03 April 2012 @ 02:20 am
Second Trial [April 2nd]  

It appears that everyone has been assigned to prank one another, from what I have heard and unfortunately seen. While I haven't been picked out, I want to give a reminder not to do anything too cruel and harmful to others. Pranking can be all good fun, but you shouldn't make it vicious or outright mean-spirited. Think of how you would feel if something like that was done to you, before you decide to put it on another. With that said, I hope you also stick to your own targets as well. People don't need to be pranked several times because someone feels like playing a bad joke on them. Something to think about, citizens.

And don't think of doing anything too reckless either - I was attacked by a demonic bird of sorts because he ended up losing control! That is the sort of thing we don't need to see going on, during what seems like a relatively harmless thing for this town to apparently pull.

Stay safe and have a pleasant day, everyone. May the pranks be with you, but not too with you.

[Aww yeah, public one-woman defense notice.]

Phone; Filtered to Makoto Nanaya

[And, after that more serious call, Tsubaki shuffles the wires around and manages to dial up a private call to Makoto. Her voice is cheerful and relaxed unlike previously.]

Makoto, are you there?


[Tsubaki hasn't been put on Mayfield's pranking duties list, but she is still keeping an eye out to make sure nothing gets too out of hand with pranks and their results. She's wearing her NOL Uniform today and carrying her sword+shield weapon to boot, just as a precaution. Anyone who wishes to pull a prank on this noble defender of Justice is free to pull a prank on her, even if she isn't on a list. She's practically asking for it with that phone call anyway.]

[ooc: As the title says, backdated to April 2nd! Replies may be slow for a couple days but I wanted to get this out on a timely basis :|b]
14 March 2012 @ 12:35 am
First Trial [March 14th]  
[Outside of MacCready & Sons Law Office]

[Just as you walk down the road, content with your day (or maybe not?), comes a girl being escorted out of the law office building by an old drone. She is making quite the fuss.]

I can't believe you - this cannot be legal. To deny me a job at your office just because I am a woman is - [The drone closes the door and leaves her outside] - hey don't you shut the door on me, I was talking to you!

[And then Tsubaki attempts to open the door, only to find that there is no way to turn the knob. It's been locked from the inside.]

[Outside the Police Station]

[Later on, Tsubaki is going to try again to find a job in Mayfield. This time, she's going to the police station. ...Except the station is closed, even though it so obviously must have people in it. Tsubaki is outside this building right now, banging on the door with all her fury. And she isn't going to stop, even though it seems like no one is letting her inside. What a damn joke.]

Please, I ask you let me in! I want to speak with an officier about a job! What sort of station does not keep their door open to the public?!

[She pauses, thinking for a moment she sees someone inside. But when nothing happens after a few moments, she begins slamming her fist against it again and resumes her shouts.]

I will not be ignored like this. What sort of "people of the public" are you?! OPEN UP!!

[And she'll keep banging for a while, unless someone stops her. After that she will just be outside in a huff, visibly frustrated. Someone is having their first hours in Mayfield today.]


This place is absurd. Not only am I suddenly trapped here, but I was denied twice today a job serving the greater good because of my gender. How does anyone stand being discriminated against so flagrantly!? I could -- would be a great police officer or justice attorney, and I was denied from both!

[She pauses for a moment and then softly groans.]

I feel like I'm getting a headache. ...Actually, I have a question. What year is it? I feel as though I'm in the past, but I don't know how far back. Is it still in the 2000's? [The woes of coming from the year 2200...] Well, I guess it doesn't really matter, I just wanted to know because today--

Forget it. I'm getting a cake no matter what the cost in this era!

[Happy Birthday Tsubaki Yayoi, we got you a trip to Mayfield.]