05 May 2012 @ 05:02 pm

You all use these telephones a lot. Are we supposed to actually pay attention? Because it usually isn't very interesting.

[She pauses.]

And yes, I'm aware of the irony in asking about it like this.
22 April 2012 @ 06:12 pm
A. Downtown Mayfield.

[Anya has finally started venturing out of her house! Which means exploring! She may go into shops or window shop or possibly have heated arguments about a woman's right to go into a bar or a tool shop and she didn't even want tools only now you've offended her by insisting she can't have one and she'll buy that hammer, thank you very much.]

B. The Pet Store

[During her wanderings, Anya has found that without actually applying or doing any work, she's received a job. At the pet store of all places. She can be found either happily working the cash register or refusing to go anywhere near the rabbits. They're terrifying. Let her just deal with the money!]

C. Various Streets

[Horrible as working so near to those furry little terrors may have been, there's something very gratifying about being paid. Anya walks back home, lovingly holding her first paycheck close to her heart.]
11 April 2012 @ 09:21 pm
A. [Action | 1245 Williams Rd]

[Well. This certainly isn't Xander's musty old basement. Which would be a good thing, except she'd gone to sleep next to Xander and she really expected to wake up next to him, not next to some... extremely bland human that seemed to think they were married.

Anya ditches the bedroom fast and starts looking around the house, picking up a knife from the kitchen just in case this is a demon dimension with things that will die upon being stabbed.

Eventually, she locates a phone.]

B. [Phone]

Come on, Xander! Pick up! [Her voice is slightly hushed and nervous sounding, like she doesn't want to be overheard. Too bad all of Mayfield can hear her.] I think I've been kidnapped and there's a man who thinks I'm his wife and where are you? Get Buffy to rescue me or something!

[She'd ask Xander to do it, but let's face it. Buffy's the big guns. Still, it's Xander she calls, not Buffy. She's pretty sure Buffy doesn't like her as much. Probably because Buffy's a demon racist. That or because Anya doesn't sleep with Buffy. One of the two.]