02 April 2012 @ 04:28 pm
2nd strike  
[ outside 1332 Benny Road ] - Locked to Hayate Yagami

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[ downtown ] - Locked to Eggman

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[ L'Déplaisant ] - Locked to Captain Marvelous

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[ around town ] - Locked to Keroro

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03 March 2012 @ 03:50 pm
☨ 1st strike  
A. 505 Ricardo Street

[ Gawain woke up only to find him self not in his room near Leo but in a completely strange house that looked like something from a by gone age. Clearly this has to be the world of the moon cell right? ]

Show your selves! Who ever brought me here come out and face me like a real warrior. In less you want to fight like an uncivilized freak who only wishes to cheat and dishonor them selves.

B. Phone

Clearly I'm not longer in the moon cell, meaning Leo is not here. If any fellow members of the grail war are here I propose a a cease fire for the time being. I don't wish to start anything while we are not longer in the moon cell.

C. Anywhere around town

[ A little put off by whats going on and trying not to loose his cool Gawain is eating a candy bar someone handed him. It's not that he's lost just a little deep in thought trying to figure out what he should do seeing as Leo isn't here nor his king and fellow knights. ]

(( only C is effected by the candy bar event! ))