13 April 2012 @ 05:13 pm
11th--[Action] ...not-so tiny today! [Event]  

[Outside 1766 Beaver Street]

["Seras" has gotten up rather late today. Partially because someone else usually swings by to pick her up for school earlier in the day, and mostly because "Seras" wasn't Seras at all. She was Flandre, and had centuries of the sleeping habits of being a nocturnal creature.

After wandering around the house, staring at herself in the mirror and then pointedly avoiding all reflective surfaces and wondering why everything was so small, she has gone outside to the lawn and...flops over onto her back in the grass.

...I forgot what it's like without any wings at all.

[She has a rather un-Seras-like French accent.]

This is annoying.

[And just like all those years and years had wound back and she was human again. The world seemed quieter, the clouds less distinct--and when she held her hand up, there were no claws on her fingers like there should have been.

Noticeably absent is the collective panic attack much of Mayfield seems to be suffering lately. But, after all--Flandre believed this all was just one long, strange dream. What was one more odd thing to dream about?
10 April 2012 @ 11:34 am
10th--There's a tiny vampire on your lawn  
[Action everywhere small children with wings can feasibly get into]

[Flandre should have been wary of the things that came in the mail, but like a lot of things expected of her, she was…kind of the opposite. There hadn’t been any unpleasantness yet, aside from her crystal wings being in a box which was just…strange. Her batlike wings had remained properly on her back and Sakuya had taken the unattached things away shortly afterward. This time was no different—she just felt better, after opening the letter. There was a picture of herself on it, and when she touched it, she could fly again!

…for about a wingbeat or two. Sometimes three if there was a favorable headwind. But when she couldn’t get off the ground by herself before, this was amazing! And she immediately hopped over the nearest fence.

…she hadn’t meant to be gone long, but time tended to get away from her. Besides, the drones were creepy.

It may be your fence the little vampire’s trying to flutter over, or your yard she’s blundered into after she fumbled her latest attempt. Or more deliberately flopped over in your yard because she’s tired and the grass has dandelions in it and she’s looking at them again.
27 March 2012 @ 08:53 am
Second Hit.  
[ Action: Mayfield Elementary ]

[ In Vita's opinion, she doesn't need to go to school. But, apparently, to avoid being droned, she's come of her own volition. Though, to those who have her in class, she is not happy and will most likely grump at people just because. ]

...dammit, this ain't fair at all.

[ Action: John Doe Park. Afternoon. ]

[ To Vita's surprise, there had been a sledgehammer in the garage. Even though she lacks her usual strength, that doesn't mean she can't at least train. So, those in the area will find her either running around to get some laps in, doing some push-ups or sit-ups, or hitting random trees and things in the area with the hammer. ]

Take that!

[ She could get used to this, that's for sure. ]

[ Phone ]

Yo. Is there anyone here who has training sessions set up or nah? I'm lookin' for heavy liftin' and endurance kind of stuff.
21 February 2012 @ 03:04 pm
[Outside Mayfield Elementary]

[After school lets out for the day—or a little before, Flandre was proud of how very sneaky she was—Flandre can be found clambering all over the playground again, making full use of her claws and her wings.

But she’s a bit more careful this time! She looks around before she starts sliding down things like pipes, watching for people approaching. If a person is spotted, the vampire promptly sits on her hands and furls her wings away and looks innocent.

Right next to whatever she just put giant scratches in the paint of.

…no one really taught her how to use the fireman pole okay.

((OOC: Chronologically the thread with Marceline goes first. Also there may be bats in your thread instead of tiny vampires because everything’s better with bats.))
31 January 2012 @ 11:47 am
[Outside Mayfield's hospital]

[It started again, like clockwork. People disappeared, then reappeared in front of the building precisely one day after the fact. Some had just walked away, but not this particular patient. Flandre couldn’t even crawl. Wouldn't. Not now.

When the medicine had worn off, she had stopped feeling so sick…only to be overcome again by the worst pain she could remember--wanted to remember. Like her arms and legs only then remembered that they were gone and should be hurting instead. It was like that time, only backwnonoNO stop stop. No thinking. No remembering.

Eventually the hurting stopped; she was aware of her head pillowed on something very cold and very damp—snow? Snow. Yes. The pain had gone away.

Now she was completely numb.

…numb was good. Cold was good.

Flandre was tired now, even though she had done nothing; she wanted to sleep. So she tried to—and didn’t move, not even to become more comfortable. Had Flandre been more aware, she might have wondered what an awful picture she made; a tangled heap of leathery wing and the torso attached to them, all lying in the snow.

But she was not. She wanted to sleep.

When she woke up, things would be better...
14 January 2012 @ 01:48 pm
[There is an indistinct grumbling sound for awhile before actual words can be made out on this particular line.]

...I thought being awake during the day was a good thing. Why did they wake me up when it was dark? I like the dark, but I had just gone to sleep!

[A pause.]

I found my wings. My other wings. They're in a box, under where the tree used to be.

[This is. So weird. You can hear it in her voice.]

Action: 752 Partridge Way )