22 October 2012 @ 07:56 pm
Less Awkward Than His Canon Memories!  
[Action: Mayfield High]

[Science has, of course, always been Neville's favourite subject]

Hey, you got any ideas for the science fair yet?

[Action: 1486 Kramden]

[Neville is putting his bag in his room when he notices something odd on his desk. Gum wrappers? Why does he have these?]


[Action: 435 Peepers]

[He's been trying, he really has. But he just needs to see Rory.]

21 October 2012 @ 09:58 pm
[action, 1485 Kramden, post-dated to Monday]
[Early in the morning, before school begins, Yuki can be found in the kitchen of 1485 Kramden, humming softly to herself as she prepares breakfast for her beloved family. Absurdly shy, she trusts herself only around her family, and though she is aware at this point in her life that she must be adopted, she has never even questioned them as anything other than her family. She quietly bustles around the kitchen, preparing a healthy and nutritious breakfast consisting of eggs, toast, and fresh fruit.

Yuki adjusts her glasses as they begin to slip down her nose. She has, of course, always needed them to correct her vision.]

[action, school]
[At school, Yuki keeps to herself, much like she always has. She quietly listens during classes and sneaks a peek at the pages of her books when she thinks the teacher isn't paying attention - still, when called upon, her answers are almost always correct, if a bit inaudible. Or, at least, quite close. Between classes, she hugs her notebooks to her chest and keeps her eyes fixated on the floor. After classes, she waits until all the other students have filed out before following after meekly.

The sole exception to this behavior comes during lunchtime, when she allows her mind to wander. On her napkins, as she reads what clearly appears to be a romance from the cover, her hand subconsciously doodles...

'Yuki + Kyon'....

If she ever happens to spot the boy in question during the day, she will start violently and flee in the opposite direction.]

[A voice speaks out over the phone lines, soft, tentative, and confused.]

I... I-I'm so sorry to disturb you all, but... I... I have a question - for... for film enthusiasts. I haven't been keeping track of the pictures they've been showing lately - t-they're all wonderful, I'm sure, it's just that, I... I prefer reading, but, um, if it's not too much trouble... May I ask if... if there's been a science fiction film lately? ...I've been having... very strange ideas, you see, and I... oh, I can't remember attending, but I'm sure I must have seen them at the pictures.

((All responses will come from [personal profile] disappearance.))
21 October 2012 @ 06:10 pm
゜゚*❀*゚ ゜Backdated to a week before  
Phone. [Locked to Neville, early in the morning]

Longbottom? I think I need to talk to you. There is something I have to know.

Action. [Outside 1449 Mitchell Rd, Lily is casting lumos against the second floor bedroom window over and over again, until it's too obnoxious for the person inside to ignore it]

Action. [At 1485 Kramden Rd, Lily had successfully removed the drone parents for the afternoon, keeping them firmly outside the house with a shield charm as she rummages noisily in their bedroom and the livingroom.]

Action. [Outside Mayfield Elementary, Lily passes the time by kicking random pebbles into the wall, waiting for the eventual stream of school children to exit.]
20 September 2012 @ 06:59 am
5th frog-hat  
A: 1486 Kramden

[ Well, this was a bit weird. Right? Why would he get things that belonged to Bel-senpai in the mail?

Fran unbend a knife that he probably had bent before, and turn it over. ]

As always, it's such an unoriginal design..

B: On any bench in Mayfield.

[ He's sitting on a wall or a bench somewhere, humming a tune about Bloody Wonderlands and Magic to himself and there is metal gleaming between his fingers. Those knifes are not actually his, per see, but he did receive them, so basically, they are. But they're really Bel-senpai's knifes, and Fran is enjoying himself bending them together one end, the other end, to see how many times he can do it before they snap. Surprisingly, despite their slim design, they are surprisingly sturdy. Of course, this is Belphegor we're talking about – he probably think that princes deserve nothing better than the best quality. Not that Fran agrees, though. ]
18 September 2012 @ 11:50 pm
[Action: in front of 1486 Kramden]

[Neville is checking the post, not quite sure what will show up this time.

He opens the package and just stares.

Candy wrappers. Droobles gum.

The ones he saved from his mum.

All he can do is stare.]

