07 May 2012 @ 07:21 pm
spring makes my fever right  

Hello everyone, been awhile hasn't it? Spring is in full bloom and it's nearly summer.

Thank god.

Spring is really such a terrible time of year. Not warm enough to do anything properly fun but all the snow has melted so that's another sort of fun gone. It's desperate to be summer, but can't properly make it. Completely overshadowed by summer. Never has a proper time to shine at all. The season always stuck in the back. Spring is really a bit sad, isn't it?

But worse than sad, it's boring.

[A sniff.]

No proper holidays, horrid weather. It's like... being stuck in cage on the planet Nersox, except nothing like that at all. Cages on Nersox are significantly more interesting than spring in Mayfield. It's nothing but rain and pollen, allergies and sneezing and blurgh. And even worse... I'm bored.

When I get bored, I start thinking. Even more than usual, which is really quite daunting I'll have you know. And this sort of thinking leads to ideas. And while my ideas are all very brilliant, when I get too many ideas some of them are less brilliant.

Well, they're brilliant but also dangerous. Like... trying to build a slide that goes from the top for to the basement. Which... should go on my list to do actually.

But, no, sorry I've gone off track. Basically, someone tell me something interesting to distract me. Tell me about your brilliant ideas, your amazing adventures, and before you say anything most of you have had brilliant adventures even if you don't realize it. I also want your brilliant but dangerous ideas, things to do in spring, something about where you come from, what you ate for lunch...

No, that's boring, I don't care what you've eaten, forget that one.

[Action-> Outside of 1338 Benny]

[The Doctor is sitting inside The Pandorica.

Well no.

He's not quite sitting. He's laying upside down on the chair, his back on the seat and his legs over the top.

He keeps waving his hands experimentally in front of his face and wiggling his fingers.]

Okay. Human medicine causes a strange mental state in Time Lords. Certainly interesting. Lightheadedness, detachment from reality.... Side-effects indeed!

...Blimey, have my hands always been so big? And pale. Perhaps I ought to start tanning. Yes, tans are cool.
14 April 2012 @ 06:53 pm
Freaky friday  
[A voice comes over the phone. A Scottish, fiery voice, that is sounding rather cross indeed.]

No! No, no, no. I’m going to talk, back off Pond. Shoo.

Yes, hello, Mayfield. The Doctor speaking. Fun day, isn’t it?

And by fun I mean rather uncomfortable and slightly disturbing. Go to bed and you wake up in your mother-in-law’s body. Okay, make that extremely disturbing. I’ve always wanted to be ginger but not like this. I suppose that’s called cruel irony, isn’t it.

...Right. If you see me toddling about Mayfield, it’s not me, it’s a mad Scottish ginger inside my body. Ignore anything and everything that she... er I say until this is sorted out.

[ The sound of a struggle may be picked up by those with keen enough hearing. After a minute or two, there’s heavy breathing that might belong to the Doctor. ]

Just shut up. Shouldn’t you be more focused on trying to fix this than whatever damage to your reputation I might do?

Speaking of your body, is it always supposed to feel this weird? Okay, okay, I think I’ve got this breathing thing under control now. And your hair just won’t stay out of my eyes, er, your eyes! Oh, I can take off this ridiculous bowtie too and there’s not a thing you can do to stop me.

Don’t touch it!

[The girl’s voice sounds as though she’s trying to fight for the phone.]

I had to regain that, you know. Can’t just pop on down to the store and buy another one. And my hair? What about your hair?! It’s all long and red and... getting everywhere.

And your clothes! Completely ridiculous. Tight and itchy. How do you do anything in this skirt? It seems ridiculously short. You ought to invest in some trousers.

It’s not that short. Besides, it’s better than trying to choke yourself with this thing. You can just regain another later on, alright? Oh!

[There is a crash and the phone clatters to the floor. The sound of shouting and scuffling on the other end.]

[Action-Outside 1338 Benny Road.]

[“Amy” and the “Doctor” are sitting on the porch. Both of them are disheveled and carrying a few bumps and bruises from their previous scuffle. At the moment they’re both scowling, arms crossed, and determinedly glaring in opposite directions. Though "Amy" seems rather unable to stop playing her ginger locks.]

Kindly don’t damage my body anymore than you already have Pond. I already have to deal with spring and I’d rather not have any bruises. By the way, how’s that going for you?

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01 March 2012 @ 10:43 pm
[IX] and in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat  

Well, that's nice. A nice gift. One of many from Mayfield, always look forward to one after a particularly horrible time.

And yes, I'm being sarcastic. Getting my head cut open and then being forced to kiss people, and all I get is the bloody Pandorica? Which is, because you're all curious, the greatest prison ever created that looks sort of like a rather large box and about a year ago I flew it into an exploding TARDIS to reboot the universe and save every living thing. Yes, you're welcome.

