13 August 2012 @ 07:15 pm
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[ A ; 459 Stone Street ; Early Morning ]

[ Seiko looks pensive as she sits at the kitchen table. How long has she been sitting there? Who knows. She hasn't even changed out of her pajamas.

Seiko stays quiet for the most part, with her shoulders hunched over the kitchen table. She appears rather dazed and confused. Her eyes are wide and her arms are crossed over one another. She makes make no attempt to move from her spot at the table, and the only thing she appears to be doing is watching the woman -- the person who claims to be her mom -- making breakfast.

Her eyes show the slightest hint of suspicion every time the woman speaks to her. Seiko never gives her a response, and the woman never pushes for one.

[ B; Around Town; Morning ]

[ Seiko is still a daze. There's no school -- apparently they have school here as well -- so she has nothing else to do. Besides, she needs to get out of the house. She needs to go somewhere... anywhere.

Maybe you'll see her along the way? Even though Seiko will smile and greet anyone and everyone, she will seem very unenthused. Shellshock can do that to a girl. Plus there are just too many things on her mind. Especially her arrival here, her best friend Naomi and the burning sensation across her neck that she just can't shrug off.

She will more than likely zone out at some point, with a hand pressed to her neck. Perhaps she will bump into you if she isn't paying close enough attention.

[ C; Downtown Mayfield; Afternoon ]

[ Seiko is popular.

Seiko spends the afternoon in Downtown Mayfield, walking from shop to shop. A bunch of teenager drones follow her around like little ducklings, chattering and giggling as you'd expect.

And Seiko... doesn't seem to mind? She actually looks much more cheerful now than she was in the morning. She smiles and chats with the drones, just like she would anyone else. She doesn't make any attempt to break away from them either. In fact, she even stops to wait whenever one drone falls behind her.

Eventually afternoon turns to evening, and the drones take their leave. Seiko waves them off. Once she stops though, her expression changes immediately. The smile dissolves into a pout. Her eyes droop. She shakes her head.

And she'll stand there, staring off into the distance.

[ D; Phone ]

So this is how everyone keeps in contact? Is this how phones normally work in America? [ She lets out a rogue giggle. ] Doncha think plenty of people would screw up their calls? I bet someone, at some point, must have let slip something really embarrassing for the whole town to hear! I wonder, I wonder...~

[ There's a pause. Seiko tries to stop herself from snickering. The possibilities... ]

But that's not my point of calling though. I actually wanted to introduce myself to everyone! I'm Seiko Shinohara - err, Stanfield! Just call me Seiko though~ it's nice to meet all of you!

Now I know I'm stuck here, same as you, but there's no point in being miserable! Might as well stay hopeful and make the best of this, am I right? And what better way to do that than make some new friends?