27 January 2012 @ 01:14 am
VIERTE - go forth; be conquered  
[Action - Morning of the 26th - 623 Topper

Today, Peebles had decided, would be a good day.

There was no particular reason for it, and certainly no evidence to support it; after all, there was that suspicious ruckus at the dairy... and, jeez, her besty hadn't spoken to her in, what? A month? Really, there was no reason why today should reach any higher than 'nominally acceptable'.

...but that was the point. Amidst all this crap, force of will could still conquer all! It would mean that the town hadn't beaten her down! That she was still free; free, one might say, as a bird.

And this bird you cannot change.

So, you know what? She's humming to herself; humming, as she smooshes her hair back into its proper shape in the bathroom mirror. She was going to really get into today's lessons; make sure her classes were interesting, and engaging! Just because the kids were stuck here, that didn't mean they didn't have the right to be taught some totally sweet science, right? Right!

And that sounded like a job for Princess Goddamn Bubblegum!!

Now, to brush her teeth, and bugger off to school; there was plenty of prep to do, before the lesson she had planned for today...


A few moments later, she screams.

It's not a scream of surprise, or joy, but of terror, and of pain beyond what the human body was meant to endure. She screams her throat raw, until she can taste blood; loud enough to be heard, not just anywhere in the house, but probably anywhere on the street.

Unless you enter the bathroom, she'll be unresponsive. The question is, are you a bad enough dude to check in on her?

[ooc: sheeeeeee's getting back her reaver-induced wounds from bombfield, which killed her at the time. she won't be dying from them this time around, but... there's also less nerve damage and shock to stand between her and the pain, so pardon her while she screams herself unconscious]