19 August 2012 @ 03:28 pm
transmission 002 [Action]  
[ A.  At the Hospital ]

[Aria can't believe how primitive the technology is, needles and drugs that's she's sure haven't been in circulation in millennia from what she knows. Even the life support machines and equipment she believes should be a museum. She's not even sure why she's there as a nurse, she's better at killing people than patching them up.  So Aria will be wandering the hospital, muttering to herself, trying to avoid as much of the outdated equipment as possible, lest it kill her.] 

I can't believe how primitive this place is, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't even know how to scan for basic toxins in someone's blood. They probably think radiation will give them superpowers, not kill them. 

[B.  Around Erwin Road - Evening]

[Aria will be sitting on her front stoop, picking the petals off of several flowers she picked from the garden while her drone kids run amok in the yard and street. Does she really care? Nope. So if anyone cares to actually parent go right ahead.]

31 July 2012 @ 04:13 pm
fourteen ❖ the vacation  
option a: phone

[When Haruhi Suzumiya picks up the phone, she sounds clearly annoyed. But for what reason? You'll see. Or rather, hear with your own ears.]

What kind of summer is this? [Nothing exciting has happened at all, and Haruhi is surely angry about that.] It's almost August, and we haven't done anything interesting at all!

[Haruhi takes a deep, dramatic breath in before she speaks in a more excited tone, one that sounds a lot more serious.]

Which is why we'll have to kick it up a notch in the next month. Swimming! Movies! Fireworks! All those kinds of things. And if you're a part of the SOS Brigade, you better know that you have to participate in everything. [And if Kyon's hearing this, it's like Endless Eight all over again. Nonstop summer.] We won't stop until this summer is done, got it?

[There's a slight mischievous chuckle before she manages to speak, her haughty, triumphant voice ringing through the phones.]

Anyway! Since we all know that the movie theater has ridiculously boring movies, we, the SOS Brigade will have to screen our own movie! [Someone, please stop her. You do not want to watch the horrible movie that she made.] We a great movie to show you, of course, but... I guess I'll allow a collection of movies that are way cooler and more exciting than the movies that Mayfield will ever show!

We can even make it into a movie festival. Whoever has the best movie will receive a huge award and will become an honorary brigade member!

But other than that, there will be an important brigade meeting today at one o'clock! It's at 3477 Erwin Road. 3-4-4-7 Erwin. If you're not there - especially if you're a part of the brigade, you'll get the death sentence!

option b: all over mayfield

[Even though Haruhi did indeed announce that there's going to be a brigade meeting, there's still going to be some advertising done. Which calls for the return of bunny girl Haruhi! Of course, she'll be passing around flyers which state: "SOS Brigade", as well as their slogan, "We're not interested in ordinary humans - and 'ordinary humans' means no drones allowed! There will be a meeting today! For more information, try to crack the code."

The code is actually written in morse code, which basically says the time of the meeting, one in the afternoon, as well as the location, 3477 Erwin. Of course, there isn't too much information about the brigade itself, but if you have any questions, just ask the one passing out the flyers!]

option c: erwin road

[Heading towards the Smith (translation: Haruhi) household? Then you're in luck, because you won't get lost if Haruhi spots you! Especially if she knows you, she'll drag you into her house.

But if you're already at the house (hey, she even put a huge sign that says "SOS Brigade" in bright black, bold font next to the mailbox), you might as well come in, right? After all, there is free food for every and all brigade members.]
16 July 2012 @ 02:31 am
☆ 01  
A: 3476 Erwin Road, master bedroom

[This is not his bed. This is not his ship.

This is definitely not someone he meant to be asleep beside, but hey, it's still a warm body, and Jim is a cuddler in his sleep. This will make for interesting introductions.]

B: phone

Hi, can I get an operator please? [Silly captain, this is Mayfield, no operator for you. He's only going on what vague notions he has of the twentieth century anyway, so he's not having a whole lot of luck with this.

Give him a few minutes of pressing buttons, and then he grumbles his complaints.]
I was pretty sure these stupid things weren't that hard to work, come on...

C: between Erwin Road and the fire station

[Jim had plenty of training for plenty of things, but firefighter training? Not something he remembered doing. However, drone chid seemed pretty insistent that Daddy was a hero and needed to go to work, so, hey, who was he to argue with a cute little thing who was encouraging him to further explore the crazy town? He should be recognizable by the slightly bewildered expression of most newcomers.]
14 July 2012 @ 10:47 pm
First transmission  
A. [ Action | Outside 3476 Erwin Street ]

[Aria has not had a pleasant morning. On top of waking up to find herself in a strange place, in stranger clothes and an even stranger body beside a random human male she now also has no pants. After having a minor panic attack at how disgustingly primitive everything in the house is she's stolen her husbands pants, stolen a jacket and decided to figure out where she is and what the meaning of all of this is.]

