24 October 2012 @ 06:47 pm
Episode VI: The Memories are a Lie  
{A: Action - Open to all}
-- location: Anywhere on the route from 1765 Beaver Street to 7132 Brooks Lane
-- time: Mid-late morning

[The first thing Luke thinks when he wakes up is that something is very wrong. It takes him a few minutes but despite not realizing that it's still giving him power, the Force is with him, strengthening his will and setting him on alert. By the time he's even out the door that morning he's well aware that everything he thinks he knows is false. Every memory is made up and every fact is a lie.

However, he's pretty sure about one thing: he can trust Kaylee. His false memories tell him that they've been having an affair for months behind the backs of their spouses, but Luke suspects that their relationship isn't of that nature at all.

He walks the familiar route to Kaylee's place, far too distracted by his rushing thoughts to be worried about what the neighbors are thinking. Anyone with drone-like memories that fancies gossip might be well aware of the adulterous goings on and might also be able to figure out where Luke is headed. As it is, many of the real drones are giving him dirty looks out their kitchen windows and from their front yards as they mow the lawn or wash their cars.

Luke leans up against the fence on the corner just down the street from Kaylee's house where he said he'd meet her. Despite knowing his memories are false, he's still not stupid enough to actually go right up and ring the doorbell.]
05 October 2012 @ 06:41 pm
◇ xii.  
[ACTION; 1761 Beaver Street]

[Marian Hawke doesn't always check the mail, but when she does, it's a regain.

But when she opens up the mailbox on this fine Friday afternoon, it isn't a weapon or some armor or even a stale mabari crunch that she discovers. It's... pieces of parchment. Lots and lots and lots of parchment. They actually start falling out of the mailbox the moment she opens it up. For a short moment, she looks confused by this sudden abundance of paper, until she catches one and skims over the words written on it.]

"Andraste suffered at the hands of magisters; thus, she feared the influence of magic..."

[YEP. It's a bunch of Anders's old manifestos.]

Oh, for Andraste's sake... I wasn't really looking to fill this house with these as well, but thank you for the little piece of home, Mayfield.

[Sighing, she kneels down and starts gathering the fallen manifestos, but the wind has scattered them all over the front yard and sidewalk by now. The dog eventually comes over to help, though he's more interested in rolling around in them than cleaning up, of course.

Approach/help/steal one? She won't miss it.]

[PHONE; filtered to Anders]

[As usual, her voice is light and playful.]

Found something of yours! Some things, actually, and I am officially holding them hostage. You ought to come over and pay the ransom, if you ever want to see them again.
21 September 2012 @ 01:03 pm
➶ just another day nothing in my way  

[ This morning, one can find one half of Mayfield's resident Grey Wardens at the hardware store, picking up a few things.

It takes him a while to really figure out how the store is laid out, and the rather more modern incarnations of things he needs, but the basics are the same. At least he's not out for anything too complex.

He's gathered a few planks of wood, some nails, a bucket of paint, a hammer and a saw. Clearly the Howe has project in mind, though the drone at the counter seems to really want to engage him in conversation about it. Rescue him? ]


[ After some work in the garage, Nathaniel emerges with his new creation- a target, which he nails to the tree in the front yard. He disappears briefly into the garage and reemerges with his recently regained bow and arrows, taking up position on the opposite side of the yard.

Time for some target practice! He hasn't been without his weapon of choice for too long, but long enough that he was really starting to miss it. It feels good to be shooting again. ]
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20 August 2012 @ 02:40 pm
◇ xi.  
[ACTION A; 1761 Beaver Street]

[Of course, the dog is the first to notice that something is amiss. The radio, having turned itself on at full volume, rouses the poor beast from his slumber, and the mabari hops off the bed to growl and bark at the offending device. Sadly used to such wakeup calls, Hawke sits up, rubbing her eyes and frowning.]

Maker's breath, boy, there's no need for--


And as she pushes herself to her feet, Hawke falls through the bed, passes through the floor, and lands neatly in the living room. On the couch. Where her not!husband is sleeping. Or, well, where he was sleeping. Oops.]

