25 March 2012 @ 11:15 am
quatro! [backdated to yesterday afternoon]  
[ Milla is cheerful as ever when she picks up the phone. ]

Darlings, did any of you get that strange census in the mail?

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[ Purple is Milla, yellow is Psii. ]
13 February 2012 @ 08:37 pm
[ action; February 13th, evening || LOCKED TO PSIIONIIC ]

[ It's been so fun, getting used to their new kitten-y bundles of joy, that Milla's barely thought about the roses that appeared on their mantel just the other day. Sure, they're weird, but they smell wonderful and it's really no cause for concern, is it?

In the meantime, after a day of being left to herself at the house (she's still in recovery from her injuries and thus on a medical sabbatical from the salon) while Psii works at the bank, she's ready to settle in and greet him with a smile and a nice home-cooked meal. It's a bit late, so their drone children are already in bed; in the meantime, she's made orange chicken, since he's so fond of that particular taste and the mountain of oranges he's bought does need depleting. She sets the little vase of roses in the center of the dinner table, just to add a nice touch.

When the door opens, she looks up, smiling. ]
Darling! Welcome back. Did you have a nice day?

[ action; February 14th, afternoon, around Mayfield || OPEN ]

[ So you might see Milla - looking more than a little perplexed - rolling around Mayfield in her wheelchair today, a bouquet of carnations settled in her lap. Sometimes without actually touching her wheels. Greet her Y/N? ]
01 February 2012 @ 06:45 pm
dois! [backdated to jan 31]  
[ phone; ]

[ Milla sounds...pretty serious, actually, not like her normal upbeat self. Not just tired, but worried. ]

Has anyone seen my, mm, "husband?" Psiioniic, or Psii, he's called. He said he'd be back by now. He was worried about his friend, Signless, the last we heard he'd been taken for those awful experiments.

He's rather tall, olive complexion, dark brown hair. He's got two different colored eyes, if you get that close. If you've seen him or heard anything, please let me know, darlings, I'm rather worried.

[ Her voice hardens a little, determined. ]

I am going to find him.
13 January 2012 @ 10:33 pm
um! [joint post courtesy of 431 Peepers St]  
[ action; ]

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[ phone; ]

Hello, hello? ...Hm, no answer. That's odd.

[There's the sound of shoes clicking against tile before the Psiioniic's voice speaks up.]

You can't have expected it to be that eathy. For all we know, the thythem might only run according to a thertain pathword or twenty. Try uthing the nameth of thethe enigmatic friendth of yourth. Maybe that will get a rethponth.

Shhh, darling, let me handle this. Hello? This is Milla Vodello, calling any Psychonauts at headquarters? No, they're not on the line, not even the AI. That's troubling.

I will bet you twenty caegarth that thith ith a math hallucination. Twenty. Double or nothing.

But hold on-
[More footsteps clacking over the phoneline and then the Psiioniic is invading her personal space to speak into the phone. Which is rather polite by troll standards, really.] Let me try my friendth thith time.

Eth, Dii, Rotha. Anyone there? Empire or jutht me going inthane?

[A pause, and then a little more desperately-]

Eth, pleathe.

[ OOC: purple is Milla, yellow is Psii. One or both of them might reply to any response here! ]