11 August 2012 @ 12:00 am
vingt-six † puppies come in all kinds  
[Phone - Public]

Good morning! This call is addressed to anyone who might be interested in keeping a pet. I have... a number [because hell naw she's not going to say 15 on the phone provided a few didn't get lost along the way already] of Scottish Terrier puppies that are looking for new homes. They're around a year old, purchased at the pet store here a few months back. The previous owner can no longer take care of them, so I was hoping that maybe others would like to adopt them into a different household instead. They're docile around people and enjoy playing outside a lot, they're also all fit and in good health. [Not a direct result of being intimidated at will, forbidden from showing their muzzle in the house when a certain household member is also around, and forced to look for their own food half the time because the food's limited in the backyard, nope... THESE PUPPIES DON'T HAVE SPADES TO SPOIL THEM ANYMORE, but they do look ok and they're drone animals so no one can tell. SHHHH....] If you'd like to meet them in person, please feel free to drop by at 1125 Taylor Road at any time this afternoon. Thank you for your time!

I. Taylor Road ;; Afternoon

[there is like

a dozen or something of Scottish Terrier puppies wrestling with each other on the front lawn. Ciel's somehow managed to gather them together after all, what a miracle... She doesn't look too enthusiastic about this, though, adjusting her glasses as she gives the animals a flat stare.

Close by is an angelic boy dressed in white with short and smooth black hair loitering by the fence. ...Oh wait, maybe that boy is the reason for her indifferent mood. Ciel's never happy when Merem ([personal profile] splitthebaby) is around, is she? But Merem at least seems to be enjoying himself with the puppies. It's not like he can talk to animals and is here to judge any potential pet owners because he cares more about drone animals than humans or anything, NOPE


((OOC: Joint prompt with Merem Solomon, tags will be separate to make it easier for everyone o/))

II. Church ;; Evening
[Business as usual. If the Sister isn't in the front pretending to be reading the Bible but actually working on less holy things busying over something, you can probably find her in the back kitchen. The lights are all on there, easily noticeable from the side windows to any outsider. That means the place is open for tea and sweets and dubious sound spiritual advice for any wary of mind. Got nothing especially interesting planned for the night? Why not drop by? Everyone's secretly heretical anyway.]

III. Church ;; Night
[It's past 10pm, and the lights are out. ...That is, except for a very dim one placed above the door to the back entrance of the Church. A robed figure slinks out, headed towards the small cluster of woods past the storage shed. It's late and no one really comes to the Church except for select losers. Yeah, this may look fishy, but Ciel can totally take a few steps around her own Mayfieldian natural habitat without getting accosted, right.


IV. Around town ;; Late Night
[Patrol as usual. As we know, old habits can be hard to break. It's not like anything exciting ever really happens after midnight in Mayfield, but heck, Ciel HAS gotten a few kicks in the past stalking vampires and scaring them without actually doing anything because lol OP vampire hunter with all her regains back. GIVE THEM A TASTE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE, HAH.

...ER, that is. She'll be swinging by the streets, traveling by hopping lamp posts and roofs and etc as usual, gonna stop by the park and downtown a bit to ultimately end up at Makeout Point. The view is nice, alright... And there just might be something up there, that she may or may not wanted to check up on. Also out for a midnight stroll? You might just run into her! ...Or she might end up stalking you for a bit. Hey, she never denied her line of work to be questionable...]
10 June 2012 @ 01:35 pm
Vingt-Cinq † not this hogwash again  
[Phone - Public ;; backdated to Saturday because I got lazy]

[The feed opens with a faint sigh.]