[ACTION B; wherever]

[Falling through the floor was one thing, but the creepier-than-usual drones are something else entirely. When Merida's drone starts walking backwards and continually asking for the time, Hawke decides it's time to get the hell out of the house and walk the dog.

So, together with Cupcake, she walks through the front door - literally - and sets about exploring the town. She doubts she'll find anything interesting, so she amuses herself by watching the dog phase through trees and fences before peeing on them. Maybe he's doing his business in your front yard!]
13 August 2012 @ 12:10 am
13 - A Little Bit Louder, A Little Bit Worse  
[Morning - 1762 Beaver Street]

[The morning was already off to a bad start when Doofenshmirtz realized that his grind guard was missing. Again. Just like that time he got taken to...

Wait. Mayfield. He remembered, now. He'd spent a few months in a horrible 50s town, hadn't he? With zombies and cannibals and zombie cannibals and B-movie monsters and horrifying vampire ladies and milk. Was he there again? Opening one eye and peering out at the world confirmed it. Yup. Not his bedroom. Not his tower. Not his bed, and not...]


[Not a real person in the bed with him! Now suddenly very awake, he flings himself out of bed and out of the bedroom and down the hall and down the stairs...]

...okay. Okay, yes, plenty of distance, that's quite enough... ooof.

[Well. Here he was. Somewhere horrible, in someone else's pajamas, and hungry. That last part, he was sure he could fix. Best to start small and let the rest come together after that. First he'd make some breakfast, then he'd get all of the other fiddly details like location sorted out.

Housemates, feel free to catch him in the kitchen making pancakes and bacon, or at any point before that.]


So. I, Doctor Heinz Doofenshmirtz, have been brought back to this terrible place! Apparently they weren't done with me? Ha! I am not done with them! They were kind enough to let me keep some of my things! Kind enough and foolish enough! There will be no delaying or being lazy this time, no no... this town will be feeling my wrath immediately! Ahahahahah!

...oh. Barton? Toni? Gohan? That platypus at my old house? Are any of you still around?
05 August 2012 @ 10:49 pm
➶ so when the sun is coming up and you go  

[ Nathaniel finds himself awoken by the sun poking in through the window. ) ]


[ A hesitant pause. He's still not sure about this thing, even after a tutorial. ] Apparently I should try this... thing out.

This is the fastest way to get in touch with the town at large, correct? At least, that's what I've been told. [ if Hawke is just messing with him, they're going to have words later. ]

I guess this is the part where I ask questions about our situation, but I've been mostly informed, I think. Unless someone can point me towards where I might lay my hands on a bow and some arrows?
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26 July 2012 @ 04:56 am
:: 01  
[Action: 1763 Beaver Street]

[It wasn't often that Claire found herself waking up in an unfamiliar place. It seemed that lately in her life, waking up under such circumstances meant immediate danger, and she decided to react to it accordingly.

She jumped out of the bed--practically fell out, really--and put her back up against the wall. Whose clothes were these, anyway? She would never have worn these awful yellow pajamas. She scanned the utterly unassuming room once over before she finally noticed someone else shared the room with her. It was some man she had never seen in her life, she was sure. He had been sharing the bed with her and was still asleep.]


[In full panic mode now, Claire had little interest in staying in the room any longer. Not even stopping to examine closely the house she had found herself in, she began a search for the exit. She stopped once to grab a plain black umbrella in the hall and wielded it like a club as she made her way out the front door.

She stopped at the front step, holding up one hand to block the incoming sun. Claire found herself gawking at the suburban environment that surrounded her]

Just what the hell is going on around here?


[There's a bit of a sigh on Claire's end. She's really trying not to sound too frustrated] I really have no idea what's going on. Well, I do, but- [A pause]

... Okay. I'm trying not to freak out. I'm accomplishing that so far, I think.

[She clears her throat] Anyway.

