01 February 2012 @ 10:32 pm
fourteen; action  
A; 769 Bunker Street
[Sealand is back! Not that he's said anything to indicate so--in fact, he's simply walked up the sidewalk, completely ignoring the bloody mess still in the tree house, and walked inside, shutting the door behind him and moving to sit in a chair in the living room. Not with the television on or anything, no, he's just sitting there.

His body looks like it's been torn to pieces and put back together badly--there are lines of congealed blood all over his face, arms, and legs--closer inspection would reveal they travel underneath his clothes as well, and that the congealed blood covers up still open wounds.

Of course, Sealand doesn't seem to care at all.]

B; around town
[It's hard to care about anything. Actually, he just can't at all. Occasionally he'll pass drones with missing arms or torn out intestines or maybe a normal person with injuries or experimentations, but he doesn't seem to care. There are lines of congealed blood absolutely covering his body, and it's made a mess of his clothes, but he doesn't seem to notice.

He's not going anywhere in particular. In fact, if you were to follow him, he occasionally travels in circles or goes back along paths he's already traveled. It doesn't really matter where he goes.]

[ooc: Sealand's revival side effects are "wounds still present, but blood has congealed" and "loss of the ability to feel emotion entirely".]
25 January 2012 @ 09:43 am
Thirteen; Action  
A; 769 Bunker Street
[Following Sealand's trail should be pretty obvious; there's blood trailing from his bed, along the halls, and into the bathroom, where Sealand is currently seated. He's got band-aids all over his fingers, and is in the process of somewhat frantically wrapping proper bandages over a chest that seems to be covered in thin, bleeding red lines of broken or breaking skin.]

B; 769 Bunker Street lawn
[Sealand is dripping even more blood now, still making his movements incredibly easy to follow. It also helps that he's starting to slow down, slinking off to his tree house at the side of the house. Climbing up into it is proving difficult, but he seems--sleepily determined, at least, even if the tree house ladder is quickly getting a coat of blood.]

C; tree house
[And that's all Sealand can take. It's hard to tell, though, if the blood loss got to him before his entire body being torn apart, as if something burst out from the inside, got to him.

Either way he's dead and he's made a complete mess of his tree house.]