[Action: Park]

[Neville is bound and determined to be as useful as he can. Things are getting worse. So he's practicing as many charms as he can think of.]

There has to be something else.
17 September 2012 @ 02:21 am
fourth waxing crescent ☾  
[action - 1485 Kramden]

[Remus, like many others in the past week or so, has received a package in the mail. It's the first time this has ever happened to him, so he's wide-eyed and apprehensive as he tears open the brown paper packaging and lifts the lid to find--


Nothing but a sudden, sinking feeling in his chest.

[phone - open]

So tell me. Has anyone ever received an empty package in the mail?
12 September 2012 @ 12:51 pm
Another turn of the Wheel, and we still are here  
[ 12 September, Morning, MacCready & Sons Law Office: ]

[ Ilsa has been very quiet at the office today. Going to Olivier's for early morning training to find her in puttering around the kitchen, wearing the Mayfield wardrobe was fairly depressing. She's being careful, but at the same time, managing to look terribly busy. ]

[ She will stop to give you her full attention if you speak to her, though. ]

[ Midday, Downtown: ]

[ She's taken a half-day off, it seems. You can find her at various stores downtown, running errands before going home. As usual, she gives a wide berth to the garage. ]

[ Afternoon, 1490 Kramden Road: ]

[ This is something that has become a regular thing for her, taking a half day to do as she pleases in the kitchen when the drones are out of the house. Today, that means baking, and it seems rather involved, with all the counter-space being used. ]

[ It's still early enough in the season that the windows are open, and the scents of chocolate, chilies, cinnamon and cooked sugar are coming from the house. ]

[ Evening, Phone, filtered from drones and the powers that be: ]

[ Ilsa is also not above putting a small geas, nothing binding, but a strong inclination to pick up the phone on the call, specifically aimed at Olivier's resistance team. ]

Hey, everyone - Ilsa Higa, here. Has anybody scheduled a Bingo Night in the next week? I think we could use it.
25 August 2012 @ 12:00 am
third half moon ☾  
[action - 1485 Kramden]

[Remus has been spending the better part of the day pushing his hand through the surface of the dining room table, and pulling it out again. It's not that he's any stranger to unusual things happening, but this is certainly new and exciting and just a little bit pants-shittingly terrifying. What's harder to ignore is the way Dronemum -- in a tone of obsessive distress -- asks him repeatedly what he's done with her refrigerator (she can't find it anywhere) as she crashes backwards into the countertops in the kitchen like some misplaced insect.

He can only block that out for so long, though.

[action - Makeout Point]

[Say what one would about the usual activities of this particular spot, it's certainly a nice quiet place to do a bit of thinking. The view doesn't hurt either. Borrowed book open in his lap, Remus is valiantly attempting and brilliantly failing to focus on something other than this utter strangeness. But he's read the same line over and over again without a hint of it sinking in, and this is becoming nearly as frustrating as trying to get anything done back at the house.]
12 August 2012 @ 06:13 pm
゜゚*❀*゚ ゜ Four  
.: Phone :.

I give up. Does anyone have a good or any recipe for treacle tart? I miss it something fierce, but it's not in any of the cook books I found in this town.

Or any help in actually cooking, for that matter.

.: Action at 1485 Kramden Rd :.

Nothing is on fire in the kitchen this time, but the place is a mess, with every bowl and container out on the counter. Lily's taken advantage of her drone mum being at a ladies club to claim the kitchen to herself, and it's not going well.

Magic's been of minimal help so far, and her attempt to bake cookies haven't gone too badly, evident by the appealing smell wafting through the window and outside. It's really everything else.

.: Action outside 1449 Mitchell Rd :.

With a fistful of smooth pebbles in hand, Lily is doing the time honored tradition of flinging one at a time at James's and Sirius's bedroom window. It's also fairly late at night, so she's trying to be quiet about it with varying levels of success.
31 July 2012 @ 06:28 pm
Backdated to July 30th because I fail and keeping track of the current date  
[Phone A, filtered from Lily, James, Remus and Sirius]

Has anyone else have people show up in Mayfield from... really far before them? All these people keep showing up that are about my parents' age, but here they're barely older than I am. I'm... really not sure what to do about it.

[Action: Around Mayfield]

[Neville really is just trying to go about his business, but it seems the drones just won't leave him be today.]

