22 October 2012 @ 11:36 pm
6th Worm  
[Kariya Matou has been called many things, but strong-willed has never been among them.  He volunteered to fight for the Matous in the Grail War not out of a sense of superiority or confidence, but out of a deep and abiding feeling of hopelessness and regret.  So it's really no wonder that when Mayfield decided to rewrite the memories of its inhabitants, Kariya's mind, already half-broken from the trauma of his training under Zouken, the stress of participating in the War as a Berserker Master, and all of the terrible things Mayfield put him through, accepted the reprogramming with barely any resistance at all.]

[Action; Pharmacy]

[It looks like today is the day Kariya goes in for a refill on his prescription painkillers.  He's on some pretty heavy stuff, considering all of his various injuries and chronic conditions.  He can be found standing at the front of the line, angrily slamming his fists on the counter as he argues with the drone dispensing the medicine.]

What do you mean I can't get a refill without a written note from my doctor? You know, guys like you wouldn't even be here with your cushy pharmacy jobs without guys like me who fought for your freedom during the war!  I knew a lot of good men that laid down their lives fighting the Nazis, and this is how we thank the ones that come back?  Well, that's a fine how do you do if I ever heard one!

[He'll keep complaining all day if he has to.]
19 October 2012 @ 04:48 pm
5th Worm  
[It's been a little while since Kariya got his worms back, and thanks to some timely and largely unexpected assistance from a certain agent of the church, he's on the road to at least a partial recovery.  Ciel was able to purge the Crest Worms from his body, but she couldn't reverse any of the damage they did to his body tissue - not that Kariya seems to care much about that.  In a very real sense, he feels that he's gotten a new lease on life in Mayfield, and he's out taking a walk in the cool fall weather today to enjoy it.  He's wearing his usual hoodie, but is no longer making any efforts to obscure his face - if this is the new normal, he's going to have to learn not to be afraid to show people what he looks like under there.  And even though his hair is still shock-white and he's still blind in one eye and dealing with a heavy limp, Kariya's smile is clearly genuine, reflecting the relief of a man who's just gotten his life back.

Feel free to bump into him anywhere in town as he's wandering, though he will be making at least one specific stop: 310 Miller Street, where his niece Rin Tohsaka lives.]

25 September 2012 @ 04:16 pm
4th Worm  
[Well, Rin's party was mostly a success, except for the part where Kariya's last regain ended up getting opened after everyone had gone home.  Small blessing that only Rin and Kariya's housemates were really around to see it happen, but the package was indeed full of the Crest Worms he had carried in his body at home, and they wasted no time at all re-infesting every inch of his flesh.

Although it's been a few days, there's just no getting used to this sort of thing, especially when it happens all at once like that.  And unfortunately, there are obligations that Kariya has to fulfill or risk being droned.  He'd skipped work on Friday to plan Rin's party, and again on Monday while he recovered.  And while being droned would be a temporary reprieve, he doesn't want to worry anyone - least of all Rin.]

[Action; Mayfield Elementary School]

[Hey there, Mayfield's brightest young minds.  Ready for your writing and spelling lessons today?  You might be, but your teacher is clearly not.  Mr. Matou has definitely seen better days.  It's clearly still him, but his hair has turned stark white and his left eye is completely clouded over.  His face is gaunt, as if he hasn't eaten in days, and in a few places it's even possible to see the veins bulging underneath his skin.  He walks with a heavy limp, favoring the right side of his body as he slowly makes his way to the front of the room.]


[And there it is - another heavy coughing fit.  It's sickly and wet sounding, and his entire body shudders with the effort.  It lasts a few moments longer than is probably comfortable for anyone in the room, and it's a few moments later still that Kariya regains control of himself with a few deep breaths.]

...Open your books to page 32.

