24 March 2012 @ 03:57 am
Third Steelguard! [forward-dated to Monday, 3/26]  

Hey, that big kid in the leather jacket wandering around campus looks kinda... old. Far past the age of most ordinary high schoolers, at any rate. ...Not that Snow Villiers even had anything close to a high school education to begin with, but anyway. All across campus, you're sure to bump into this guy putting up posters all over the place. Lockers, doors, walls, everywhere.

What do these posters say, you might ask?




Every once in a while after sticking up a poster on some locker, Snow might bang against it once or twice to raise a ruckus in the hall, attempting to dart off before anyone can spot the man responsible for all these... interesting posters. What do they possibly mean?



...if you take the time to pass through Topper Street, you're sure to notice a pretty strange sight on the front lawn of 625.]

Lemonade! Fresh lemonade, only twenty-five g---cents. Twenty-five cents!

[Sure enough, Snow's doing as the posters say! Mayfield's given him and everyone else plenty of lemons for the past couple of months, if not even longer. But one thing's for certain.

Mayfield will be no match for NORA.]
14 February 2012 @ 08:31 pm
Second Steelguard!  
[Snow Villiers isn't always a fast learner. But when he is? You had better watch out.

See, he's just learned a thing or two about Valentine's Day from a certain green kid and now? He intends to celebrate the holiday the only way he knows how: being a huge dork and doing something spectacularly romantic for Serah.

But he can't do this alone. So it's time to make a phone call or two.


This might be just a little short-notice---just a little---but I'm gonna need your help with somethin'. It's kind of a big deal, and I wouldn't ask just anyone. I'm not catchin' you at a bad time, am I?


As Snow gears up for his inevitable surprises for Serah later on in the day, he's gonna be around town picking up as many flowers as he can. He's not much of an expert on flowers, but he's pretty sure that Serah would love pink and purple, right?

What he doesn't realize, of course, is that the pink carnations and purple hyacinths might give Snow a different sort of Valentine's Day surprise altogether...]
06 February 2012 @ 12:18 pm
First Steelguard!  

Ever wake up in the morning and realize something's just a little bit off about this picture? Because that's what Snow's realizing right about now. This doesn't look like the crew quarters of the Lindblum. In fact, it doesn't even look like he's on the airship at all anymore. He's in weird clothes, in a weird bed, and---

Hang on a second. His brand is gone?! He still has yet to fulfill his Focus, yet the mark of the l'Cie is no longer on his arm.]


[Is this some kinda dream or something? Where is he? What happened to Light and the others?]

Good morning, dear! Still not dressed? Oh, you're going to be late for work again!

[Oh hey, creepy lady who just poked her head into the room. Creepy lady who looks like the exact same lady in a framed picture with Snow. A wedding picture.]

...well, this can't be good.


People of Mayfield, there's a very good chance you'll be seeing Snow wandering around town as the day goes on. He might look pretty intimidating, given that he's an incredibly tall, beefy dude dressed in the shabbiest clothes he could find in his closet (a bulky leather jacket and ratty old bandana suit him way better than those fancy suits that his fake!wife just got dry-cleaned). But now that he seems to have gotten a better idea of what's going on, he seems a little bit less on edge (if not still a little bit lost). As he explores this bizarre new environment he's managed to find himself in, he might even give you a wave or some other form of greeting. See if you might be a little bit easier to communicate with than that freaky wife of his.

Eventually, though, he'll be headed to...


Weird name. Sis would not approve.

At some point along the way, Snow will manage to find his new working environment. Well, not that he's really looking for it to begin with, he just kinda bumps into it as he goes. And now that his bosses have found him, he seems to be stuck there for the rest of the afternoon. Sure, the cars here aren't nearly as advanced as the ships back on Cocoon that run on AMP tech, but taking stuff apart? Snow can easily handle.

Well, so long as they don't expect him to put anything back together today...]