Happy birthday, Neville!

Uh... thanks?

[Person I don't actually know...]

[Action: In front of 1486 Kramden]

[And how is Neville spending his birthday? Tending his garden, of course.]

[Phone B]

So, uh... could someone explain to me why all the drones keep asking me if I'm going to get my license now?
30 July 2012 @ 08:42 pm
second waning gibbous ☾  
[action - 1485 Kramden]

[Honestly, those sword-fighting "lessons" with Crown had been far less "lessons" and much closer to "beating Remus' face in with a piece of wood." The day following had found him laying very, very still on the couch and rather wishing he were dead. Now, he's simply approaching everything quite gingerly.

Going about his daily life in excruciating pain. My, but this feels familiar. Perhaps he's simply a glutton for punishment.

Reasoning that perhaps it won't be quite so bad if he binds it, Remus has left the bathroom door cracked, and -- shirt abandoned on the floor -- is trying to work out the best method of wrapping ace bandage around all of the bruises on his badly-mottled torso. Most of his ribs and abdomen are an angry purple bruise at this point, but the shirts hide it well.

When he hears the front door, he pokes his head out of the bathroom.

Lily? Is that you?

[action - library; later]

[Torso properly bound, Remus feels far more confident in his ability to venture out into public. Granted, cycling to the library isn't exactly comfortable, but he contents himself with the knowledge that he'll be able to barricade himself in an armchair with a stack of books when he arrives.

And that is precisely what he does.
31 July 2012 @ 08:27 pm
Issue #13: Big blastered bozos go to the beach  

A lot of people have been calling for resistances and reforming super hero teams and all that, and while I've done that, I'm not really the team leader type. That and I'm on a team that's got both members. That being said, if anyone wants some basic "Don't get killed when things are horrible" lessons, I've got experience on that in spades and if you are all organizing, not getting killed sounds like a really good idea.

[Action 1] 1489 Kramden

((ooc: The bikini cannon that will be fired will not hurt anyone hit. It will just swap their clothes, which will be sent home or off camera or somewhere safe for retrieval later, with a string bikini of whatever color and design the player desires. That being said we have strict adherence to the comics code here! Or... Something like that. Also the cannon does not care if you are man or woman, it makes all suffer.))

[As Booster comes home he finds a box on the front steps labeled to him so he opens it and pulls out an odd looking rifle thing. Looking over it for a minute he shakes his head with a worried look and takes a breath. Sadly he sneezes at that time dropping the cannon which fires a shot down the street. This is the infamous bikini cannon, was your character hit, or did you just see it?]

[Action 2] The Streets of Mayfield

[It can be said that no wise man willingly seeks out Death. Booster Gold is no wise man. He also despite Ted being here, has been gifted with a unique way of taking out some of his frustrations that Ted stayed dead yet Bat family members can die every other Thursday and come back. Hell, some of them have frequent dier punch cards so he's out to put Death in a Bikini.]

Think she sells makeup door to door.....
30 July 2012 @ 09:32 am
Drink Count: 32 || A Return to Normalcy  
A. [852 Goldberg: Morning]

[Oh look, packages for Crowley. One is small and light (perhaps a power?), the other large and heavy. He opens both of them on the porch. The small one looks empty upon opening, but he feels the rush of energy as another aspect of his power returns.


Oh... He flexes his metaphysical muscles and slowly realizes that it is his healing ability that is the most recent addition to his demonic arsenal. The least demonic of his powers... Well, in this town it will be handy.

The second box is his state of the art sound system. Bose, to be exact. He moves the box inside and starts setting it up. He forgets to wire the speakers to the control console, but they will work regardless.]

B. [Olney's Tavern: Afternoon]

[Everyone's favorite demon bartender is behind the bar. Come get a drink and have a chat.]

C. [1487 Kramden: Evening]

[Like usual, Crowley just barges on into the house that isn't his own, but might as well be with the way he's always there. He looks for Aziraphale and grins rakishly when he finds him.]

Hallo, Angel.
25 July 2012 @ 09:02 pm
genius prince 20 - and it's been one year already  
[Action 1; at and around Kramden Road 1488]
[ It’s not like today is really any different from any other days he’s been waking up in Mayfield. But knowing he’s been here for an entire year, he sort of gets why Niou was feeling out of it a while back.

