31 August 2012 @ 11:07 pm
[Action A - 335 Brady Lane]

[In the morning Satou and Byakuren might notice Accelerator being...a lot less grumpy than usual. He's even being more polite, in an odd way--he's not really talking if he can help it, but he's also not complaining about anything. He eats his breakfast silently, seeming to to be staring off into space.]

[Action B - All around Mayfield]

[In the afternoon, Accelerator can be found roaming the streets of Mayfield(and eventually, stopping in the park to sit down for a bit) with a small drone girl in tow. She still lives in his house as his "little sister," so it was hardly difficult to convince her to do so. As concerned as he seems to be with keeping her near, he mostly ignores her constantly trying to get his attention with typical drone chatter.]


Why the fuck does anyone ever bother to remember dates for anniversaries and shit? Just seems like a pain in the fucking ass to me. 
12 June 2012 @ 10:40 pm
[Action - 335 Brady Lane]

[Now that it's summer, that means that Accelerator has absolutely no obligation to be anywhere. As such, he's taken up residence on the couch and doesn't intend to leave.

...Good luck with that, housemates.]


Can't believe I've wasted an entire fucking year in this shitty town. The bastards running this hell can't even come up with creative ways to make our lives miserable anymore, because I've seen the zombie shit twice now.

Hmpth. And at this point, I'm the last Esper here, too. Is it common to be the only person from your world here? I wouldn't know, I don't pay any fucking attention.