Undead - zombies again, though something may be said for the fact that they are more resilient this time. [nope not skipping a beat as she jumps directly into the heart of the problem.] Facts known so far:

One. Every body is already dead without exception, this fact is irreversible. The flesh decays and the conscience rots away, but instincts seem to remain sharp.
Two. They feed on flesh, as expected, so don't get bitten. Better yet, avoid contact of any form to decrease odds of contamination.
Three. Sacraments and holy arts of any sort are ineffective. Destroying the brain alone will not stop the body, though decapitation and amputation can slow them down. They burn easily enough however, so eliminating the entire body remains ideal.
Four. The current situation is comparable to a plague. Transmission seems possible even without direct contact, some sort of virus is likely involved. It begins with high fever and vomiting, the victim will experience organ failure before dying. The time span seems to range from 30 minutes to an hour on a drone, it may be longer on an actual person. If there are any medical experts and biological researchers in town who are willing to take the risks, looking into this may yield a product that can help the infected during earlier stages - or prevent it from happening to others. I cannot vouch for the current state of the city hospital, but something can no doubt be arranged if there is interest. The alternative would be to wait until all this blows over; it shouldn't last for more than week at most, like all other unusual occurrences that ever tend to happen here.

Citizens are advised to stay inside and get together with someone apt at combat. The Church will be open for shelter as it has been during last year; none of these creatures will be able to breach the perimeter. Please reply if you require escort. I can't heal this, but I may be able to slow down the process of infection directly after contraction. Don't get too softhearted however; saving ever last person you may know would be impossible.

[She knows all this because she spent the entirety of last night keeping watch and taking notes of the drones in the streets during their infection/experimenting on the mangled corpses after. For once she 'lucked out', having ran into the first guy who had it despite not knowing that he's the original carrier. Hey, at least it tipped her off earlier--!

And if this sounds cranky, it's because that's exactly how Ciel feels. Before the feed cuts off however, it catches one line that it shouldn't have:]

Start another pot, Seven. This little coffee won't last me at all.


[Action - Around town ;; throughout Zombiefield Act II]

[Whenever she's not at the Church, Ciel'll be taking what extra time she has to patrol. Definitely gonna hop down and check in if she comes across someone she knows, will also interfere if she catches sight of anyone in trouble. But otherwise, don't be too surprised to see her in habit jumping roofs, lampposts, and wire poles like usual, even if it's full blown daylights out. ...Oh yeah, there's beating up zombies too, you may catch her effortlessly trashing a drone space zombie or several while wearing a scary expression. ...She really wasn't in the mood for this today, okay!!]

((OOC: Plotting was done here, the general thread for mingling/specific in-person interactions at the Church will be set up shortly can be found here at the catch-all log, o/))
03 May 2012 @ 02:33 am
Vingt-Quatre † another year unacknowledged  
private; background action at 1125 Taylor )

[Phone - Public]

[Right, there was also prom. Then THAT MEANS ONE THING.] I'm sure everyone must be aware of it by now, but don't forget that Prom is on the 18th, roughly two weeks from now! Talented tailors and seamstresses are already offering their services, so it shouldn't be hard to find something nice to wear. As Mr. Quinn already mentioned last week, dates are optional, so don't be afraid to come alone. You may even meet someone there, so don't be shy!

That said! [here it comes...] I'm in care of a sheltered young boy who's not very good around people. He is quite important to me, so I'd like to find him a charming young lady around his age to accompany him to Prom. ...Though a boy wouldn't matter either actually, I'd be okay with that! He may be a bit crass and rude at times and talk like he's much older than his prepubescent looks, but you have my word that he's an exemplary gentlemen when he behaves. Sporting the image of wise and cool, he is actually quite knowledgeable in history and prides himself to be quite intelligent and capable. He does seem to harbor an uncanny weakness to women with golden blond hair and crimson red eyes, but please don't be deterred. With raven hair smooth as silk and pale skin like fine porcelain, his appearances are actually quite angelic. If that's still not quite enough to cause consideration, I'm willing to negotiate with anyone interested... other means to incite acceptance. So if there's any interest or more questions, please let me know!

[Hmm. Hmm. It may be obvious to some, but there IS more than one shotapire in town, isn't there... but it's not like she's PURPOSEFULLY trying to create some confusion, not at all--!]

