14 June 2012 @ 04:14 am
dining 3  
[Action; 7137 Brooks; locked to housemates (backdated to before zombies)]
[ There's a package waiting for her when she gets down. She opens it, to find some of her clothes from home in it. She picks it up, and gives it a fond smile. ]

Ooh, isn't that nice!

[Phone; filtered to Yuna]
Akashi-san? Are you alright? I wanted to apologize about the other day, on your birthday. I don't know what it was or why, but I was acting sort of weird, wasn't I? I know I want to make up for it though.

[Grocery store; open to anyone]
[ Yachiyo is out shopping today. Fridge needs more food, planning on bakin things, she needs to think over what happened a few days ago... she's wearing the clothes she got back not long ago. Looking around the store at the different groceries, to find what she needs. She's looking quite thoughtful at times, especially when looking at anything you might need for a cake. ]

I wonder if she's got any allergies..?

[ Yes, because talking to yourself is clearly what any sane person does. ]

[Bakery; open to all]
[ She's planning on baking a cake, but talking to the people at the bakery isn't wrong. You need to look at all your options, don't you? And she needs to buy bread anyway, so why not. ]
09 February 2012 @ 01:37 am
Dining 2  
 [Action a; 7137 Brooks Lane; locked to family]
[She's got her katana back! Yachiyo is happily expecting it, checking if it's still as sharp as she's always kept it. ]

Ah, I feel closer to home again.

[ Now that's just going to make her miss home more. ]

I wonder what Kyouko-san is doing...

Ah, hello everyone. I got my katana back! But I don't have any tools to sharpen it with, once it grows dull. Does anyone know where I could get hold of sharpening tools? You have to keep your blade in perfect condition, don't you agree?

[Action b; Whatever restaurant Yachiyo works at]
[ Look who's being chipper and happy as she takes orders today? Yes, Yachiyo, that's who, mhm. And if you're there, you'll probably notice why, because there's a katana strapped to her hip. From time to time she stops to touch it, as a double-triple-and-so-on-check, to make sure it's still there.

Hey look, sword-babe's coming to get your order. ]

Hello Sir/Miss, would you like to order?