28 February 2012 @ 08:25 pm
( two. )  
❝ phone ❞
While I was here before, I used help someone tailoring clothes for people in town. Considering how long it can sometimes take to get our things back here, I figured I would start again for those that need the service. I'm best at women's clothes honestly, but as long as it isn't absurdly complicated I shouldn't have much trouble.

If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to call me back or stop by. My name is Elizabeth and I live at 1669 Nelson.

❝ action ❞
Ⓐ — library.
( Although she usually wouldn't bother with the books here due to the lack of... choices, there is one thing they have in abundance she needs and that would be books on tailoring and dressmaking. Elizabeth has piled up quite a number in her arms, so much its a little hard to see so do excuse her if she almost runs into you... or maybe she did hit you! Whatever the case, she manages to peer over the books with a worried look. )

Oh jeez, I'm sorry! Are you okay?

Ⓑ — outside 337 brady lane.
( Under the effects of those flowers or not, she did say she would make this for Rin just... too bad she can't bring herself to knock quite yet. Instead she's been pacing quietly, wondering if he even wanted the article of clothing still. What if he thought she was weird for actually going and making the thing? Why did she care if he thought that? With all these thoughts going through her head she really cannot help the loud sigh that escapes her. )