05 April 2012 @ 07:24 pm
Third Hit  
[ Action: 1334 Benny Road. ]

[ After the event, Vita took note of the package labeled especially for her. It seemed small enough to not be suspicious, but Vita knew better than to trust things like this. However, as soon as she's deemed that it's safe, what she's surprised to find is her Device, Graf Eisen in its' necklace form. ]

Graf Eisen!


[ Vita can't help but smile as she slings the necklace around her head, feeling the familiar weight of her Device around her neck. ]

Yo, Hayate!

[ Action: John Doe Park. ]

[ Those visiting will notice Vita dressed in something entirely different than what she's been sporting with Graf Eisen turned into its' default form. ]

[Stand by.]

All right, let's do this.



[ Vita expects the usual to happen, but it seems that nothing has taken place. No barrier, no nothing. ]

...Tch, guess ya don't have everythin' back, eh?

[I am sorry, Meister.]

Don't gotta be sorry - it ain't yer fault.

[ But she can at least get more training with a familiar device in tow. ]

[ Phone | Filtered to Nanoha Cast ]

Yo. Got a question.

How long does it usually take for us to get back our spells in full?
27 March 2012 @ 08:53 am
Second Hit.  
[ Action: Mayfield Elementary ]

[ In Vita's opinion, she doesn't need to go to school. But, apparently, to avoid being droned, she's come of her own volition. Though, to those who have her in class, she is not happy and will most likely grump at people just because. ]

...dammit, this ain't fair at all.

[ Action: John Doe Park. Afternoon. ]

[ To Vita's surprise, there had been a sledgehammer in the garage. Even though she lacks her usual strength, that doesn't mean she can't at least train. So, those in the area will find her either running around to get some laps in, doing some push-ups or sit-ups, or hitting random trees and things in the area with the hammer. ]

Take that!

[ She could get used to this, that's for sure. ]

[ Phone ]

Yo. Is there anyone here who has training sessions set up or nah? I'm lookin' for heavy liftin' and endurance kind of stuff.
10 March 2012 @ 10:54 am
First Hit  
[ Action: 1334 Benny Road ]

[ Good morning, residents! Did you enjoy the peace and quiet? Good, because now it's going to be disrupted by a very loud and crude apparent eight year old who is not happy in the slightest of where she's been sent. ]

All right, whoever took me here better start talkin'! 'Cause I've got places to be and this certainly ain't one of them! Maybe if you come out right now, I won't pulverize you that much.

[ Is that a threat? You bet it is. ]

[ Action: Around Mayfield ]

[ Since just staying at home wouldn't sate Vita's anger and frustration, she's decided to try to take a walk to clear her head. Being around those drones who thought she was their sister was unnerving enough. So, she'll be around the various stores to check them out as well as try to figure out just what kind of area that she's been taken to. Even though she doesn't have her magic, she still knows how to fight, as well. ]

...Tch, some place this is.