My name is Claire Redfield. If that name sounds familiar to anybody, then please, please, can you try to reach me? I'm trying to look for some people and it's possible they ended up here as well. Or at least, I hope so. [She's about to add 'or maybe not', because really, did she want them to be kidnapped as well? Especially in some place as nonsensical as this? She decides to just put the phone down, fearing that anything else she had to say would just sound strained]
18 July 2012 @ 08:27 am
Target 001 ☪  
i. morning | 1762 beaver street | housemates

[ With a quick yelp, the redhead sat up on her bed as she clutched onto the unfamiliar pajamas that she wore while trying to catch her breath. It was that dream again. She already talked about it with Mion so she shouldn't be fazed by it... at least that's what she thought. Rena shook her head to try and rid the fear that lingered from the dream. ]

It was just a dream Rena. There is no way you killed... that woman in your special place. Mii-chan said to talk to dad about it and that's what I will do and then a quick treasure hunt.

[  She closed her eyes and took deep breathes. ]

Alright Rena, what is that magic word again?


[ The girl opens her eyes and then finally noticed that she was not in her house in Hinamizawa. Just where was she? She got out of the bed and glanced around in 'her' room. However she walks closer to a corner where laid various photos of her and... Rika? ]

E-eeh? Why is Rena... in these photos? I don't recognize these people... wait is that Rika-chan? Just where am I?

ii. afternoon | around town

[ Rena will be walking around as to explore this new place. If she was going to stay there for a while... why not? She'll glance at the many citizens with interest, at least until she settles upon the unfortunate bystander that just triggers her 'take home mode' and jump them. ]

Hauu~ Rena will take you home!

iii. evening | phone

Um, does anybody know where to find stores with cute things? Rena would love to start up a collection here! Anything is fine! Like um chairs, statues, dolls... Any other information about this place is also great to know.

---oh! And if my friends: Keiichi, Mion, Satoko, and Shion are here, I'd like them to know that I'm living with Rika-chan at 1762 beaver street.
11 July 2012 @ 10:32 pm
◇ x; she's baaaack  
[ACTION A; 1761 Beaver Street; morning]

[Hawke did not escape the carnival very easily - if you can even call falling out of the sky and breaking your neck three days in "escaping." And even though she didn't suffer through five entire days of alternate Mayfield, when she wakes up in the morning, she's as tired, thirsty, and hungry as she was before she died.

So, the first thing she does - after being enthusiastically greeted by her mabari, that is - is wander downstairs, shoo the drones away, and put on a pot of coffee. It doesn't help fight off the sleepiness, though, so she shuffles upstairs, climbs back into bed, closes her eyes...

And screams.]

[PHONE; open]

Well, that was... fun. [Yaaaaaaaawn. Boy she sure sounds tired.] I think I lost a few days after I went to visit the neighbors, however. Anyone mind telling me what happened after - what was it, our third day there? I certainly hope I didn't miss anything interesting.

Nice of them to leave me a welcome back gift, too. Finally, something interesting to re-- [Hawke cuts herself off after taking a book off the shelf and inspecting the cover.] Hard in Hightown, really? It won't put me to sleep, at least.

[As she goes to hang up the phone, you might hear her mutter to herself:] Maker, I need a drink.

[ACTION B; Olney's Tavern; evening]

[After trying nearly all day to get some sleep and failing miserably, Hawke decides to get her mind off her post-revival the best way she knows how: drinking.

She swings by the tavern in the evening, ignores any drones that may be present, and takes a seat. It's no Hanged Man, but she can't be sure if that's a good or bad thing. The smell of piss seems to be absent, at least, which is always a good sign.

Her dog is sitting on the floor beside her stool, because, well, he follows her everywhere. Cupcake seems to be behaving himself, though.]
19 June 2012 @ 02:31 pm
Episode 3: King for Today  
[A. Action // 1766 Beaver Street // Backdated to Father's Day]

[It's Father's Day! Despite her own lack of knowledge of the holiday, Flonne seems to have put a lovely spin on it. Starting with a healthy or at least edible breakfast, put together with a little help from her drone mother. She even threw in a stack of pancakes for her drone brother.