[Action; Mayfield Streets; early evening]

[Somehow, Kariya managed to make it through an entire day of teaching.  That's two more days he'll be able to go without having to come into work before he's forced into it again.  Maybe in that amount of time, he can find someone or something to help him with this little problem of his.  He's not holding out much hope, but Mayfield has people with talents he could only have dreamed of back home.  The real problem is finding someone, as he isn't exactly in the shape to be walking all over town.  But he's got at least enough strength to shuffle around for a few hours since he doesn't have the added strain of maintaining Berserker's summoning on top of dealing with the worms trying to eat him from the inside out.

...Again, small blessings.]

[Action; Salvation Church; night]

[And perhaps subconsciously, Kariya ends up at the church.  He knows Mayfield's church isn't full of Executors like Kirei Kotomine, but it's a familiar locale all the same.  Maybe he stumbled in here because the church is where he was headed next at home before passing out in an alleyway and waking up in Mayfield.  Who's to say, really.  But whatever the reason, Kariya throws open the front doors to the church, staggering toward one of the pews in the back row before collapsing into it, his breath heavy and labored.]

Tch... damn... pushed it too far...

[He can barely move right now apart from the motion of his chest as he catches his breath.  Even the task of walking around town takes its toll in his current state.  And while there are definitely worse places to have to spend the night, somewhere inside Kariya is kicking himself again for being so weak and so useless.]

08 August 2012 @ 07:38 pm
3rd Worm  

I got a call today from the elementary school asking me to turn in my curriculum for next year.  Is that kind of thing normal?  Did the rest of you get your jobs this way?  I guess it could be worse, though - teaching spelling to a bunch of kids doesn't sound that bad.

[Action; Mayfield General Store]

[Well, with job-related things out of the way, Kariya has decided to focus on more immediate concerns - shopping for food for that picnic he promised to take Rin and Sakura on.  He can be found in various places throughout the store loading up on all kinds of things - lunchmeat and all sorts of fresh veggies for sandwich fixings, sodas and other kinds of easily portable drinks, and so on.  He's pretty sure that Rider and Lancer are going to crash the party too, so the cart's getting pretty full since he's planning on feeding three people and two Servants.]

11 July 2012 @ 08:16 pm
2nd Worm  
[Action; 1666 Nelson Street]

[Well, Kariya's finally out of that horrible carnival-themed nightmare, and it looks like Mayfield has seen fit to reward him for his suffering.  He's standing out on the front lawn with the package as he opens it, pulling out a neatly folded grey hoodie and a photograph of what looks like a
circuitry diagram.  And it is, but not the traditional kind.  Before he even has time to consider what the picture might mean, it disappears in his hands.  There's a momentary rush of power through his body, causing him to stagger back for a moment as he has to catch his breath.  It doesn't take him long to acclimate to the feeling, though, and once he's regained his senses, he smiles to himself.]

Heh... looks like they didn't waste any time.

[Phone; filtered from Tokiomi Tohsaka]

[Now that he has his magical potential back, Kariya knows he's going to need some way of protecting himself.  And since he doesn't actually know any spells himself, that means only one thing - it's time to go Servant shopping.]

...Is there anyone in town who knows anything about forming magical contracts?

[He's trying to keep it intentionally vague, just in case.  The Holy Grail War was supposed to be kept secret back home, so he doesn't really want to just put his true intent out there right away.]

23 June 2012 @ 08:41 am
1st Worm  
[Action; 1666 Nelson Street]

Locked to housemates )

[Action; Streets of Mayfield]

[Once he's finished with his housemates, Kariya decides to go out and have a look around town.  He's fresh out of the Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City, so he's not feeling too keen on hopping on the phones and announcing himself to everyone around.  After all, if this place can really bring anyone here, the other Masters and Servants could show up at anytime, and he's powerless without the Crest Worms and Berserker to protect him.  He does have the distinct look of a newcomer, though, as he walks around slowly and takes in the various sights and sounds.  Every so often, he coughs loudly into his hand, and he seems to be clumsily half-shuffling along during the times when he's not paying attention to his own steps.  His body has been restored to what it was before the War, and it's getting used to what it's like to be fully functional again.  So for someone trying to keep a low profile, he's doing a pretty bad job of it.]