B. [ Action| Olney's Tavern ]

[After being slightly unsettled by the ant-like conformity of Erwin Street, Aria has found the Tavern. If the shouting isn't loud enough to be heard by passers by then she certainly can be heard inside the bar giving the drone a piece of her mind about his service.]

C. [ Action| John Doe Park]

[Seeing as she has no where better to be and the biggest open space happens to be the park, hopefully she can find someone here that isn't going to berate her for wearing pants or wanting a drink.]
11 July 2012 @ 06:33 pm
6th Seal Unlocked  
Action | 3478 Erwin | Morning]

[Dainn woke with a start. he remembered it. alone in that tunnel having his eyes clawed out by the creature who dared mimic his appearence. it killed him. he died again. he died again.

the shadow felt angry, far far more angry than he'd even been in his life. this place had succeeded in hurting him, in trapping him. he hated feeling this way.

so ignoring his "wife" who wished him good morning and his "children" who wanted to play, Dainn walked outside for a breath of fresh air. not that he really needed to breathe anymore but it was somewhat nice, even if that infernal sun still was out. but that's when he spotted two packages. remembering what happened last time a package appeared, he tore them open.

almost immeaditly he felt his body begin to disolve again but it wasn't the same thing that robbed him of his legs and hand and he needed to focus to retain his appearence. his normal, shadow body was back and just to see what the second package had done, Dainn raised his hand and three balls of Klorofolun appeared.

Dainn started laughing. A reward for death. cute, Mayfield. real cute. but there were other things to do. he hadn't fed in a long time, after all.]

[phone | open]

Cut for violence )

[Action | John Doe Park | Night]

[by night time Dainn has managed to calm down enough to go outside. he has wandered off to the park again and is seated on a bench. he also is joined by three balls of darkness that are floating around. Dainn was trying to keep himself amused and his mind off his death, but he also wouldn't mind some company as well. join him?]
10 July 2012 @ 10:05 am
thirteen ❖ the melancholy  
( action → john doe park )

[After experiencing that hell, Haruhi just wants to be left alone. She'll be sitting on a swing, quietly swinging back and forth quietly, murmuring to herself every once in a while in a low voice before managing to whisper a few words.

And just those few.]

"I am here."

[And with a sigh, she then clenches her fist and continues to swing slowly - not reaching its maximum height. For those to know Haruhi, they might notice that she's definitely acting very, very unusual.]

( action → erwin road )

[In the mid-afternoon, Haruhi is strolling down Erwin Road. Of course, she doesn't plan on going inside her house, or even bother to see anyone from her brigade. But she will definitely be out in front with a bamboo, hanging up some tanzaku. It may not be Tanabata, but missing it is inexcusable.

If you want to find out what she's doing, you should ask.]
14 June 2012 @ 03:51 pm
twelve ❖ the rebellion  
[ action ✖ 3477 erwin road ]

[When Haruhi woke up this morning, she wasn't exactly feeling all that great. But the fact that she was sick wouldn't get her down. Even though she didn't have work from Mayfield, she still had to do things for the SOS Brigade.

Which is why she'll be up and around the house, though she's definitely in no shape to be going out.]

[ action ✖ around town ]

[Haruhi is sick today, Mayfield! But she'll still be going out to advertise the SOS Brigade to people who aren't already in it. And also remind everyone who is in the brigade that they have to go to the meetings. Even if there hasn't been one since school ended. No matter.

But if she spots you, she'll run towards you as quickly as she can, though she's a bit wobbly due to her fever. Obviously she's been overexerting herself.]

H... hey!

[And occasionally, she'll be leaning next to a tree in order to regain her footing. She's pretty crazy, to be going out in such a condition, even though some people told her not to go out.]

[ phone ✖ drone filtered ]

[When Haruhi picks up the phone, her voice isn't exactly... heard at first. Here, Mayfield, have some sounds of coughs and hacks. When she speaks, though, it's soft and slow - very unlike her.]

Mayfield. I have a question for you—

[A cough. She pauses for another five seconds after that, clearing her throat.]

Does anyone know any supernatural cures? I'll pay you with whatever I've got. That... that is all!

[ooc: forward dated to tomorrow due to my failure!]
10 June 2012 @ 04:22 pm
Case 5: Machine/Zombie (Backdated to Saturday June 9th)  
[Action A: 3472 Erwin Road.]

