07 August 2012 @ 08:15 am
achtentwintig - still a human  
[After over a year in Mayfield, Holland still has his human body.  He's not quite sure what that means; has he aged?  Will he be one year older, physically, forever?  He hadn't really seen nations age quickly; he did used to be much smaller, but he hasn't been little in over 300 years.

Anyway, he didn't feel terribly different.  Injuries hurt more, his body got aches and pains that it never got before, and it was just so easy to be killed, as a human.  But other than that . . . well, it was different.  

So when he gets the mail and finds two familiar looking envelopes, he's eager to open them.  He'll tear both open and look at the pictures inside at the same time.  

And what he sees are
this and this this.  There's an enormous noise in the backyard, and when the Netherlands turns back towards the house, he'll see a mast standing out behind it.  

He was still a human.]

A - For housemates and anyone happening by Mitchell Rd.

[There is a very large ship in the backyard of 1447 Mitchell Rd.  Holland notices that it's smaller, smaller than it should be.  Still, it takes up almost all of the backyard, and the masts are well-visible above the houses.  The cannon sits in the lawn, the grass and ground underneath indented from the weight of the metal.  A few cannonballs are nearby.  Netherlands will spend a lot of effort wheeling it to the front of the house, eventually using the car to tow it.

If the ship doesn't catch the attention of the neighbors, a cannonball being shot down the street probably will.  After loading it attentively he'll light the fuse and take cover.  He's careful to avoid houses, but some of the cars might not be so lucky as the cannonball flies down the street..  
He's impressed it worked; it looks like the cannon has been at the bottom of the ocean for some time and he was mostly expecting it to explode.  Holland will ignore the crashing sound of a cannonball hitting something; he'll move the cannon best he can and leave it against the curb in front of the house where, he guesses it works okay as an accent.  It doesn't really go with the tulips though; he'll spend the morning polishing it best he can and trying to get most of the rust off.]

B - for [personal profile] a_gentle_boy 

[Holland remembers all the people he'd talked to while he didn't have any memories.  One of those people is Lucas.  He's going to visit his friend now, and try to clear things up.  There is a knock on the door in the afternoon.]

C- Phone

Hoi, you guys; this is Netherlands.  I'm myself now and I remember what I should remember.  Sorry.

. . . . sorry about the cannon.