27 September 2012 @ 09:30 am
-15th Bullet-  
Action: Anywhere

[Hol Horse was one to make certain he had gone into his so called work every couple of days. So it's possible for one to find him stocking up groceries today. He almost seems oblivious to any drone asking him for particular items, but now and again casts a glare in their direction.

After hours of his shift, he can be seen at the park. Yes, the park. Though don't bother him... he still seems somewhat... edgy. For those that have run into him before, might notice something different. He's always been seen with a cigarette lit and in his mouth. Today, he just hasn't got a pack. Yet.

It's not long before he's on his way to get a pack of said cigarettes... but perhaps you're lucky enough to distract him from buying them.
19 September 2012 @ 12:02 am
-14th Bullet-  
Action:1444 Mitchell Road//Anywhere

[It was late that evening about the time normal people should be thinking about getting ready for bed. He couldn't sleep. Hol Horse had received some injury while escaping the portals, but he never bothered seeking help. He had gone into the portal for his own reasons, however when he came back...

It was perhaps a day or two before that he awoke from his own drone-state only to discover he was in a house full of them once again. It frustrated him. After the portal business, he noticed a couple others had undergone the same droning process, never to snap out of it.

He couldn't take it anymore. Tables were turned over and various items were thrown at the walls... he wasn't a very happy camper at this moment. He was far to angry to do anything rational and stormed out of the house.

He was going to make sure to avoid anything and everyone for as long as he could. The fellow is a bit of a loose cannon however, and may lash out with an attack. Let's hope it doesn't come down to that. In fact, perhaps it's best to leave this one alone. Why are you outside this late anyway?
16 July 2012 @ 12:23 am
-13th bullet-  
Action:1444 Mitchell Road

[Hol finally got around to going back home. He hadn't listened to the phone in days, and he hadn't known about his new housemate. Though as he made his way up to the front door, he eyed the packages that were labeled to him. A frown. Both parcels seemed rather small, and he didn't know what else he had to regain from home...

He was also still in the process of recovering from his ordeal at the carnival.

Against his better judgement, he went to open one of the packages... and peered inside, only to find a small pack of his favorite brand of cigarettes. Okay, that wasn't so bad. The other package was the same size... perhaps it was another pack. For now... he'd save it, and head on inside...

Action: Late Evening

[The cowboy decided that he would head out for a smoke before he took his usual walk. At the same time, he decided he would take the other package with him. The man decided he would hold off on opening it... unless he was with someone. Speaking of which... Hol then remembered that he was promised a drink down at the tavern.

With the box being small enough to pocket, he did so and went on his way.
07 June 2012 @ 08:49 pm
-12th bullet-  
Action - Morning...

[It wasn't often that Hol got any mail that interested him... and it seemed, whenever it did, well... things from home appeared. So when he woke up that and readied himself for his normal routine, he stared at the small box at the door step.

With a frown, he reached down to pick it up. Glancing to the left and to the right... he finally opened box. What happened next... he couldn't even react to quick enough as he was thrown to the ground in pain.


... This town... has an unusual sense of humor...
02 June 2012 @ 12:45 am
-11th bullet-  
[Hol Horse was growing irritated. Not only did he find himself stuck in this town again, but STILL... no one from home. He's a little more... talkative, his voice a bit more... gruff. ...It's who he's always been! Honest!

The only thing he didn't approve of this place, aside from the fact he had no partners here... was well. All of the NON-AMERICAN TYPES. Yup. This was the normal attitude he's always had.

... Sure.

Taking his motorcycle out for a spin, he would make his usual stops. The park for girl watching, the store for more cigarettes... and eventually back to that dull place that he called home. If you look interesting enough during any of his stops, he may just stop and try to talk to you. Be careful around him though, if he doesn't end up liking you, things could quickly turn sour.
07 May 2012 @ 05:38 pm
-10th bullet-  
Action A - Around town: [This guy never seemed to be happy anymore. Those who attempted to humor him, only managed to frustrate him even further. To add to his displeasure, he's not to sure who he might've run into during that horrible body swap incident... and as such, the guy's made it a point to lurk even more. Right now though, he ran out of smokes. He's also made it a point to take his horse out for a ride, and the horse seems to be far more friendly then he is.

