11 February 2012 @ 10:03 pm
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[Around town]

[With Valentines day fast approaching, 10032 has become concerned with what to do, and how to do it right considering the object of her affections is rather.. oblivious, she has to do it right.

And that means making chocolates herself. None of this store-bought stuff will do! And its frustrating, because for one, she doesn't know how to make chocolate. And she doesn't know what exactly to use to make it either, which is why she's sort of wandering around town, like looking at sappy v-day cards and the chocolates with them as if suddenly she'll have an epiphany and know how.

Eventually, she'll give up, and start questioning anyone she can see.

'How do you make chocolate?' Misaka questions insistently considering the importance of the day coming up.