06 April 2012 @ 06:11 pm
First Treasure.  
[ Action: 1669 Nelson Street. Morning. ]

[ It was a normal morning in Mayfield, not that the two young people who are just about to wake up know anything about that. It starts slowly. A yawn, and then a stretch by the long-haired man in the bed. He then blinks a little bit after his eyes open, before sitting up abruptly. ]

Where am I?

[ On the other side of the bed was a shoulder length haired woman curled up as if nothing was wrong. However, when the male wakes up, so does she and with a yawn and a stretch herself, she wipes the sleep from her eyes and looks around to find... ]

What the....?!

[ The man turns to the woman, looking confused. ]

L-Luka? Where are we? Where's the Galleon?

[ Luka's similarly confused herself, trying to figure out what happened last. ]

I...have no idea. What's the last thing you remember?

[ Joe thinks. ]

Being captured by Basco. That's my last memory.

All right, that's the same for me.

Come on, lets find out where the hell we are.

Yeah. We've got no time to waste.

[And with that, the two went to explore their house.]

[ Phone call! Not filtered to anyone, but be warned, you can get either Joe, Luka, or both. Just specify! ]

[ The sounds of struggling for the phone can be heard before these words. ]

Oi, Mayfield. How did we...

[ There is the sound of another struggle. ]

Just to let you know, we don't take kindly to being held captive again, Basco - that is if this is your doing!

[ There is another slight struggle. ]
Luka! Give that back!
What she was saying is true, though. We don't like being held captive, and will do anything in our power to escape and find the way back home to our crew.

[ Another small struggle commences ]

That's a penalty, by the way, Joe.
But, yes - we'd like to handle this cleanly, but if we've gotta resort to other measures...

[ There is a slightly frightened gulp. ]
If we have to resort to other methods...then we will. That's what being a pirate is all about.

Mmhmm! So, you better play nicely. Got it?

[ Action: (Joe Gibken). Around Mayfield. ]

[ Joe Gibken could be found wandering around the small town, looking slightly confused. He looks...out of place, with his long hair and his properly fitting, if...well, wrong clothes. He just doesn't look the type to take to 1950s fashion. ]

[ Action: (Luka Millfy). Around Mayfield. ]

[ Dresses? Were totally not her thing. But, since she doesn't have her normal clothing, it'll have to do. She's observing what she can, making sure to keep her eyes peeled for anything or anyone that might be familiar. That, and she doesn't know if the Zangyack are around here, so she has her guard up. If she thinks that you know something about this place, she'll approach you with the question of: "Can you tell me more about this place?" If not, then she can be approached. ]

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