11 March 2012 @ 08:06 pm
Entry 1: Out of the Basket, Onto the Floor  
[A. 1332 Benny Road | Inside]

[ It felt like a normal Sunday morning, with Kyo getting up and moving about. He didn't notice the bed, his new clothes, or even his room, as he walked out of the door, still waking up.

But he did notice the stairs he walked into as he scratched his head, even if after the fact. A series of loud thumping sounds could be heard throughout the house as Kyo fell at least halfway down the stairs, collapsed in a heap for those in the house to find him in should they investigate the source of the noise. ]

[B. 1332 Benny Road | Outside]

[ Those walking by might notice a ginger-haired boy next to the house, staring up at a second-floor window and then the roof, wearing an irritated face. He might be trying to jump up, attempting to climb the sidings to no avail, or using objects to get up to the top but not enough of them.

Alternatively, he might have lucked out and managed to get up to the roof by the time you see him, taking in the view of the town with hunched shoulders as he sat there, a scowl on his face. ]

[C. (Forward-dated to Monday the 12th) Mayfield High]

[ The scene has many students crowding around a desk during a free period, Kyo Sohma sitting in the middle. ]

Oh my, what daring hair color!

[ This felt really familiar to Kyo, on his first day at Mayfield High. He really didn't want to go. This wasn't any different from usual, even if he wasn't currently cursed, but... ]

Hey Orange, what's your family like?

That's none of your business! Argh... Do you all do this to everyone who's real?! [ ...but he felt disturbed by these 'drones' that he had been told about, and going to an entire school full of them creeped him out. Why was he even talking back to them in the first place? Not even he knew. ]

We just want to get to know you, new guy! Chill out, don't be shy.

[ This was followed by a hand on Kyo's shoulder, which prompted an involuntary grip on the collar of the drone boy as he stood up. ]

Do I look shy to you, you lifeless—


[ He released his grip, albeit with a shove, and then briskly walked out of the classroom. ] Whatever, just stay away from me, all of you!

[ Kyo likely won't be watching where he's going at this point beyond trying to find his way out of the school, and certainly won't be paying attention to anyone unless talked to or if he bumps into them, maybe even tripping over them somehow.

Later on in the day, one could find him on the roof of the school, more collected than earlier on, but he might still be aggravated. He's definitely skipping the rest of the school day, or so he thinks. ]