So to make things more fun, and because he feels like it, Bel has put on the pink and white dress he got back not long ago. With the dress, he’s also wearing net stockings and his regular knee-high white boots (and of course the tiara). He knows that he looks good in it.

Wanting to avoid Pinky Pie if he can, he jumps out the window. Well, it won't work if she's in the garden, but he's taking his chances. ]

[Action 2; Anywhere]
[ He’s grinning as he walks around, but there’s a hint of annoyance to it. He’s bugged by the town having been able to hold him here for an entire year, of course, and some of his favourite people to bug has been permanently droned, but he’s not going to let that bug him.

As he passes you, he might do one of the following;
a) if he knows you, he’s definitely going to come up to you. He’s probably playing with his knives, and if you’re not people like Niou or Madoka, he’s going to playfully place it against parts of your body.
b) if he doesn’t know you, there’s definitely more knives, and those knives are sure to be placed against your throat as he approaches you from behind.
c) there might not be any knives involved this time. Instead, he’s going to approach just to see what sort of reaction he’ll get by being dressed the way he is.

But no matter which one, he’s definitely looking like a pretty princess today. There’s nothing about him that looks like a boy. But he is definitely recognizable, considering he hasn't done anything to change his hair. ]

[Action 3; 1249 Williams Road; open to Niou and his housemates]
[ Look who’s come to pay a visit. It’s none other than Niou’s boyfriend, who today happens to be a princess instead of a prince. He comes in through Niou’s bedroom window (as usual), but as he doesn’t find him in there, he comes out of the room and explores the house until he finds the one he’s looking for. ]

Bianco Nata~le? You here~?
23 July 2012 @ 12:26 am
genius prince 19 - backdated to July 13th  
[at and around 1488 Kramden Road - backdated to just before this log Fran]
[ Bel's gotten two new packages today. It's sort of weird that there's two, so he's a bit suspicious.

When he opens the first one, there's a ball of red fire floating inside it. Before his eyes, the fire slowly dissipates and as it turns into nothing, he feels a heat inside of him. A heat that is very familiar to him, and it feels really good to have back.

He raises the hand wearing a ring, and a red flame comes out of it. ]

[Phone - same as above]
[ He sounds so pleased when he speaks into the phone. ]

Guess what the Prince got today~

[John Doe Park - also backdated, but to after]
[ He has summoned Mink out of his box, and now the Mink is sitting perched on his shoulder, flaming tail curled around his neck.

He plays with the ring, making the flame appear and disappear. Raising one of his knives, he coats it with the flame. Yep, it’s great to be back to normal again. ]
16 July 2012 @ 09:55 pm
゜゚*❀*゚ ゜ three  
[It's a beautiful day for one Miss Lily Evans at 1485 Kramden Rd. For one thing, there is personal mail addressed to her right on the kitchen table. A beautifully wrapped package with colorful paper that looks suspiciously like a wand box. Lily's excitment evaporates the moment her drone mother starts interrogating her about the sender. Is it a boy? Why are you not telling her about her boy friend, Lily? Why not open it right here and now, Lily? Gee, Mommy wants to see, too!

So she's racing up the stairs, package in hand, instead, slamming the door shut for extra effect to tear the packaging open.]

They gave it back! It's back!

.: Outside 1485 Kramden Rd :.

[There is a big pile of stuffed animals on which Lily's testing her wand on. And then there is a smaller pile of stuffed unicorns, which she's transfiguring the original pile into.]

.: Phone - Filtered from drones :.

I know this is an odd thing to ask, but has anyone here really returned from the dead once they've passed away in Mayfield, for whatever reason?
14 July 2012 @ 12:59 pm
[action, 1485 Kramden]
[Yuki awakes.

No sudden start, no jolt out of bed.  Simply an opening of the eyes after an unknown period of time spent unconscious.  ...This is already abnormal enough.  She does not need to sleep.  The possibility that she had died for unknown reasons lingers briefly before a quick scan of her memory banks convinces her otherwise.  No.  From her last moment of consciousness to the present, no reformulation or otherwise manipulation of the data comprising her physical body had occurred.