It's strange. Yesterday, she was only thinking about how to use the day to thank Almaz for all his help, and now that's it's finally here -- Flonne is steaming ahead at full speed!

There is a knock coming from the other side of the door of the master bedroom, from the corner of a short wooden breakfast table being carried by Flonne. It has been stacked with a set of silverware, a plate with pancakes, eggs and bacon, orange juice and a side of toast. A bouquet of flowers has been tucked under her right arm, and a chocolate bar is balancing precariously on her head.

Good morning, Mr. Almaz! ♥ I brought you some breakfast!

[B. Action // All Day, Around Town]

[But Almaz isn't the only one who lucks out today! In fact, all the men in her life that she has had the pleasure of being acquainted with will either receive a personalized greeting card or a fist full of hand-picked flowers fresh from her own home garden.

On her way to stuff the goodies in mailboxes or deliver them personally, you might see her walking down the street with a bounce in her step.

[C. Phone Call to Cain Knightlord ([personal profile] kinship) // Hackable]

Hello? Mr. Knightlord? [Because old habits die hard.] It's Flonne. I hope that you are well.

Anyway, I wanted to apologize. It seems that I wasn't able to be of any help to Charles. He didn't seem to take my proposition as a babysitter very well.
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09 June 2012 @ 08:20 pm
❀ 1  
[ John doe park – afternoon ]

[ It's Saturday and whats the best thing to do? Hang out at the park since it's nice out.Kasen was sitting on a bench looking up at a nearby tree. There was a family of birds on one of the very top branches, one of the baby birds was having a hard time staying inside the nest given how crowded it was. ]

You can come down here, I'll help you out and find you a nice open branch to sit on.

[ Kasen's voice was very soft and gentle almost as if she was talking to a young child, and after she had said that the bird tried to fly down on to her outstretched arm. ]

There there, now let's go find someplace where you'll be comfortable.

[ Phone / 1764 Beaver Street – evening ]

It seems like I've been plucked from my normal far away from society life style. I haven't even told anyone about Saouchi and Kume and no one is going to be there to feed them. [ there's a small sigh ]

Reimu, Marisa if one of you happens to be around I would like to have a little chat.
15 May 2012 @ 10:55 pm
Episode 2: Word to Your Mother  
[A. Action // 1766 Beaver Street // Backdated to Mother's Day]

[Flonne comes bursting in through the front door, with a bouquet of flowers wrapped up together with a pink ribbon in her arms. Her hands were full, and so she actually forced the door open with the heel of her right foot. Whoops.]

Ms. Seras! Are you home?

[She steps inside of the house, looking quite pleased with herself. -- After waiting a minute or two for the person in question to answer, Flonne heads into the kitchen to fetch a vase for the flowers. It'll be better to surprise her if she isn't home right now.]

There is still a lot that I'm trying to understand about this town, but at least I can try to follow the local customs in the meantime.

[The tap flows with water pouring into the vase.] She might not be my real mother, but... It's the least I can do for her allowing me to stay in her home.

I hope that she likes them.

[She puts the flowers into the vase, water and all, and then sets it down on the kitchen with a little card that says: "Happy Mother's Day! ♥"]

[B. Phone]

Hello? ... [Ahem.] My name is Flonne, and I am offering my services as a babysitter. Payment is negotiable, and my schedule is very flexible!

I love being around children, and people have told me that I'm very good with them. Um... So, if you're interested in hiring me, then please feel free to contact me at this number or write to me at 1766 Beaver Street.

Thank you!
13 May 2012 @ 02:36 pm
Most Wonderful Time of the Year ☆  
[ It's that time of the year again! Rika woke up excited, ready to spend her day getting stuff done at the expense of boys. She loves Mother's Day! ]

[ Phone ☆ ]
mi~i! Good afternoon, everyone! I am sorry to bother you, but I am going to be selling lemonade today! I would very much appreciate it if you would come by 1762 Beaver Street and buy some lemonade from me! I hope to earn some money to establish a Games Club in Mayfield, so please do not hesitate to buy lots and lots of lemonade!

