17 February 2012 @ 06:49 pm
[Action, 508 Ricardo Street]
 [On Friday morning there's a thump from one of the bedrooms upstairs. That would be the sound of Iris waking up in a strange place and immediately trying to phase through the floor to get out. Of course, without her powers that didn't work out very well for her and she ended up going splat on the floor instead. When that plan didn't work out for her she decided it might be a good idea to leave this room. If she can leave, that is. To her surprise the door opens and she peeks outside. The hallway is clear, or seems clear, so she creeps farther out of the room to look around]

This looks like a normal house. [This for some reason tells her that it's time to push herself flat against the wall in an attempt to be stealthy. It's not a very good attempt] And there's nobody out here. This is the worst kidnapping ever. How come I can't use my powers though?

[Action, All over town]
[After being informed that she isn't being held hostage and can actually leave the house she was in, Iris does just that. She's out and about in Mayfield, running around the town and looking at things. Occasionally, she'll stop someone on the street, poke them or tug their sleeve to get their attention. In fact, there might be a ten year old trying to get your attention right now. She's not supposed to talk to strangers but this is an emergency. Dad would understand in this case, right?] 

Um, excuse me? Is there a way to leave?

[Action, Park]
[Iris is in the park now, seated on top of the jungle gym with her eyes closed. She seems to be focusing really hard on something and if you get closer you can probably hear her muttering to herself]

Come oooooon, work. Woooooork. [She's determined to phase through the jungle gym, to get her powers to work, no matter how many people have told her it isn't happening. If anything's going to start working, she's convinced it'll be phasing. It's the power she's had the longest, after all. After a moment she seems to give up and sighs, opening her eyes and folding her arms over her chest]

This place is stupid. Everything looks the same, everyone is weird and I can't even do cool things anymore.