15 July 2012 @ 03:18 am
( ₀₁. )  
( Ⓐ — 624 topper street → closed to housemates. ) )

( Ⓑ — phone → open to everyone. )
Hey Mirai, Nico, Satomi! ( oops, what are filters and indoor voices? ) Are all of you okay!? Also, uh, I just got something back in the mail. You guys get anything?

( Ⓒ — streets → open to everyone. )
( now that kaoru has finally figured out the full extent of her first regain, other townsfolk can find her testing them out by... well, jumping from rooftop to rooftop! unfortunately for her (and possibly others) she hasn't quite gotten the hang of things again, or rather she isn't used to the fact that they are somewhat weaker than she is used to. this all ends in her jumping far to soon to make the next household rooftop and... well, a number of things could possibly happen!

the orange-haired magical girl could end up crashing into the bushes, the limbs of a tree, possibly a side window! which could lead just about anywhere, the living room, kitchen, bedroom even! either way, do excuse the girl now somewhere in the path of destruction she has created.

Definitely not as planned.