If you take notice of the horse, Hol finds that he's veered off course and is heading straight toward you as you have attracted the horse's attention.

Action B - Olney's Tavern: [At the end of the day, he took a walk himself. Though by now, he should've figured walking alone was a bad idea. Once inside though, he makes it a point to keep to himself. There's a smoking, drinking cowboy in the back of the bar... he might strike up a conversation if noticed. Maybe.]
20 April 2012 @ 10:51 pm
-9th Bullet-  
Action A - Around town: [It was supposed to be a day like any other... except there were blue flowers all around town. Last time there were flowers about, it made him go and publicly announce his feelings. So he made it a point to avoid the plants as much as possible. Easier said than done, as he soon found out... though coming into contact with the flowers didn't seem to do anything out of the ordinary. Until he started walking. He lost his sense of balance and more or less was stumbling around like a drunk. Though he knew he didn't drink anything... he just couldn't... walk. This was just as embarrassing as telling everyone who he was in love with.]

Action B - Locked to Lil Slugger...: [It was late in the evening by the time he attempted to walk home. He found himself leaning against light posts and cars to maintain his balance. This town was annoying... he had no where to go other than to that house full of drones. He was beginning to despise everything. Really, you'd think he'd have learned to talk to someone by now...]
13 April 2012 @ 12:49 am
-8th Bullet-  
Action A - To housemates... [Seems someone isn't thrilled at waking up in a tiny tiny kitten body. Though to those in the house this morning... it seems someone simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed. How odd...]

Action B - Around town [Hol is distressed. The world seems larger than what he's used to. Hopefully he comes across someone he recognizes... wait, you're not someone he knows... go away!]

Action C - Evening [Exhausting day was exhausting... not sure if he should go to -his- home or the home he woke up in... poor tiny kitten wanders aimlessly. ... Right into Olney's Tavern. He had managed to sneak in. ... what of it?]
25 March 2012 @ 12:46 am
-7th Bullet-  

Pretty sure that census thing isn't gonna lead up t' any good... There's a couple of ya out there that I sorta need to discuss a few things with, that is before anything happens.

[He didn't say much after that. Clearly, Hol has had better days.]
07 March 2012 @ 01:48 pm
-6th Bullet-  
Action A - Around town:
[There was something off about this guy as he went on his business around town. Besides looking like he had got in a fight with someone twice his own size, his attitude towards everyone is rather poor. If you recognize him, and if he recognizes you, Hol might be bitter towards you rather than his usual ... mellow self. For anyone else, it is best to proceed with caution.]

Action B - At the park:
[He's just there, sitting on a bench. There's a cigarette that hangs from his lips, but should one look carefully, one will discover that he hasn't bothered to light it. His hat is pulled down low to cover his eyes. So far, he's been left alone while he's been sitting there, but he's not sure how long it will last.]

Action C - Olney's Tavern:
[The day is drawing to a close. Hol had wandered in, ordered a drink, and went to sit as far away as he could from the crowd. Seems someone's playing the role of the lone cowboy tonight.]
13 February 2012 @ 08:42 pm
-5th Bullet-  
[It seems the guy just can't get a break these days. He found that the various flowers all over town seemed somehow out of place, but he could only shake his head and continue on his daily routine. As he headed home that evening and stepped inside the kitchen he happened upon a vase of irises. Now if he had been paying attention he'd notice that a few of the other townsfolk were acting a bit strange.

That wasn't his problem. However in this case, yes, it was now a problem. He made his way over to the bouquet and curiously looked at who the flowers were addressed to. Upon realizing they were for him, he couldn't help himself but took a small sniff of those irises and... Man that felt weird. After a good half hour of trying to clear his head, it was off to the phone.

[Phone//Filters, what filters?]

Virginia? I hope you're hearing this. I thought it might be a good idea fer th' two of us t' sit 'nd talk 'bout a few things. Guess when I figured I ... "woke up" no one here would really remember who I was. So well, when ya came 'round and asked why I was gone fer so long I guess uh...

That is t' say I... That if everyone from before remembered me but you I'd be hurt cause I like ya. 'Nd I don't mean 'like' like ya, I mean really like ya.

[He can't really get himself to say the word at first.]

Y'know, as in I love ya. ... 'nd I don't say that t' jes anyone. ...So, I figured that if one loves a person well enough, they should shout it out and share with th' world.