I. Grocery store → Church ;; Early Afternoon
[Guess who's carrying 5 million bags of stuff again! ...No beef, potatoes, carrots and other typical curry ingredients and such today, however. Still in her civilian clothes, Ciel seems to be exclusively carrying flour, fruits, sugar, eggs, and other things one would presumably need in baking. She's doing fine whether you're just watching from the sides or walking towards her, she's usually pretty good at balance right...]

--Ah, please be careful!

[STILL MIGHT BE IN EVERYONE'S BEST INTEREST to avoid collisions just in case, though... Better be safe than sorry! She's got like two dozen eggs in there, that would be bad to break, ;;;]

II. Church ;; Afternoon
[Anyone who steps in during the evening will be slammed in the face with the enticing sweet scent of baked good. ...But isn't the kitchen in the back? Even if it may be going through excessive use today (which is actually is...), how does it really spread--


If you walk further in, the fact that there's a plate of mixed berry flaugnarde next to a tray of two dozens canelé might explain why it smelled so good. Both are still hot too, upon closer inspection; it must have been baked within the last hour. No one else seems to be around, but the smell is definitely coming from the hallway leading towards the left.


What do?]

III. Church ;; Late Evening
[The night is much calmer. Despite everything, this date today means something, she supposed, so at least something has to be said to whoever Above to acknowledge the significance.

In the end, Ciel settles on reciting the Memorare in French. Prostrated in front of the Altar with her headdress on, which is rare, she chants quietly.]

Souvenez-vous, ô très miséricordieuse Vierge Marie, qu'on n'a jamais entendu dire qu'aucun de ceux qui ont eu recours à votre protection, imploré votre assistance, ou réclamé votre secours ait été abandonné.

Animé d'une pareille confiance, ô Vierge des Vierges, ô ma Mère, je cours vers vous, et gémissant sous le poids de mes péchés, je me prosterne à vos pieds. O mère du Verbe incarné, ne méprisez pas mes prières, mais écoutez-les favorablement et daignez les exaucer.


[Once she's done, however, she doesn't stand up from the spot. ...She owes more than a simple prayer, doesn't she? So even if the Church is silent once more, she'll keep her eyes closed and stay bowed.]
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IV. Town ;; Late Night
[It's past midnight. It may be on a particularly tall tree. It may be on a lamppost. It may even be on the roof of your house. Wherever it is, upon closer inspection, the night sky isn't the only thing there. ...Actually, someone seems to be perched/sitting on top of that place without effort, while idly taking their time to stargaze.

Nothing too strange about that, right... Interrupt?]
03 March 2012 @ 10:31 pm
Vingt-Trois † once upon a time  

1125 Taylor Road )

II. Around town
Good Sunday afternoon, Mayfield. Amidst the kiddy chaos, you have one blue-haired girl running around in a peasant girl dress with a blanket draped over her shoulders instead of wearing an actual coat. She doesn't seem to be bothered by the cold though, while she paces through street after street as if looking for something. She's a bit rushed, but above that, she looks set and determined. She also stops sometimes to frown and bring a hand to her temple for a moment, as if trying hard to recall something or another. ...Ask what she's looking for? Or maybe, more "importantly"... Haven't you seen this face around town before? Same build, same hair and eye color, same physical age too actually (yet somehow this 'incarnation' seems much younger?) but with long hair tied into a ponytail and not wearing glasses.

...The village girl look is definitely new, too, and she's far from the Cosplay Cafe. HMM...

III. Church
...Or rather, in front of it. She stops the moment she takes one step into the grounds surrounding the Church of Salvation, blinking in surprise at the... light nudge of familiarity? She felt something too, the barrier that she herself has set up but no longer remembers at the moment.


She's pretty sure she doesn't come here very often. The pastor back home was nice, but apart from attending Mass every Sunday morning she never really visited the Church throughout her whole life childhood that often. So why is this place giving her strange feelings? Not necessarily bad, but they're definitely mixed.

