24 July 2012 @ 11:33 am
❥ Lost her Waifu  
[ action ❥ 838 Hastings Boulevard ]
[ Keine waited around for a few hours, but Mokou never came. It was unusual, since Keine's waifu usually came for breakfast. After waiting until noon, Keine left her house and went to visit Mokou to make sure she wasn't moping... only to be invited inside by an oddly chipper Drone. After realizing what had happened, Keine politely excused herself from her neighbor's company and rushed home.

She's now sitting the front porch, dazed by her emotional overload. As much as she wants to cry, Keine is too overwhelmed to get any tears out.
] Mokou... dear, this can't be true...

[ ❥ phone ]
It... seems that Mokou dear has been... droned. I understand that there are still children in that house, yes? Miss Nitori, Miss Reimu, do let me know if you... [ she swallows back her tears, keeping her voice and expression as straight and calm as possible.  ] ... if you need anything, won't you? I welcome you both to come over for meals... I'm told the drones are not quite the preferred cooks and you know my dear Mokou...

[ She sighs, trying to distract herself from the thought of Mokou. ] That offer is open to anyone, by the way. Please let me know if I  can help you during your stay in Mayfield. My cooking is Japanese, but I can attempt any favorite recipe you'd like. I'd... appreciate being able to stay.... busy, for a while...

[ action ❥ tavern ❥ evening ]
[ Even after her phone call and trying to keep her calm, Keine can't chase away the sick depression in her chest. So she heads to the tavern, despite being exactly exhausted, and orders herself a drink. Bar goers may notice Keine sitting at the bar with a half finished drink, with her eyes finally beginning to water. ]

... It tastes so bitter... when she's not here...
27 June 2012 @ 08:39 am
❥collecting data  
[ ❥phone ]
I suppose it cannot be denied that something strange is going on with that carnival. I've taken a look around myself and find it all to be quite disturbing. I'd like to highly advise that anyone who has not gone yet save themselves the trouble; it is not worth it.

That said, I know many people have gone and visited the attractions. I realize it may be difficult and unpleasant to look back on it, but if you would be so kind then I would like to make a record of everyone's observations. Knowing anything, even just what prizes are won from the games, would be wonderfully helpful. If there are any useful clues in there then we will not find them without combining our viewpoints. I'd like to make this collection available publicly, if that's alright.

I am also to understand that there have been references to past... 'events' that have occurred in Mayfield. I'm told I've been here, but I've no memory. If anyone might be so kind as to fill me in, I'd be most appreciative.

For those interested, I'd like to extend an invitation to my home for the afternoon. I can provide snacks and refreshments, so please do drop by. My name is Keine Kamishirasawa.

Thank you.

[ action ❥ 838 Hastings Boulevard ]

[ Keine can be found outside on the porch, patiently waiting for visitors and waving to anyone who passes by. She's looking up at the sky, even though it's sunny. ]
Just under a week, then... if that card from the mail is to be trusted, I'll know in just under a week. [ She reaches up to tap her head and sighs. ] I suppose I should warn Locke before hand. Would the children understand? I wonder if they will even notice.

13 June 2012 @ 10:33 pm
❥ history nomming  
{ ❥ phone }
Oh dear... That was quite an eventful weekend. I hope that everyone is well and recovering now. It may be forward of me to ask, but I would like to document the events of this recent incident for future reference. If you could come tell me of your experiences, no matter how big or small you feel they were, then I would be most appreciative. I can offer tea and refreshments to repay your kindness.

And Mokou, dear? Would you join me for grocery shopping this afternoon?

{ ❥ action | Outside 838 Hastings }
[ Keine is waiting for anyone who wants to come tell her about their experiences. To keep herself busy and productive, she's also tending her house's garden. ]
Oh my... I didn't realize gardening was quite this exhausting... I hope I am doing this properly. These flowers are unfamiliar...

03 May 2012 @ 06:48 pm
02 ❥History Project  
[ action ❥ 838 Hastings ❥ morning ]
[ Keine is making breakfast, as she always does. Making a count of the food they have in the cabinets and fridge and preparing her weekly shopping list. In the living room, Keine has set a low table and various notebooks that she purchased using leftover money from her groceries over the past few weeks. She greets the droned kids and sends them to school with boxed lunches, leaving a lunch out for her "husband" before going to clean the house. ]

[ phone ❥ ]
Good day to you all, and my apologies for this call so early in the day. I'm rather new to "Mayfield", to be quite honest, but I know enough to have heard there have been numerous "events" and incidents over the course of everyone's stay. I'd appreciate any information I could obtain on these incidents. If you'd be so kind, and have the time to spare, please drop my house sometime before 7 in the evening. I live at 838 Hastings, and I will be sure to have tea and snacks to offer in exchange for anything you could tell me.

Thank you kindly. I certainly appreciate it.

[ action ❥ 838 Hastings ❥ all day ]
[ Keine will then spend the entire day on the front porch, only going inside to make a fresh pot of tea so she's ready for any visitors. The smell of fresh cookies and pies drifts out of the kitchen, since she had prepared snacks earlier that day and is making an extra batch for the drone children when they get home. She thumbs through a cookbook while waiting, lifting her head to wave at anyone who passes the house. ]
A good day to you! Do you have a moment to spare?

19 April 2012 @ 01:41 pm
01 ❥ calmly panics  
( action 838 Hastings Boulevard )

[ Let's be frank; Keine doesn't often wake-up with strange men in her bed. The moment she woke Keine immediately slipped away and walked a nervous loop around the room as she searched for a way out. All things considered, Keine was surprisingly calm as explored the house with a hand to the wall... Hoping the usual maze tactic would help her find the exit from this bizarre labyrinth. Upon finding the exit and opening the door, however, Keine's confusion reaches a peak. This isn't her village... Is this even Gensokyo? ] 

( phone afternoon )
[ Deciding how to work the phone was not too difficult. Her drone children were happy to tease her and help her with it. Keine kindly shoos them away, seeing no reason to be harsh on two children who cannot even correctly identify their own mother, and holds the phone to her ear. ]

Good day, to anyone who may be listening. My name is Kamishirasawa Keine and I'm afraid that I seem to have become horribly lost. My most sincere apologies, but might any of the locals here explain to me where I might be?

[ A pause, before she adds in a hopeful tone. ] Mokou, dear, if you might be there or listening somehow then please don't fret. I'll be home shortly, I assure you. Might you pass an apology on to the school for me? I worry I am going to be late. [ ... Well, it was worth a try. ] Anyway... Any and all help would be greatly appreciate, if you could, please?
14 January 2012 @ 10:11 pm
1st history // private action & voice & action wow!!  
[ Action ; morning ; inside 1247 Williams // first with husband and then rest of family? ]

in the big adult bed... )

[ phone ; a little after lunch/afternoon ]

To those listening, my name is Keine Kamishirasawa. I have a need of information concerning those who might be living with you, so please listen and I will be as quick as I can.

I need to know if anyone has come to have a member in your false family who have mentioned in any way coming from a village in that of a 'Gensokyo'. If you have, please allow me to speak to them - and to those of you from the village who hear me now, make contact with me.

I'll stay by this phone for a time, but I will also be exploring the streets in the next hour. I know that my own arrival doesn't mean anyone else has come with me, but in the event that any villagers of Gensokyo have, I want to know of their well-being.

[ action ; afternoon ]

[ Some time after making her phonecall and giving it time since then, Keine has decided to make her way through the streets. The alarm is annoying, but she tries to ignore it for the most part. I MEAN WHAT ALARM. ]