14 April 2012 @ 01:25 am
The Drone Star - Black☆Star finally snapped?  
4/13 8:00 PM - Lucy Smith's House - Closed

Just from looking at the borrowed face, it's hard to tell what's going through Black☆Star's mind as he stares at the Smith house from across the street. His face is simply determined, and despite his lack of any sort of weapon, the boy is undeterred. He has to be. There's too much riding on him to show any sign of weakness.

Maka, his oldest friend - arrived and taken away in a flash. Their powers held for ransom like some two bit hostage situation. For too long, he's been held to inaction. For too long he's been convinced to play it safe. That ends tonight. The wait is over - it's do or die. And if - no, when he wins - it'll all be over. Soul will have his partner back. They'll be able to go home. Things will be fine for himself and Tsubaki. He won't lose anything else to this stupid town. He won't lose her. Not to anybody.

And so, in the body of Death the Kid, Black☆Star charges towards the house; towards his destiny.

4/13 8:30 PM - Around Town - Open

[And with that, one especially well dressed young man is walking down the streets because it's a Friday and only squares spend the weekend in the house! He doesn't have any destination in particular, but if he sees something happening he'll at least stop and say hello]

Hey, this looks like one happening party!

4/14 - 5723 Cunningham Lane - Daytime - Open

[Now back in his own body, Drone☆Star has decided to announce today's plans to the house]

If anyone needs me, I'll be in my room studying! Gotta hit the books for those exams!

[And if you want to find him, he'll be there doing just that]

4/14 - 8:30 PM - The Park - Open

[Having come back to his senses, Black☆Star has slipped out of the house and come to the park. Why? To train, of course! He's doing laps around the park, running and looking as focused as ever. Every now and then he'll switch from laps to a thousand sit-ups or a thousand push-ups. He's got a goal in mind]
13 April 2012 @ 04:28 pm
2nd Movement  

A. » Action 「5723 Cunningham Lane」

[Good morning, nicely organized room! It’s a beautiful--]

[Wait. Something isn’t right.]

[Lots of things aren’t right. That picture frame is in the wrong place. The books on the desk are all over the place. Some of them are even on the floor. And there are clothes not in the hamper, and the sheets are a mess and Oh God what is happening.]

[It takes Kid a minute to catch up beyond oh shit, oh shit, oh shit to realize that he is not in his very meticulously organized room but in Black☆Star’s room--he would know, he knows how disorganized Black☆Star is and this insanity could only belong to him. It takes another few seconds for him to realize everything feels funny. His head feels heavier and he feels like the ceiling is just a little bit further away...]

[Yes well, I hope everyone at 5723 Cunningham has had a nice quiet morning, because it is about to be shattered by sounds of mass hysteria coming from Black☆Star’s room. The strange noises are a combination of shouting about things being out of place, and there is a tattoo on one shoulder, and ultimately the noise dissolves into nothing short of mass hysteria. Any housemates will find Black☆Star Kid face down on the floor after fifteen minutes of attempting to make sense of the room, still nothing short of hysterical.]

[Sleep? What is sleep? Soul used to know what that was like once upon a time. It was nice and quiet and Maka never bothered him unless... ok well sometimes Maka bothered him, but that wasn’t often. Only if he like left dishes out or he was going to be late to class (because that would mean SHE would be late to class and SOUL THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE). But that... that was neither here nor there at the moment.

Because sleep was something that he learned did not exist when you lived with Death the Kid.

He was switched to a different house when he got back, but damn if he didn’t remember what that scream sounded like.

It was a scream of desperation. Oh. And panic. A lot of panicking. It was weird though because it... well it kind of sounded like Black☆Star. What even.

Regardless of the reason he and Kid were in the same house again, if Kid was flipping out someone had to calm him down before he did something stupid. Not that freaking out because a picture was off center by less than a centimeter wasn’t stupid already, but the world did not need a panicking reaper at this ungodly hour in the morning.

Soul gets up with a sigh and rubs the back of his neck and --
Why was his hair so long?

And why did he feel... heavier? And wait.