By the way, if I did kiss you a few weeks ago, you're very welcome for that too. But not quite as welcome as for saving the universe, which is, rather more impressive. But still, I've been complimented quite often on my kissing. Though, I really wasn't planning on kissing anyone at all so don't expect any repeats.

...And back to the Pandorica. Right. Well, if anyone wants a rather large and ugly stone box, I'll freely give you this one. Fits one person inside. Maybe two if you're small. Also, may or may not have restoring powers. Dunno anymore.

Still, if you can drag it off my lawn, it's yours. Use it for a cage for your more annoying friends or something, I don't care.

[Action at 1338 Benny Road.]

[It's easy, even at night, to notice the large, eight feet tall and eight feet wide, and slightly glowing cube sitting in the front yard.

As one passes by the house, it becomes obvious that one side of the box is opened, two doors sliding outwards to reveal a chair. And in the chair, bathed in a soft blue light that comes from inside the box, is the Doctor.

He's curled up in the chair, knees to his chest, and staring blankly up at the sky, lost in thought. It's odd to see him so quiet and so still, and the with the complete absence of any energy, he barely seems like the same man who made the earlier angry phone call.

Whatever he's thinking about, it certainly has a deep hold on his mind as he doesn't seem to even notice anyone approach.]
13 February 2012 @ 01:38 pm
what is love, baby don't hurt me  
[Action | Mint Flowers]

[See the Doctor.

See the Doctor saunter over to you.

See the Doctor trip while doing so.

See the Doctor make a really bad attempt to act like that didn't just happen.

See the Doctor approach you and proceed to stand just... way... too... close.]

Well, hello there. Haven't seen you around before. Well, actually, I suppose I have. Small town, isn't it. Though not as small as Chisaku, which is a town on a planet which is about the size of a house. Everyone knows everyone. Because technically there's only two people on the whole planet and well... it does get a bit awkward like that.


You look nice today.


[Action | Roses]

[Wherever you are, the Doctor is now trying to kiss you. With much gusto. So it's kind of like kissing an energetic baby giraffe. Awkward.

Doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl or neither. As long as you're not the Major.]

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02 February 2012 @ 12:52 pm
III (Backdated to Tuesday)  
[Action; Donna's mind.]

[The Doctor is released from the hospital the next day. He has bandages around his head and blood seeping through his shirt from stitches on his chest. Definitely another victim of surgery.

Except he's not the Doctor right now, he's John Smith. The Doctor is someone that exists in dreams and the vague corners of his mind. He lives a normal life, he works at a temp agency, just like Donna Noble does now. Her brain now in his head, forcing him to live a normal life as she now does. An eye for an eye. He can never be anything great. Or even anything terrible. He's suffered the worst fate of all: a normal life.

The first thing John Smith sees is a hospital that he's never been to in a town he doesn't know. He gasps and then winces in pain. He's covered in sewn up wounds. What the hell just happened... Was he kidnapped? But why? He was the Doctor just a normal temp worker. What could he possibly have that criminals want? But if he was kidnapped, who kidnapped him? Could they still be around.

Gathering what little wits he has, John Smith stumbles away from the hospital, ignoring anyone who shouts after him. He wanders through rows and rows of houses and streets, searching for anything familiar but finds none. He isn't even sure if this is England anymore. Or if it's still 2011. He finds a pay phone on the street. It's archaic, but usable. With a trembling hand he grabs the phone.

He calls to anyone who listen.]

Hello? Can anyone hear me? What the bloody hell is this? Who's fucked up game is this? I don't know why you wanted to grab me, but I tell you, I'm just a temp. Nothing special, no money, not even a house, I rent! Completely normal bloke. My family's not rich either, my brother just owns a shop, they can't... pay you anything.

Ah... shit. This... they've cut me open. Might have stolen my organs or something. Got all these bandages and scars and this is just... Blimey, this so bloody fucked up.

So please... if anyone out there can here me. My name is John Smith. I'm 28 and I live in Chiswick... ah, London in the United Kingdom. I've been kidnapped. Please just help me. I've got a girlfriend.

My head fucking hurts. Think they missed around in there. Feels like it's going to burn up. Is there... a Doctor around here?

[Action: Rose's heart; around town.]

[The Doctor remembers who he is now. But not where he is. In his mind, he's now trapped in an alternate universe. Everything that he used to know about Mayfield is different. Rose's heart makes him feel the loss and confusion she did when he left her in that grim alternate world. Lonely, alone, and heart broken, like living half-alive.

Perhaps that's why he's giving you that glare. And, combined with the blood and bandages, it's a slightly unnerving glare. But the glare is twisted with a grimace as he grips the fabric of his shirt near his chest. It seems to be beating out of time.]

Yes? What do you want?

