01 July 2012 @ 02:37 pm
7th Bite - A Devil's Rage  
[Phone, Right after Day 2 in Welcomefield Begins]

[Hope you weren't listening too closely, because your eardrums might get injured by the angry roar (re: screech) of a distraught vampire:]


[Action, between days 2 and 3]

[Ever wondered how much destruction a vampire can cause with physical strength alone? Well, you can find out today, because Remilia is literally tearing the Carnival apart looking for her sister, completely unheeding of the fact that the sunlight is starting to burn her. Stands and benches flying everywhere.]

Flandre! FLANDRE!
02 April 2012 @ 11:33 pm
6th Bite - A Scarlet Devil is a Devil  
Pranking Kyo Sohma )

Pranking Yamame )

Pranking Mamizou..? )

[OoC: And anyone pranking Remilia can tag here, or anything else you want to tag her for]
26 March 2012 @ 04:59 pm
5th Bite - The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil  
[Early Monday morning, Remilia finds a package on her doorstep. Having long since decided it's no use fretting over these things, she opens it immediately - and as realization spreads in her mind, she grins wickedly and heads for the roof. Finally, something that can go right...]

[Action - All Day Monday, Around Town]

[Throughout the day, hints of red mist start to fill the town, spreading around out from Ricardo Street. Also throughout the day, Remilia can be found walking around with her parasol or at her usual hangouts (Sakuya, Flandre and Meiling's houses), seeming a lot more upbeat than usual and grinning far more than is possibly normal. She seems very pleased with herself.]

[Action - All Day Tuesday, Around Town]

[Now the town is entirely drowned in Scarlet Mist, cutting out much of the sunlight and leaving what's left of it deep crimson. Most people can only see a few yards, but Remilia has no trouble navigating through the red cloud that covers even over the tallest houses and buildings. Delighting in her freedom from the sun, anyone in the mist might hear a delighted, wicked laughter or spot a dark shape with large, bat-like wings flitting about through the mists. Feel free to call her out, or maybe she'll stop by herself when she sees those rendered helpless or frustrated by their surroundings.]

[Phone - Tuesday Evening]

Ahh, the world's so much better painted in red! Truly, a devil's delight. Much better than the boring white of all those houses and picket fences, don't you think? But~ I'm sure there are some of you who disagree, don't you?

You're welcome to come and find me if you dare to argue - the Scarlet Devil won't refuse a fun date~ Especially from a certain red-white miko, hmm? It's going to be a fun night.

[Action - Tuesday Night, 506 Ricardo]

[And in a relatively clear patch of the mist, Remi is standing on top of the roof of her house, posing dramatically with her wings out and hands folded before her chest, awaiting the night's entertainments. The thinning mist above her paints the moon a deep red, making for quite the silhouette.]

Hmhmhm, I wonder if she'll come~

[OoC: The Scarlet Mist mini-event has begun! The details can be found here, but basically red mist will begin filling the town on Monday; by Tuesday Morning, most of the town will be so covered in red mist, you can't see more than a few feet to a few yards at most. Feel free to respond to any of the prompts or make your own posts complaining about/dealing with the red mist.

It all goes away Tuesday night at midnight, after Marisa beats the crap out of her, so for anyone who fights her, just know she's either going to win or escape since her fight against Marisa will be the last one.

You can also come fight her faithful servant, Meiling, over here, as it's a midboss's gateguard's duty to take on anyone who wants to challenge the final boss.]
21 February 2012 @ 03:04 pm
[Outside Mayfield Elementary]

[After school lets out for the day—or a little before, Flandre was proud of how very sneaky she was—Flandre can be found clambering all over the playground again, making full use of her claws and her wings.

But she’s a bit more careful this time! She looks around before she starts sliding down things like pipes, watching for people approaching. If a person is spotted, the vampire promptly sits on her hands and furls her wings away and looks innocent.

Right next to whatever she just put giant scratches in the paint of.

…no one really taught her how to use the fireman pole okay.

((OOC: Chronologically the thread with Marceline goes first. Also there may be bats in your thread instead of tiny vampires because everything’s better with bats.))
12 February 2012 @ 02:10 pm
1st Spellcard: Transcendence of Faith "Armed Only With Prayer"  
Action A: 842 Hastings Boulevard; locked to housemates

(Greetings, housemates! You have a new daughter/sister in your home who's understandably worried about her new location and the loss of her powers; unlike typical Mayfield newbies, however, Reimu here has gone and pretty much littered decorated the entire house with paper charms to ward off the evil that brought her here. You just might see her writing up a few more charms or hanging up the finished ones, but she's taking as much of her shrine as she can into this new place.)

Action B: Outside 842 Hastings; Open to all

(With the house now buried protected by charms and seals, Reimu, in an unfortunately gray plaid dress, sits outside her home in a state of meditation and prayer. With her hair bow gone, her long hair flowed with the wind. While she should investigate the area, the lack of her power and even her normal clothes made her feel vulnerable. With her shrine gone (again), the yin-yang orbs missing and the Hakurei border nowhere nearby, Reimu resorted to prayer as her only means of leveling her mind so she could think rationally.

Translation: this is the best time to annoy her and disrupt her with whatever you want. Fellow Touhou girls are more than welcome to taunt greet her and tease comfort her regarding the formerly powerful miko of Hakurei losing everything but her sense of self.
23 January 2012 @ 03:49 pm
4th Bite  

First those alarms going off at the dairy, now they're talking about some machine inside of it? Do any of you people know what they're on about? I hope it's whatever makes the disgusting milk around here.

[Phone; Filtered to the SDM]

So, what are we going to do about it? I think we should investigate it. He said 3pm tomorrow, right?