28 March 2012 @ 01:04 pm
Power Level: 5 This time, Gohan has a brilliant idea  
[Action A: Locked to 457 Stone]

[Gohan had been quiet at the breakfast table recently, mostly because he's been considering a conversation he had with Rikku recently. About how it was finally getting nice out, and that he was going to be missing going to the beach. With a completely serious expression on his face, he closes his eyes, then firmly places his hand down on the breakfast table.]

It's going to be summer soon, and there's no beaches anywhere. I want to make my own beach, in the back yard.

[And there's the burning passion that only a Shounen hero can have in his eyes. He will make this beach.]

I just don't know where I'm going to get the water.

[And then his face falls slightly.]

[Action B: Around Town]
[People around town may see the sight of Gohan carrying a comically large amount of sand bags, without looking even slightly winded. It's a bit of a sight to see.]

[Phone: Filtered from drones, mostly intended for the SOS Brigade, High School students, and Gohan's other CR, but feel free to chime in!]

Uh, hi everyone! I haven't used one of these before, so I think that I'm doing this right. ANYWAY, I want to let you guys in on my plan. I want to do something nice for the people of the town. I've been thinking that summer is rapidly approaching, and that it would be nice to spend some time at a beach. So, what do you say? Help me build a beach at 457 Stone. I've got some sand, but this will probably take some time to get everything else set up. I just thought that it might be fun.
06 March 2012 @ 02:03 pm
Power Level: 4 This time with Band Candy  
[Action A: 457 Stone, backdated to 3/3, locked to housemates and neighbors]

[Gohan had been taking part in his morning routine of training, and then spending time around the house with any of his family who might be around, or chatting with some of the non-drone neighbors.]

I think that today is going to be a really good day. It's beautiful out here.

[Action B: Around Mayfield, Backdated to 3/3]

[Thanks to the machinations of the band candy, as well as reality manipulation by miss Haruhi, there is currently an energetic young Saiyan running around the streets of Mayfield. He's probably around looking for his close friends, though he'll also be willing to talk to just about anyone.]

Wow! [He laughs and just looks up at the sky.] This place can really be amazing sometimes. Don't you think so?

[Action C: Around Mayfield, Backdated to 3/4]

[A rather...embarassed Gohan will be seen looking around for anyone that he annoyed yesterday when he was under the effects of both the band candy and the reality control powers of Haruhi. He was...slightly exhuberant that day.]

Uh...about yesterday.
13 February 2012 @ 01:18 pm
Power Level: 3  
[Location: Anywhere]

[It easy to see that Gohan was fairly...innocent in a lot of ways, so when people started acting funny on the morning of the 13th, to say that he looked confused was probably an understatement. He was glad that people seemed to be really happy and close, but...well, it was just overwhelming for the young man. So, he was currently just wandering the city with a look of confusion on his face.]
09 February 2012 @ 01:11 pm
Power Level: 2  
[Action A: 437 Stone]

[It had been a while since Gohan actually arrived in Mayfield, and he seemed to have settled into a routine. He was up early every morning training in the front yard of his new home, usually for at least an hour, then it was inside for breakfast and to get dressed for school. He's always polite to the people who are up around early in the morning, and is willing to stop what he's doing to talk with them.]

[Action B: School, at lunch]

[Placing his tray down at a lunch table, Gohan just sighs a little bit.]

Man, I can't believe how archaic some of these classes are. I mean, its like they've never even heard of capsule technology here...

[His annoyance is soon forgotten as he starts on the tasteless school lunch.]

[Action C: The park, after school]

[The last thing that Gohan does after he finishes up his day at school is spend another hour at the park. He's made it known around school that he's willing to spar and teach people some basic fighting, at the park after classes, but if there's no takers, he'll just work out alone.]
29 January 2012 @ 12:23 am
Power Level: 1  
[Action A: 457 Stone, locked to housemates]
And so, he awakens )

[Action B: Around town, in the afternoon!]
[A new face is seen wandering around the streets of Mayfield, wearing the traditional garb of the citizenry. He seems a bit out of place, like many of the new residents of the town, and maybe a bit shell shocked, but also curious.]
I...huh. What the world is this place?
[Talking to oneself probably isn't the best way to really integrate oneself into a new community, though. But, give him a break, he's kind of out of it. He will continue to wander the city unless someone stops him to see what's going on.]