[Action; Amy's heart; around town]

[Suddenly, the Doctor is reaching out and grabbing you. Yanking you off the street and close to him. He looks upset, disheveled, and his wounds are starting to bleed again. He looks positively mad; and not in the kind usual way he does. He has his sonic screwdriver pointed at a crack in the street. He swallows and trembles as he does.]

Get away from them! They've already gotten half the town. If you go near the cracks you'll be eaten away, erased from existence, never to have existed.

(The Doctor is experiencing what he has put his companions through. He will be snapping in between being normal and whatever effect he's currently under. Generally, he is not dangerous but if provoked under the wrong circumstances he might attack.]
26 January 2012 @ 08:10 pm
Well, I was going to berate the morons that broke the machine in the diary, but I suppose we've got bigger things to worry about. Except for the fact that I honestly hope that you avoid ever doing that again. Actually, I hope you stay the hell away from anything that looks important. Who goes up to a big important looking machine and thinks "blimey this looks important, I think I'll blow it up without even thinking about what it does!".

...And I've only done that once. And everything was being filled with a chokey gas so I was short on ti-

Anyway! I'm sure you've heard the phonecall and if you haven't well... long story short, more nasty stuff in store.

As for now... seems like there's been some... strange side effects happening. Just from what I've heard. Seems like since the revival machine went all explodey-wodey, injuries from previous deaths have been reappearing. As though they've got nowhere to now that the machine is gone and are rebounding back to us.

If there are any healers about, look out for anyone injuried as you go about. If you do get injuried, grab a phone and call Martha Jones or Rory Pond. Both brilliant doctors, the real kind, and... well, I suppose Rory is a nurse. But they'll be able to patch you up.

In the meantime, let's try not to die, shall we? The town needs us up and about for some reason and I'm not keen on finding out why.

[Action; around town.]

[The Doctor is walking around town, per usual, checking on anyone he knows. He's crossing the street when suddenly he stumbles, choking as a pain rips through his torso. He retches, and blood splatters the concrete. He gasps wrapping his arms around his stomach before quickly pulling away. The front of his jacket is covered in blood. He stands there, hunched over, and unable to move.


[Action; 1338 Benny Road]

[The Doctor is slumped against the console of the TARDIS. A trail of blood leads the way from the front door to the open doors of the TARDIS. He's lost too much blood, a new injury has appeared on his leg, making it harder to escape into the depths of the TARDIS. He knows where these injuries are from; that fateful Christmas, a topic he definitely would like to forever avoid.

A few hours later he's nowhere to be seen.
14 January 2012 @ 09:43 pm

This is Officer Doctor reporting in with a special announcement. Ah, blimey, my head.

Right, so alwarmy-warmy sounds, not just me then, I suppose. Definitely coming from the dairy, but it's completely shut off; nothing new. And yes! We've lost... three days. It's all very curious, and rather... alarming. Ha, alarming see what I did, alarming and the alarms...

Erm, right. So I suppose my job as police officer and generally knowledgeable and responsible adult is to assure everyone that there's nothing to panic about and everything is going to be fine. Like the always say on the news, but you know they're just trying to keep it together. So generally, just lie as all adults do.

Well, of course there is going to be something to panic about later, but as for now we're likely alright. The calm before the storm, the quiet before the noise, the tea before the aunt's miserable and hard biscuits. ...Okay, that last one was rubbish, forget it.

So here goes; "everything is going to be fine, the alarms are just... well, I have no idea, but things are going to be fine."

There, how's that for comfort? Besides if anything else does get worse, I suppose I'll be talking to you lot again as I always do. Until then, I'd suggest investing in a pair of earmuffs if the sound is bothering. They're quite cozy and fashionable!

Oh, and if any of you are new and thinking "Oh, perhaps I'll just pop over to the police station when things go badly, this Officer Doctor bloke is there and he seems clever and helpful", well... you're entirely right about that. But! Honestly. Avoid the police station.

Right, duties filled. Doctor, out. Ha! I've always wanted to say that

[Action-The Police Station.]

[Since the Doctor's filled his duties with that announcement, he's going to take a nap. AKA do what he does every day at the bloody boring police office. And he's going to be wearing his super cool earmuffs to block out any sound from the alarms.

He's currently sleeping with his head in his arms at his desk. Feel free to ignore his warnings and pop in for a visit. Or if you're a coworker... feel free to draw on his face.]

[Action-Around Town.]

[Okay, so announcements are evidently not enough to qualify as doing your job. So the Doctor is out on patrol. You'll see the police cruiser parked in various spots around town. But it's not just the Doctor. He's got a partner, a certain nazi cyborg. With the Doctor being tall and skinny as he is and the Major being short and fat, they're almost a stereotypical comic duo.

The Doctor really doesn't look pleased about it. In fact, he's leaning against the cruiser with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face.]

...This is rubbish. Patrolling? Patrolling what? More like 'sitting around in the cold with your least favorite coworker doing nothing' is more like it. Honestly, don't you have anything better to do.

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