @ 02:23 pm
Plan Three: Insane Family Warning  
[A. Not!Family members. She's pulled you aside at some point when she finds you in the house.]

There's something I need to tell you. Someone from my world is here and he's very dangerous.

[B. Outside the house. Unwrapping a box....and pulls a blaster out.]

Now, this might come in handy.

[C. Visiting a few people. If she knows you, expect a knock on the door.]

[D. In the library. Quest for semi-decent books go. If she see's you.]

You wouldn't know if there are any history books here? Of this planets history I mean?
19 April 2012 @ 10:18 pm
[Action: 457 Stone]

[Bail is... rather surprised to wake up next to someone who most decidedly is not Breha. He stands up, trying to keep his composure.]

Pardon me, there seems to have been some sort of mixup.

[He wanders down the stairs, becoming increasingly disturbed by what he finds as he reaches the family photos]

This isn't right at all...

[Action: Around Mayfield]

[Bail has dressed himself in the clothing available in the closet. Including the sweater vest. Now has out trying to get a feel for this place]

Excuse me, do you have a moment?

[Action: Library]

[Bail is wandering the stacks, trying to find something useful. This being the Mayfield library, he's not having much look.]
19 April 2012 @ 09:52 am
Case File# 001  
I. Action >> 948 Beulah Street >> Early Morning

[Hakuba awakes in a bed that isn't his own and runs a quick check in the room and on his person for his handgun, which is nowhere to be found. He spends a few additional minutes searching for bugs of any kind.]

[Eventually, he gives up and dresses in the clothes provided to him - which aren't all that different from his own, to be honest - and makes his way cautiously downstairs to inspect the perimeter. Anybody home?]

II. Phone >> Mid-Morning

[When Hakuba gets on the phone his voice is clear and even, practically detached. He sounds almost as if he is reading off of a report by rote.]

As I have been led to believe that my current situation is a wide-spread one, I would like to request any pertinent data as to our location, our captors, and their motives. Any additional information that anyone could provide as to the types, and levels of enforcement currently in place would also be much appreciated.

[His tone turns faintly irritable now as he continues.] And if my abductors are listening as well, I would like my grandfather's pocket watch back.

III. Action >> around town >> Noon

[Hakuba has been stopped in his investigation of the town by a drone adult that wants to know why he isn't "in school, young man!" He is attempting to explain himself to them with little luck.]

No, I've just said I don't go to school anymo-- well, yes, I suppose in the strictly legal sense of the word I am still classified as a child but I---

IV. Action >> Library >> Evening

[Hakuba is sitting at a table with a large stack of books, pertaining to details of the town's "history" and such, a few of them open around him. In a notebook in front of him he is sketching a rough map of the town from his explorations earlier in the day, making tiny, illegible notes in the margins as he goes.]
15 April 2012 @ 06:01 pm
Word One: A Reckoning  
Action for housemates )

[Phone: Annoyed teenage witch go.]

Well I don't know how long I've been gone. Or if things have changed here. But in the off chance that things have changed enough that I'm missing time when I go home, and that the people who've done this, listen to these, let me be perfectly clear. Three births, one death, and at least five general injuries, and not counting everything else I have to look after. If I am not there for them. There will be a reckoning. That I will make sure of.

Now then, my name is Tiffany Aching I was previously here in Mayfield for some time. If anyone remembers me, I'd love to hear from you. If anyone would like to tell me what's been going on here recently, that would be very helpful as well.

[A. 1446 Mitchell road and 726 Anderson, there is a witch knocking on your door. Granny and Susan, you have a teen witch looking to see if you're still here.

B. There is a girl with a pointed hat walking around Mayfield with a broomstick in her hands.

C. At the library on the off chance that the books are any better. Searching the shelves...nope doesn't look like it.]
14 April 2012 @ 12:26 am
[action] Bodyswap~  
[Mindy has dealt with a lot of things since she came to Mayfield two years ago. But this might be the strangest. She's always wanted to be a grown-up, but not like this.
She spends quite a while looking in the mirror, wearing different outfits she found in Belgium's closet. She figures that like all things in Mayfield, this is temporary. So she intends to enjoy it while it lasts. After she decides on a pretty dress, makes a valiant attempt at putting on makeup, and makes sure to tie a pretty ribbon in her hair, she heads out to experience adulthood.
She can be found in several places:]

[The stores downtown, perusing things she normally doesn't get to, like jewelry.]

Can I try this one on too?

[The library. Everyone says the books are different for different people. She wants to see that for herself. She currently perusing a romance novel.]

These books sure are dumb....

[The bar. She's a little nervous coming in here, but curiosity gets the better of her.]

Umm... hi. Can I order something?
11 April 2012 @ 04:06 pm
[ACTION 1 @ 340 Brady (indoors)]
[Koakuma wasn't expecting to find a package addressed to her, much less two. Both were unmarked save for identifying her as the recipient, which made them somewhat-suspicious. Out of curiosity and against her better judgment, however, she chose to open the larger one.

The contents? A well-deserved surprise punch to the face.

Recovering from the shock of the blow after a few moments, she immediately tossed that package away and proceeded to the cabinet in order to grab a cotton ball or two for her nose. The second package could wait, especially if it also turned out to be a prank of some kind.]

[ACTION 2 @ anywhere (outdoors)]
[A little bit later in the day, after opening her second package and now sporting a pair of wings--wait, that couldn't be right. They weren't on her back where one would expect wings to be; they were on her head.

Anyway, Koa decided she needed to take a walk outside to just get away from things for a bit. She started with a walk around the block, but soon enough decided that just walking around the same place over and over was boring, so she took to wandering aimlessly. Hopefully she wouldn't get herself lost in the process.]

[ACTION 3 @ the library (indoors)]
[Her wandering eventually led her back to the library again, meaning she had been fortunate enough to not get lost. Inside the library, she picked out a random selection of books as usual, then sat herself down to start skimming through them just in case she would ever find anything that was actually interesting, as unlikely as that was in this place.

Every so often, she would glance under the table as if expecting to find something there.]
30 March 2012 @ 08:50 pm
Deception Twenty Four: Issues with memory loss  
[When you have a past like Johan has, there are very few things that can really disturb you. Memory loss, however is one of the few things that can get  under his skin. And when it happens to his sister, that just makes it worse.

So now that his sister has lost any reason to trust him. He has to watch her lose a years worth of memories....he's not doing so well. You can find him in a few places around town today.

A. Johan  is sitting in the park, just looking at the ground. There's a gun idly in his hands and he's just flipping it over and over. Seemingly lost in thought. After a moment he looks up and shoots a tree. Why? It was there.

B. In the classroom, after school. He's going through papers and marking some. The doors open for any students that have questions about the homework. Or the class itself. Or maybe you just want to talk to the teacher.

C. In the library. Gathering up a pile of books....and then tripping and falling. Offer a hand up? Point and laugh? Help him collect the books?

D. In the hospital off to the side. He's sitting next to a droned Japanese man. Having a conversation more at him then with him and ignoring what the drones really saying.]