[With that out of the way, he simply hangs up the phone and lurks.]
07 February 2012 @ 04:43 am
-4th Bullet-  
[He had already figured out that he had been in this town before, despite his best efforts to pretend things never happened. After fruitless wanderings throughout the town for days, without food and water... he found himself waking up in that familiar bed. He winced upon realizing something had to have happened. He felt his face, and was startled to feel his own skin once again. ... When his eyes opened, he could see clearly. However, he was still left with that horrible feeling of phantom pains... and as fingers felt where the mask was once stitched, he could feel phantom pains along the seal... and he didn't like it.

So he got up, got dressed in his everyday outfit from home and travelled downstairs. As he made his way outside, he was met with a familiar box. He flinched as he saw it and quickly glanced around. Hol soon realized was able to summon an all too familiar Stand and looking over at the driveway, was a familiar looking motorcycle. His heart sank.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts he picked up the small parcel addressed to him and peered inside. To his surprise, it was a pack of his favorite cigarettes from home. Partially pleased and partially disappointed, he went back inside to make a small phone call...


... Guess I'm back? Hn...
01 February 2012 @ 04:56 pm
-3rd Bullet-  
Action - Outside of the hospital...

[The fellow was released, just like various others that had undergone "treatment" that day. However, Hol Horse wasn't going anywhere very fast. His shoulders heaved as he struggled to breath through the Halloween mask that was crudely replacing his face. Head hung low as his face felt nothing but a searing pain. His steps were slow, and hands outstretched as he blindly reached for something ahead of him. Before he was uncertain of the town and the memories that floated in the back of his mind. This however was a harsh reminder... and he would call out anyone's name for help, but right now it was next to impossible. In fact, he'd be lucky if he could utter out a mere moan. Whenever his jaws clenched from pain, he could feel what he could only assume was blood, run down his neck. While he can't see, he can hear, and maybe respond to simple yes or no questions.]
27 January 2012 @ 02:10 am
-2nd Bullet-  
-backdated to the 26th-


[Anyone may come across the fellow... but when they do, they'll find him as normal as any other day in the city. However if you stick around long enough the fellow begins to cringe in pain. Yet nothing on the outside seems wrong with him. Should you come across him again, it's easy to spot the various burns across his flesh. He's not sure -why- or -where- they came from... but now and again he pauses to lean against a lamp post for support.

Further along the day... in the park even! While he's trying to familiarize himself with this town despite the horrible burn marks across his face and arms... Hol Horse soon finds himself bleeding from unknown wounds. Wounds that are all too similar to those of gunshot injuries along his legs. Yet being who he is, he does what he can to ignore it. Besides, all he knows is this place is a horrible dream he'll wake up from at any second. ... right?

Do you remember Hol Horse? Help him remember that he was once a citizen of Mayfield... and that his injuries are harsh reminders of his past life within the town...

By evening... the man is sitting by the curb of his home. He's starting harshly at his hands that are bleeding from the natural folds of his skin. The more he stares at these particular wounds, the more his mood seems to change. He's also eying the harsh burn marks across his flesh. Once in a while he curls up in a ball, clutching his stomach as if he had swallowed poison or even razor blades. ... Yet as far as he can tell, any internal injuries are simply phantom pains, hitting him hard. Though at the same time, these wounds are all too familiar...

Fortunately enough for him... any internal injuries are only ghost pains... unfortunately, his frame is covered with wounds that don't seem to be healing too well. There had to be a reason why he was covered in injuries, but he wasn't sure who to go to for help. He still felt like a stranger, and yet welcomed all the same...
17 January 2012 @ 05:02 pm
-1st Bullet-  
[Hol Horse rolled over on the bed and very slowly cracked open an eye. He didn't recall falling asleep. Maybe he drank too much... but then he didn't have a hangover either. Unless he was knocked unconscious by a so-called fellow coworker. Sitting up, he ran a hand through his hair. Nope, nothing hurt. Looking around... something about this place seemed eerily familiar...]

Wait a second...

[Getting dressed, he made his way downstairs, and chose to ignore the family photos. Heading to the phone, he stared at it carefully... and finally tried to dial out. Of course, he was just a new arrival like everyone else, right?]

H-hello? Is someone there?