I've never heard of mail on a Saturday before...

[Shoutaro is holding a small box in his hand, on the doorstep. Hell examine it for a second, then carefully open it. Out pops a set of keys.]

Huh? Why did...wait. These are MY keys!

[His head snaps up, and he's running to the garage, throwing it open. Inside is a black and green motorcycle.]

Hardboiler. Long time no see...

[Action B: Anywhere in town.]

[Looks like the bike came not a moment too soon. While out searching for a helmet so he doesn't crack his noggin open, he'll spot the zombie outbreak.]

Man. It's just one thing after another.

[If anyone needs help zombie-pounding, or is in need of saving, make yourselves heard.]
08 June 2012 @ 11:55 pm
{ .05 - Zombiefield II - Plague  
[ 3474 Erwin Rd - Friday Afternoon ]

[ Anaki- Vader happens upon a mysterious package-make that packages-in the front yard when he arrives home from work. The first gives him pause, the well worn cover of his old copy of The Jedi Path staring up at him from inside its manila envelope.

He deposits it on the porch with shaking fingers, and tears his thoughts away to regard the much larger shipping crate seated on the flagstones, the sign of the Empire on its side.

It proves easy enough to open, latches flipping with the brush of his thumbs. Lifting the lid, he peers inside to find a selection of four silver canisters, the sort that would hold oxygen for an EV suit. Something tells him to close the whole thing, to back away and return it to the Post Office for something, anything else, but the feeling passes. Who would Skywalker be, if he didn't ignore obvious signs of danger.

Gingerly, he reaches in to pull one of the canisters free, looking at its side for any identifying mark. He gets sight of a single word, "Blackwing", before liquid sloshes within it unexpectedly, and his hand slips. The whole thing falls back into its slot, jarring the rest. All of the valves suddenly burst like a dropped bottle of pop, getting Vader briefly in the face with an aerosol spray.

He recoils, but it's too late. As the canisters continue to spew their contents into the air, Darth Vader finds himself on his knees, coughing wetly into the grass. ]

[ Around town and 1127 Taylor - Late Friday night ]

[ Vader manages to stumble his way through town, losing whatever he had for supper on his steady march. To any unlucky passerby he must seem a sight, his color ashen, the veins in his face standing out as grey lines, blood and bile dribbling freely from the corners of his mouth.

Sheer cussedness allows him to get to the front walk before he missteps and rolls his ankle, coming down hard on the lawn.

He has to see her, he has to... ]

[ Around town - Saturday Morning ]

[ If you're out and about this fine day, you might just run into Vader, though much of who he was would mean little to him now. Dead and not so pleasantly zombified, he's spattered with gore from a recent drone feast and walking down the road with a determined, predatory gait. ]

(( ooc: Zombiefield II is a go! Check here for more info and have a party! ))
07 June 2012 @ 02:32 pm
4th Seal Unlocked  

[Action | 3478 Erwin | Morning]

[Dainn wasn't quite sure why he'd gotten a package, but none the less he decided to open it.

the minute he opened it he felt his teeth grow into fangs, the shape quite familiar when he ran his tounge over them. and the hunger...the hunger of an Immortal - a vampire.]

Well well....I believe I owe you one Mayfield. Thank you.


So that was one of the..."events" that this place sees fit to inflict on us? It was interesting, I have to say.

Humm...if no one minds me asking, what other kinds of things have happened here? I would like to know...

[Action: Around Mayfield | Night]

[this was a long time coming. being human didn't stop his desire to be out in about during the night so Dainn was making up for lost time.

he can be found wandering around Mayfield without a destination in mind. Dainn looks very pleased with himself, far more than usual. he felt at home in the darkness and happy he had his vampirism back.

he probably wouldn't mind any company on his walk, depending on who you are.]
06 June 2012 @ 04:42 pm
First Assassination Protocol  
[The last thing HK remembered was blaster fire. LOTS of blaster fire, a fair portion of which was from his own disruptor rifle. There were damage warnings, critical system failures, and then, inevitably, shutdown. When his "systems come back online", he is in store for a rude awakening.]

[A. 3474 Erwin Road]
[All is peaceful this morning at 3474 Erwin Road. Well, it was, until HK-47, the brutal assassin droid, wakes up in the body of a 9 year old boy.]

[B. Phone]
"Statement: I don't know how my programming ended up in this... squishy, fluid-filled meatbag or why, but I don't care. I want my droid body back RIGHT NOW!"
06 June 2012 @ 08:21 pm
48th sigh  
[A: Phone]

... Huh, that sure was a weird few days. Anyone else's head still spinning from whatever the heck it was that happened? Also, anyone else do anything that makes them feel really stupid?

