13 February 2012 @ 06:40 pm
Experiment 05  

[Sure is V-day. Definitely something a scientist like Naze cares nothing about, right? Right... and yet, here she is, on the phone, hesitating, clearing her throat than speaking... in a surprisingly un-raspy and normal sounding female voice. Heck, Garviel's probably the only one who has heard her speak like this before, when she lost her mask during apocalypsefield.]

Kamijou. Are you busy today? You aren't, are you? I... have something to gi- to talk with you about. Think you can make the time for me? I mean, meet in person, that is, not that speaking with you isn't good enough, but I'd prefer if... look, just answer, okay?

[whoops sure didn't filter this.]
24 January 2012 @ 02:57 pm
Experiment 04  
[Phone; Noon before the Dairy Opens]

I'm sure there are plenty of you planning on sneaking in there to nose around and if you're smart you've at least considered the idea that the idea that this is a trap. This of course means that there could be nasty consequences for those of you who try to go inside. Who knows what kind of shape you'll all be in when you come out.

Honestly, considering the way death works here, suicide is probably the quickest and easiest path to a full recovery, but obviously not all wounds warrant that sort of treatment - oh, and I suppose not everyone has the required determination to do it. So I'm offering medical services to any who might need it after this - with the right to refuse service without explanation if I deem it necessary, such as too many patients. I'm a certified surgeon [No she's not, but she's as good as one] and all I ask in return is information. Thanks to recent regains, my basement is fairly well stocked.

I'm located at 1664 Nelson Street and can keep operating hours all night if necessary. To be clear, this isn't any sort of charity or good will - I'm genuinely interested in what kind of damage the town will do to you all and your stories of what did it.

If there are any other doctor-types in need of equipment and with a desire to work on patients, feel free to swing on by as well - I can't guarantee there will be space and supplies enough for everyone, but if everything goes down terribly, just having more of you on hand should be of use keeping me from becoming too swamped with the injured.

[Phone; After the Dairysplosion and mod announcement]

Well, if not a trap, it seems like I was right that there will be a major need for medical services. And if anything, I'm more interested than ever in your injuries. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement: I get to satisfy my curiosity about the cause of your wounds, and you get the satisfy your curiosity as to whether you can survive them with medical aid.

Which is to say, my offer for medical and surgical assistance from earlier today still stands. 1664 Nelson Street, in the basement.

[Action; 1164 Nelson Street, After the above phonecall]

[And Naze is sitting in a chair out on the front lawn, arms crossed as always and looking rather pleased about this whole situation.]