12 May 2012 @ 03:22 pm
{first aria} -- lost and found.  
[A] ACTION -- 1246 Williams Road
[There's a groan and a gasp before Celes jolts herself awake, beads of sweat slowly running down her temples. She reaches a hand upward to wipe some of the sweat away and blinks, trying to take in her surroundings. The room is unfamiliar to her, and she begins to ponder whether she's actually awake or not. After all, the last thing she remembers happening is falling to the shore and finding a pigeon with a bandana wrapped around its wing, and clearly, she is not anywhere near a shore right now.

She proceeds to get out of the bed and once both feet are planted firmly on the floor, she looks at her current outfit. A simple sundress, it appears to be, with equally simple (yet matching) shoes. Her old outfit is nowhere to be found, which makes the entire situation even stranger.

Exiting the bedroom and walking down the stairs, Celes notices a few pictures hanging on the wall. One of them appears to be of herself and a man, both in wedding attire.]

Who is this? Wh ... what exactly is going on here?

[She carefully touches the frame, curious as to whether it's really there or not. After determining that yes, the picture is, in fact real, she pulls her hand away and continues down the stairs. She then proceeds into the kitchen, a bit overwhelmed by all of the strange and new things contained therein. Right when she begins to open the refrigerator, though, she hears the voice of another and stops cold.]

Hello? Who are you?

[B] ACTION -- Around town.
[Celes is just wandering around town, a bit in awe from the amount of people and buildings she sees. The world must not have been completely destroyed!

Every once in a while she stops and looks up at the blue sky, a thoughtful look upon her face. Feel free to interact with her!]