So she'll just stand there and stare, as if lost or out of it for a good long while. In the vicinity? If so, bother?]
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11 February 2012 @ 08:39 pm
Vingt-Deux † passage of days  
[Now that Mayfield's calmed its pants and everything seems to have more or less gone back to order, Ciel will be all over town multitasking as per usual. Throughout this week and the next, you may find her doing the following:

I ; 1125 Taylor Road - Kitchen
Ciel is shuffling through some typical magazines to kill time while sitting in front of the oven that's visibly on and baking something. Sure smells good, too. Cheesy, to be precise. What is she making? She's usually either busy with curry or typical western dishes to feed the family...

Oh, look, it's... pizza. This will be the first time any housemates see her doing this, but if one is to take a look through the glass, the crust is rising and coming along nicely. This doesn't look like the work of a beginner, it can't be her first time making it. But hm... why now?

II ; Mayfield High (Backdated to Friday class time)
So it's French class with that one teacher who tends to go off-topic half the time, if she's not slacking off by giving students group exercises to do so she doesn't have to teach the other half the time. Except because Valentine's Day is coming soon, there's a basket of heart-shaped gingerbread cookies up the front.

You may take one AFTER class. UNTIL THEN, HOWEVER. Did you know that Saint Valentine was a Christian martyr? No? Yes? You don't care? Well you're getting a crash course anyway!]

Christian Martyrs 101 )

[III ; Around town
a. Grocery Store → 1125 Taylor Road
Don't mind her looking quite pleased with herself and carrying enough stuff to feed a family of 10.

...Okay that's not humanly reasonable but she's carrying like thrice the capacity that a woman of her build should by all means be actually capable of handling!! With enough idleness to spare and stop to say hi to you if she catches you staring, whether you know her or not. You could always stand to be cheerful here, y'know? :D/

b. Kramden Road/Albright Lane
She's just loitering. Passing by. Inconspicuously. Here and there. No there is nothing stalkerish about this and you're rude for thinking it. She's just checking! Once in a while.

IV ; Jonathon's Tools
Dressed in typical housewife garments, she's by the hardware store with a sniper rifle and two revolvers on the counter, smiling nicely while she chats up the drone clerk.]

Power and abilities exist to be abused. )

[A few moments later, the transaction is done, and humming cheerfully to herself, Ciel lightly steps out of the store with a rather big paper bag in hand.

V ; Rec Center Shooting Range
Like the rest of Mayfield, even if she wasn't picked for the surgeries, Ciel waded through her fair share of BS for the last 2 weeks or so. Being Active Aggressive around Merem since his return didn't make her feel any better either, so time to blow some steam off elsewhere through some other means!

Hence there she will be in the later evening, a time when there shouldn't be much people out loitering around a place like this. Though the standard target practices are still far too easy, especially with the rifle that she again took the liberties to modify once she took her hauled goods home. Might as well try to go for a new record time... This is also taking in account of her reloading speed, yes. She's oiled the chambers for swift reload, the mastery in every movement is apparent.

She'll kill at least an hour or so before deciding that it's enough.

VI ; Church
a. Outside ; Evening. It's dark out and you can catch her shoveling the snow by the entrance. It doesn't matter if there isn't much, she's doing it anyway. She's in her habits with a single blanket draped over her shoulders. Each breath she takes does produce a rather large white puffy cloud, made especially visible due to the evening darkness, but she doesn't seem to mind the cold in the least.

b. Inside. if someone's to drop by after the front entrance has been thoroughly and meticulously cleaned. There's a few candles lit in the front, but the lighting is general dim otherwise. Still, Ciel seems to be hunched over something with a lot of attention, she's seated behind the altar and scrutinizing whatever that's in front of her with great care... There is a book there, but on closer look...


Wait, is she sleeping?

c. On the roof ; Midnight. She's...

Perched on the cross. Really. Without difficulty and gazing far into the distance. She likes tall places, okay. Don't judge, there's nothing weird about a nun sitting on top of a cross in the dead middle of the night during winter. Nothing. On the other hand, isn't it a bit late for you to be out, too? 8T]
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