The last date she remembers is November 10th.  ...Today is, from a calculation of humidity, heat and miniscule differences in ultraviolet wave intensity emitting from the sun, high summer.  Most likely mid-July, considering that Mayfield liked to present itself as a location corresponding to a point in the northeastern United States.  ...Curious.

The girl silently passes out of the room, retrieving a book as she does so.  Though outwardly presenting the same as the residence she last recalled, it appeared she had once again changed addresses.

A few moments of examination and her whereabouts are made clear.  1485 Kramden.  July 14th.  She had been droned for over eight months.]

[Near-silent breathing noises and nothing else for a few moments, familiar to anyone who had ever had the pleasure of having a phone conversation with Yuki.]

...This is Nagato.  Yuki Nagato.  Requesting data pertaining to the period of time between November 11th of the previous year and the present.

Information on the recent incident regarding the carnival is particularly desired.  Further requesting permission to observe any physical objects of interest found and recovered.

[action, park]
[After being debriefed on everything she had missed, Yuki will be found resuming her normal activities as if nothing had happened.  ...Her normal activity (singular) consists entirely of seating herself in the park and reading in silence.]
13 July 2012 @ 09:34 pm
4th frog-hat  
A )) 1486 Kramden – house and porch

[ He peers into the box with interest, and tilt his head to the side when he see what it is. ]


[ And he pick out his Varia uniform from the box. And he can't help but feel pleased over the fact that the stupid frog hat Bel-senpai always force him to wear isn't there. ]

[ He's quite fast to go and change out of the Mayfiled clothes into the black, comfortable battle-wear, and when he get out on the porch to the house, he stretch; yes, these clothes are so much more comfortable. ]

B )) By a main street somewhere. After his run-in with Belphegor. (a bit bloody)

[ So he's soaked with blood. Or, soaked and soaked; he has a whole lot of cuts and stabs all over. Nothing deadly, but the deeper ones are sure to leave scars. ]

So why does he have a knife in his hand, anyway?

It's one of the knifes that were still stabbing him after he parted with Bel, and the only one he's actually bothered to pull out; because, please, do igore the knifes in his back, shoulder and leg. They don't bother him at all.

But this knife he's holding.

He is with interest – but with his usual vacant gaze – pressing it against his arm, on a patch free of wounds and free of blood – because he had wiped that part of his arm clean.

And it's with a lot of interest that he watch blood rise in the cut that don't hurt at all. ]

[ Though the smartest thing would most likely be to get some bandages or bandaid. ]

C )) Phone

Bel-senpai sure don't care about the enviromeeent. When he tried to burn me, he almost set a couple of trees on fire insteeead.
12 July 2012 @ 08:00 pm
first full moon ☾  
[phone - open]

That's not precisely how I expected to wake up yesterday, but all things considered, it could be worse.

Well then, introductions, I suppose. Best as I can manage, at least. My name is Remus, and I assure you that I am a completely uninteresting human being. So uninteresting, I can't rightly think how to introduce myself, apparently.

[sigh] I always was crap at this.

I'm still-- still trying to work everything out here, so if someone would be so kind as to entertain a few questions? I realize we're all relatively in the dark here, but...

Ah, never mind.
11 July 2012 @ 10:17 pm
Quest Thirteen: Back from the wastes.  
[Mae spent Tuesday as a drone. Wednesday she wakes up normal. Only very confused.

It's been months for her. Months. Her real life apparently doing its best to imitate this place and emotionally destroy her.

Mae gets up and walks downstairs to stare at the place. Right.....none destroyed things... that was what was here. She's just going to look around and stare at things for a while until she gets her head on straight.....

[A: Mae is standing at the mailbox opening a box. She pulls out........a jar with.....is that a small chunk of a brain? Yeah.....]

You have got to be kidding me.

[B: Her second package is a lot better and after making a quick stop to buy some ammo, Mae can be found in the park with her old trusty BB gun. She's got some targets set up and is firing at them. The targets being bottles and stuffed animals.]

[Phone: Have an annoyed Wastelander.]

Dear Mayfield. Thanks for sending me home for a few months. It's nice to know that a nuclear wasteland is still a better place to live in then this place. Next time just leave me there.

[She's going to hang up but then pulls the phone up again.]

And that mail wasn't funny!

[Slams the phone down]