[ Action ☆ Grocery Store ]
[ Rika was sad to see her family full of drones, but at least the drone dad is good for something. She has a lot of money and can be seen wandering around the grocery store in search of lemonade mix and plastic cups. If you're a boy and you're spotted, Rika will look over at you with a pitiful expression. ]
Mi-... I wonder if I will be able to carry all of this... I wish someone would help me. [ That' your cue. ]

[ Action ☆ Outside 1762 Beaver Street ]
[ And as she said in the phone call, Rika sets up a lemonade stand by the lawn. She's got plenty of lemonade to offer and will wave cheerily to anyone who passe by. Particularly those of the male variety. ]
Good day to you, sir! Please come buy some lemonade! [ The prices are even reasonable! But that's because Rika expects a good turn out. ]

02 May 2012 @ 10:21 pm
Level 18  
[Action A: Around 1766 Beaver Street]

[There is new purpose in Almaz' movements today, in his determination, in his goals and actions! It's hard to say what has come over him, either way he's in his yard training. Training how you ask? With a broom handle and a badly constructed scarecrow.... Seems he has a new fire to try and be a proper hero.]

[Action B: Outside the comic book store]

[Almaz has a bag full of new comics and is sitting on the sidewalk outside the store with his SSP. Seems he's playing some kind of RPG]

Ha! Take that! Two more boss fights and the last crystal particle and I'll get the true ending! And back when this came out people were complaining you couldn't get a good ending for under 300 hours. I'll do it in 150!


So... I was sort of wondering, well I was wondering a few things. First, what does it mean to be a hero? Uh... in your opinion that is. There's a lot of ways to interpret a hero, isn't there? But then if you want to be the savior and true hero hero there isn't that many ways. I guess defining what a hero is is important then.....

Oh! I was also wondering how many people here have video games. Maybe those of us who do could do some kind of swap thing? Because though I have a lot of games And a lot of them unfinished.... it's not like you can just go pre order the next new release....
24 April 2012 @ 11:14 am
Episode 1: From One Hell to Another  
[A. Action // 1766 Beaver Street]

[It's a pleasant spring morning in Mayfield. The sun is shining, birds are singing, and Flonne is slowly waking up in a daze. Dressed in a set of girls pajamas with a floral print, she brings her arms up in a stretch and yawns.]

Aaah... Good morning, every--

[She blinks, and then takes in her surroundings slowly with her eyes now opened. Her bedroom is simply decorated, with pictures and a dress hanging up that she doesn't remember owning. Her Prism Ranger and Effort Ninja Gorrilian memorabilia is strangely -absent-, causing her to break out in small panic, second to the fact that this clearly isn't the Overlord's Castle anymore.]

Wh-... What is going on? Where am I?!

[B. Action // Morning, Around Town]

[After exploring the house, Flonne cautiously made her way outside with a "Nin nin nin..." here in a whisper and "Woosh!" there. It earned her a few strange looks from her new little drone brother, who was waiting for the school bus to pick him up and take him to Mayfield Elementary.

She got a few teasing remarks from him earlier this morning for sleeping in and not being ready in time for breakfast. Strange... she didn't even remember attending high school in the first place. She laughed it off and said that she would try walking there, thinking that it would help "wake her up."

It was a good enough excuse as any, and would give her time to look around the town until she could find her way around this strange new place. A Fallen Angel dressed in a grey jumper with a pink blouse, and matching dress shoes
13 April 2012 @ 05:13 pm
11th--[Action] ...not-so tiny today! [Event]  

[Outside 1766 Beaver Street]

["Seras" has gotten up rather late today. Partially because someone else usually swings by to pick her up for school earlier in the day, and mostly because "Seras" wasn't Seras at all. She was Flandre, and had centuries of the sleeping habits of being a nocturnal creature.