Wait wait wait.





And then there’s a strangled scream, one loud enough to rival Kid’s, and... strange how it sounds like Tsubaki.

B. » Action 「High School」

[Kid!Black☆Star is not feeling it, today. There was not one single wearable item of clothing in Black☆Star’s closet, and no matter what he did he could not fix the hair. So you might see Black☆Star sulking in the hall, wearing an oversized hat, the only black slacks he could find, and a large sweater because heaven help him if Kid remembers Black☆Star has a tattoo on one shoulder. Approach?]

[And following Kid!Black☆Star around a bit like a slouchy, lost puppy would be Soul!Tsubaki. To say he’s uncomfortable is an understatement. Bras suck and he feels really top heavy and his hair keeps turning itself into a chain scythe and HE CAN’T GET IT TO STOP what the hell he’s a death scythe why can he not control this? UGH.]

Just.... Try to keep cool, ok dude?

I’m trying. But. Black☆Star’s hair, and all of his clothes have--

[JFKDSL KID SHUT UP. Soul quickly pulls Kid to the side and covers Kid’s mouth with his hand. Who is this mysterious person approaching them?]

Shut up! I think they know us ---

uh... them.

C. » Action 「Park」

[Yeah Kid’s not feeling the park, either. He’s just going to sit on a bench and read this book and try really hard to pretend this isn’t happening. He can’t fix it he’s been thinking of ways to do so all day but he can at least try to ignore it!]

Soul...you don’t think we’re stuck like this, do you? Because if we are, there must be a tattoo parlor in this stupid town that will fix Black☆Star’s hideous one-sided tattoo...

What? Dude, no! You’re not getting Black☆Star another tattoo! This is Mayfield, remember? I really don’t think this is going to be permanent.

[And then his ponytail turns into a chain scythe and he grumbles. It takes a minute, but he manages to change it back.]

It better not be permanent.


But you make a very becoming Tsubaki, Soul.

16 February 2012 @ 12:17 am
4th☆Star - The Biggest Puppy Love (backdated to Feb 14th) [Flowerfield]  
5723 Cunningham Lane - Morning - Locked to Housemates

[It's unusual that Black*Star is the first one to the kitchen. Also unusual is the vase of White Daisies on the kitchen table. Still, it's not that unusual - more a curiosity than anything - and it only serves to make the young meister shout out]


The Park - Afternoon - Open

[And here go the two lovers, out for a romantic stroll through the park, walking hand in hand and probably saying disgustingly sweet things to each other. Dare you approach these two loviest of lovebirds?]

[OOC: If you hit this one, expect replies from both Black☆Star and Tsubaki]

The Diner - Evening - Open

[The two lovers are concluding their evening here in the only fitting manner possible - sharing a single milkshake from two straws while staring lovingly into each others eyes while still being as sickeningly sweet as possible]

You know Tsubaki, this milkshake is nowhere near as sweet as you.

[OOC: For this part, feel free to ask for either Tsubaki, Black☆Star, or both. If you only want one, just assume the other went to the bathroom, and please make a note of it in the subject line or something. Thanks!]
12 February 2012 @ 09:23 pm
[ Three | Event: Love is Blooming | Open ]  
[ All Around Town | Afternoon ]

[Why, hello there. Kid looks very sharply dressed today, doesn't he? He's even got a jacket and a hat on don't mind it covers the stripes ok. It's better not to ask. And don't pay any mind to the fact that he's constantly adjusting it. He's even got a flower on his lapel. On both sides.]

[Anyway, he seems strangely cheerful. And who goes to school, anyway? School is for people who aren't searching for love, and that is clearly what Kid is doing, and that clearly takes priority. He's approaching just about anybody in an unusually overly-friendly manner.]

Hello there! Beautiful weather today, isn't it nice? And these flowers are lovely!

[ooc: Kid is under the influence of mint and he is going to flirt his little brains out. I may do a poor job of acting this out, so apologies in advance! Also, forward-dated to February 13th =) Monday is my big class day so I won't be around to put up a post during the day.]