[B: At the law office. Kyon is leaning back in his chair staring at the ceiling. He appears to be deep in thought, so he may not notice you until you talk to him.]

[C: 3477 Erwin Road, locked to Haruhi]

Hey, uh... About the other day...
04 May 2012 @ 11:34 am
{ .03 - something to prove - action post!  
[ Garage - Morning ]

[ Vader is at work today, filling the time with, well... actual work. Though it isn't unusual for him to not be talkative, his coworkers might notice he seems unfocused and distracted. More than once he's jammed a finger, walloped himself on the head or dropped a tool in an engine and had to fish it out, muttering vituperous imprecations in Huttese while he felt around for the wrench he'd been handling. He won't ask for help- his pride is a heavy, almost suffocating weight.

At the moment he's at it again, reaching deep into the engine of a Buick out front, the sun beating on his back. He minds the latter very little, Earth's single sun not a patch on Tattoine's twin stars. Metal bites against his knuckles, but he's not to be deterred, frowning in concentration. It would be so much easier if he had the Force at his beck and call. ]

[ 1127 Taylor - Afternoon ]

[ He nearly trips over himself going up the steps, pausing at the front door and ready to ring the bell. But...he finds himself drawing up short, uncertain. Despite his sudden excitement, his thoughts keep returning to the words of his former master, delivered from his wife. That was a day he wasn't soon to let himself forget. ]

[ Diner - Early Evening ]

[ Quite honestly he's not all that hungry, so he spends a great deal of time hemming and hawwing over what to order, ignoring anyone who might be behind him in line.

Darth Vader is not a great customer. Who knew. ]

[ 3474 Erwin - Late Evening ]

[ Neighbors might see a figure climbing his way out onto the roof from an upper window, before carefully scooching his way up to a spot where he can sit comfortably.

Vader's doing what he does best, brooding. Folding his arms over the knees he's pulled to his chest, he watches the moon rise, bright and shiny like a silver dollar hanging in the sky. ]
20 April 2012 @ 04:01 pm
case 4: Henshin/Hero  
[Action A: 3472 Erwin Road. Locked to housemates.]

[Shoutaro is cleaning a bit on his porch, when he spots a box next to the stoop. He picks it up, spotting his name on it.]

Could this be...?

[He dashes inside to open it up...]

[Action B: John Doe Park: Open]

[Shoutaro is standing in the middle of the park, looking around. He wants to make sure there aren't any people nearby.]

It didn't look damaged...but I should take precautions before needing to use this...

[Since the Lost Driver he received is as garage-made-looking as it looks...and he isn't anywhere near technologically-capable to actually CHECK the driver...he has to test it out. There is literally no way he can really truly just check it.]

Here goes....

[He clicks the Joker Memory.]


02 April 2012 @ 06:14 pm
Fifth Key: It's time for Showy Pranks  
[Action 1: Monday Morning: 3473 Erwin. Locked to AM]

Damn...I waited too long.

[Marvelous was starting to not feel too well. Apparently waiting a day so he could properly plan these things was a bad idea. But he was there early morning, nonetheless, setting up this trap, scarfing down bananas to stuff under the doormat.]

[Action 2: Monday Afternoon: Grocery Store. Locked to Shirley Fenette]

[Marvelous crouched down behind a store aisle, watching his target shop. He had a few ideas, but he needed confirmation on what he REALLY wanted to do. So, he watched for her go for a certain item....]

[Action 3: Tuesday: 624 Topper. Locked to Erika Karisawa]

[Hose in hand, Marvelous stood proudly out of sight, spraying the house, trying to rattle the siding.]

This is gonna be good....

[Action 4: Wednesday/Thursday. Various Locals. Locked to Ruri Hoshino.]

Eh? This one has a ship?

[He had to think about this one for a second, as he stands at the base of the rampway...]

[Action 5: Locations Anywhere: Time Any: Locked to Tsukasa]

[Marvelous whistles as he begind painting the side of his neighbour's house. Though...this isn't as friendly as you might think...]

Perfect excuse. Let the games begin.
01 April 2012 @ 02:11 pm
Stage 07 - Nobody's Fool  

Getting droned for twenty-four hours. Waking up in a new house. Having said new house pranked with a stinkbomb.

This hedgehog is having a terrible morning. And it's evident in the way he's rummaging through the house to ensure that, at the very least, this place didn't take away his Emerald again. At some point during his excavation, he comes across a strange letter addressed to him...]


So this is your idea of fun, Mayfield? Why am I not surprised. Sorry to disappoint you, but I have no time for this stupid excuse for a holiday. If you want me to play along, you're going to have to try much harder than that.


