07 June 2012 @ 05:36 pm
Hacking 004  
Action | Outside 918 Bilko Boulevard.

[April had wanted to hide in her room for a while, after what had happened last week. She had acted so cold and that fight with Greed... But, hiding wouldn't solve anything, and hey, she got an envelope in the mailbox. She isn't too happy when she opens the envelope though, as she immediately doubles over from pain and collapses onto her knees.]

Agh... D-dammit...

[There doesn't seem to be any open wounds on her, but the scars that have made an appearance on her arms might be an indication of what's wrong.]


[Sometimes later, April makes a phone call. She still sounds in pain, but not as bad as earlier.] Does... does anyone know any first-aid stuff for treating old wounds? I've gotten some back, and they're hurting like hell...

... And, um, for anyone who saw me last week, I-I'm sorry about how I a-acted...
14 May 2012 @ 12:30 am
Hacking 003  
Action | John Doe Park

[April had been keeping quiet and to herself lately, but today made it so that she didn't want to be anywhere near the drones. Having found out what day it is, she isn't in a good mood and is tempted to spend today sulking in the park. But then she remembers something she was gonna do to cheer herself up, and today she really needs something to lift her mood.

And this is why April will be seen in the park, playing fetch with her new puppy, though she still looks a bit grumpy. Of course, with how hyperactive the puppy is, he may end up crashing into anyone who is around the park, or April might accidentally hit someone with the ball she's throwing. She'll make sure to apologize though!]
29 March 2012 @ 02:02 am
Hacking 002  
Action | Mayfield High

[Well, April had gotten call telling her that she needed to get into work, or she would be fired. As an algebra teacher at the high school. Considering how April has never set foot into a high school before, or any sort of school in general, this was going to be interesting.

So, if you have an algebra class today, you'll see that your teacher is a small, red-headed woman who is probably dressed a bit too casually and looks a bit nervous about this.]

Um, hey guys! I'm April, and I'm apparently your new algebra teacher. And I've never been to a high school before, or any kinda of school really, so I don't really have much idea of what I'm meant to be doing. [And cue a sheepish laugh as she thinks for a few moments. At least she's honest.]

... Hmm... Ah, I know! For this lesson, maybe you guys could tell me about the worlds you're from, such as what it's like and what kind of things you do? It'll probably be more interesting than me trying to teach algebra, at least. [Plus, April is just nosy curious.

And for fellow teachers, they can find their new co-worker sitting at a table in the teacher's lounge. It looks as though she's reading something, though a closer look will reveal that she's just using the book to hide the fact she's taking a nap. Feel free to prod her awake/yell at her/ etc.]
04 March 2012 @ 07:39 pm
27th Fix [Joint Post/Player Event]  
[Tonight was supposed to be a date night for Quinn and April, but it seems to have gotten a bit out of hand thanks to some chocolate. Now the two are out on the town, causing trouble like so many seem to be tonight!]

[Action A: Hope you don't like your car, because Quinn can use his technomancy to speak with it, turn it on and take off! He and April will be taking vehicles from all over town, new and old. You might find the two of them outside in your driveway or in your garage, making friends with your vehicle and getting ready to take off. Once they do, they'll be careening all over town, laughing it up, radio blasting and driving dangerously!]

[Action B: Cars discarded, the two have now stolen a whole bunch of eggs from their houses and the grocery store and are hitting everything and everyone in sight. Cars, houses, you - they'll jog off laughing if you try to stop them.]

[Action C: At this point, they've had enough drinks that you'll find them wandering all down Brady Lane together, stumbling drunkenly and singing at the top of their lungs. They've also got toilet paper on them, throwing them through the trees and building up an elaborate spider's web of paper all over the street. They sound like they're having a good time, too.]

[[OOC - post order will be you > April > Quinn!]]

12 February 2012 @ 04:03 am
Hacking 001  
[When April wakes up in the bed, she feels a horrible sense of dread. Which only gets worse when she makes her way to a window and looks at the houses along the street.

Dammit dammit dammit, she left! She went home for years, this wasn't fair! And when she notices the lack of her powers, she feels her frustration grow even more.

April is not happy to be back in Mayfield again.]

Action | 918 Bilko Boulevard (Locked to housemates) 

[Morning, guys! The new member of the household can be found down in the kitchen, glaring at a calender, and leaning heavily on her walking stick. There's also the faint sound of her grumbling.]

Goddammit, I hate this place so much...


So, according to the calender, I've been gone for abooouuuut 3 months, though it's been 3 years for me... Ugh, this is weird, and I'm in a different house too. And this place was 'nice' enough to let me keep my memories, but I don't have any of my powers or stuff anymore... [Silence for a moment, and when she speaks again, her voice sounds hesitant.]

… Nina? Jolt? Quinn? Anyone I knew before still here? [She misses her friends okok.]