20 July 2012 @ 05:23 pm
[He's alive. That's first.

He's in a house that he doesn't recognize. That's second.

There's a woman he doesn't know sleeping next to him. That's third.

His wounds are gone. That's fourth.

Whatever's going on, Nagi has a bad feeling about it. He was fine with dying; it meant an end to the pain, and he knew that his friends were safe. Mostly. But this... this is not exactly what he expected the afterlife to be like.]

[action for 946 Beulah residents]

...Excuse me. Please don't panic, but I, ah- I think I might be lost. Do you happen to know where this is?


Well now. I suppose I always did want to visit America, albeit not quite like this... Ah, but I'm rambling.

I'm told that we use the phones here to communicate over some sort of wireless system? Strangely high-tech for what's supposed to be the decade of the 1950's, but I suppose it's useful. In any case, my name is Nagi Kengamine, and- [it's only then that it occurs to Nagi that maybe, as an escaped death row convict, giving his real name to a bunch of strangers isn't the best idea in the world. TOO LATE NOW.]

-and I suppose I'm new here. [SWEET FINISH.]