After wandering around the house, staring at herself in the mirror and then pointedly avoiding all reflective surfaces and wondering why everything was so small, she has gone outside to the lawn and...flops over onto her back in the grass.

...I forgot what it's like without any wings at all.

[She has a rather un-Seras-like French accent.]

This is annoying.

[And just like all those years and years had wound back and she was human again. The world seemed quieter, the clouds less distinct--and when she held her hand up, there were no claws on her fingers like there should have been.

Noticeably absent is the collective panic attack much of Mayfield seems to be suffering lately. But, after all--Flandre believed this all was just one long, strange dream. What was one more odd thing to dream about?
13 April 2012 @ 01:28 pm
SEVENTH ; Hawkeward indeed.  

[ When he wakes up in the morning, what first strikes Warren as odd is not the room. This is Mayfield, everything looks the same. It's not the bed. It is, in fact, the rather large dog standing at the edge of the bed. Growling at him.

Now, he doesn't own a dog. He never has, and he's fairly certain no one else in the house does either. Why it's here he doesn't know, but he does know he wants it to go away. He reaches for the gun he keeps on the nightstand, only to realize that first, the gun is gone; and second, that's not his arm. ]

What. The. Fuck.

[ There may not be a gun on the nightstand, but there is a perfectly good set of daggers. He'll grab those and start exploring the house- the dog doesn't seem to want to hurt him, but it doesn't like him either. He's content to ignore it for now. Get ready for the yelling once he finds a mirror. ]


[ Warren likely had himself a good little freakout, but afterwards he started listening. He wasn't the only one to wake up in an unfamiliar body, awkward though it was.

So one will hear the voice of one Marian Hawke over the phones at some point during the day. Sounding rather calm, all things considered. ]

It looks like we have an epidemic on our hands. Does anyone know the cause yet? Or for that matter, a cure?

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13 April 2012 @ 02:37 pm
19th Star  
[Action for 1763 Beaver Street]

[Lyon wakes up just before the break of dawn, as has been her custom for as long as she can remember.  She's a pretty swift riser, so it doesn't take her long to realize that there's something wrong here.  This isn't her room, it's not her bed, and this is certainly not her body.  Unfortunately, while she's pretty quick on the uptake, she's not thinking as clearly or calmly as she might, and falls out of the bed with a loud thud and a yell as she's still reeling from the shock.]

W-what happened?  What's going on?  Why am I in someone else's body?

[Gremio, if you're around, someone who looks like your Tenkai Star is currently sitting on the floor of Tir's room blushing fiercely and looking worried as all heck.]

[Action; Mayfield High]

[Lyon, in the body of one Tir McDohl, is currently standing in the hallway in front of the boys' and girls' restrooms, locked in a very deep and troubling quandry.  She's glancing between the two doors while squeezing her legs together and shifting her weight uncomfortably from side to side.]

Uggghhh... how long is this going to last?

[Action; around town and 747 Partridge Drive]

[School's over, and Lyon still hasn't solved her bodyswap problem.  This is getting really worrisome.  She spends most of the rest of the evening wandering aimlessly through the streets of Mayfield, glancing around every which way and hoping her own body will show up.  Hopefully whoever ended up inside it is someone she can trust.

Eventually she'll end up at 747 Partridge Drive, figuring that the best place to look for herself is in the house she was assigned to in the first place.  Miakis would never let her hear the end of this, but finding out what's going on is more important than that.  Plus, she'd find something else to tease her about eventually anyway.]

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13 April 2012 @ 11:58 am
Plan Two: Suddenly your brother  
[Replies will come from [personal profile] thewrongtwin]

[Waking up and discovering that not only are you in the wrong body, the body in question happens to be your brothers....is more then a little awkward, embarrassing and she really hates this place.

So, off to find her body then. You can find him...her...him...

A. Looking around Luke's house.

B. "Luke" is walking around town, joining the many other people looking rather uncomfortable today.]