At some point in the afternoon, Shadow's going to head out of the house to find those he knows and inform some of them of his new location. All the while, he'll be deliberately ignoring his expected pranking duties---despite the fact that he's still got the letter hidden away on him---leaving this hedgehog a completely open target.]
01 April 2012 @ 12:05 pm
thirty-three | day of fools  
[At five past midnight, Slugger finds a letter waiting for him with a list of names. Reading through it, he then sighs a breath of relief. Unlike previous years in which receiving a list of names meant warfare, this time it meant fun.

Rereading the names, a nefarious grin spreads slowly over his face.

1246 Williams Road (locked to Firo)
It's 3:15 AM, just hours after the letters have been sent out, and Slugger has located the home of his first victim. Silent as a shadow, he slides through the hallway and peers into Firo's bedroom...

3474 Erwin Road (locked to Shadow)
It's a beautiful morning as Slugger makes his rounds delivering the daily newspaper. But for a certain resident of 3474 Erwin Road, he has a very "special" delivery. In the driveway of the home, he bashes a stink-bomb on the ground with his bat and --holding his breath-- rushes to teleport into the house where he will hide the bomb. Good luck finding it, Shadow!

1671 Nelson Street (locked to Olivier)
Having checked two names off his list, Slugger arrives at 1671 Nelson Street where he manifests within as if from thin air. In one hand he holds a container of spicy hot mustard which he intends to pour into Olivier's shampoo bottle. Smirking, he sneaks into the bathroom to implement his plan.

1335 Benny Road (locked to Gumi)
Evening has come and Slugger has located the home of his next victim. For this one he's decided to channel a bit of Halloween horror. Slipping a hockey mask over his face, Slugger waits quietly in Gumi's darkened bedroom, ready to rev up the chainsaw in his hands the moment the lights are switched on...

502 Ricardo Street (locked to Pokey)
It had been a shock to find Pokey's name on the list when he'd first read it. A year and a half ago, he would have sneaked into Pokey's home and scared the living shit out of him. But now, with the way things had changed and developed between them, he sneaks into Pokey's home and merely slips something beneath the sofa cushion. Beside it, he sits with a bag of chips waiting for Pokey to enter the room.

Around Mayfield
Between pranks Slugger may be seen throughout the day traversing the streets of Mayfield on his skates, a warped baseball bat at his side. If your character has Slugger as a prank and you haven't contacted me yet, please do so!]
26 March 2012 @ 02:06 am
{ .01 - carry me home tonight  
[ 3474 Erwin Rd - Morning ]

Don't you fret, my dear It'll all be over soon )

[ Mayfield - Around town - Afternoon to Evening ]

[This is not Murkhana, he's certain of it now that he's stepped outside. There's nothing of the grand skyline the capital city presented, no distant sounds of the ocean to his ears. That the sky is empty is a concern-- he can't get a bead on where the closest spaceport might be. Vader squints beneath the glare of the sun, but it's nothing compared to double noon on Tatooine. He's on his way swiftly, maybe a bit unsteadily at first, his center of gravity still off without the Force to make up for the difference. To anyone in town he'll read pretty easily as a newcomer, with how he's looking at everything.

To anyone even with a moderate level of empathic ability? He's radiating barely-lidded anger, beneath which curls a lapping flame of suspicion and fear, a powder keg ready to go. Vader might pause to ask someone a question before moving on, his brows knitted, his mouth set in a hard line.]

What planet is this? Where is the nearest spaceport?
15 March 2012 @ 09:16 pm
Case 1: Awakening/Investigation  
[Action: 3472 Erwin Road]

[Shoutaro groans as he reaches up to pull his hat off his face. He remembers falling asleep at his desk. Which at the moment is not feeling like a chair at all. Maybe Phillip and Akiko moved him?

But, moving his hand reveals not a fedora covering his face, but a starchy pillow instead. He sits up, groggily taking in the surroundings. Stark, white ceiling with....really strange-looking wallpaper. A room that he's never seen before in his life. And an even stranger woman sleeping beside him.

He, of course, takes this in his usual, Hard-Boiled stride.]


[Action: Downtown Mayfield]

[Shoutaro has (eventually) found something suitable to wear in his so-called wardrobe, including a semi-decent fedora...nowhere near as stylish as his own several. He's made his way downtown to get away from the 'people' in his house.]

This has got to be a dream. It's just got to be. What in the blazes is this place?

[No amount of posturing is going hide his anxiety, or frustration at waking up in this place. Maybe you can come over and try to calm him down a bit?]