10 February 2012 @ 08:19 pm
1st declaration; [action]  
(ACTION for 949 Beulah Street)

[France's eyes snap open. Had he died? Was this some sort of curse? He knows what it is to dream and often, when he could sleep as of late, his dreams were never this... quiet. Peaceful.


He runs a hand through his hair, then pulls his knees up; but he's far too restless, so he practically stumbles out of bed and searches for the nearest available set of clothes he can find.]

(A) [He's either in his house or wandering the yard fiddling with things, generally looking bewildered.]

(B) [In this case, he may or may not be flagging you down looking extremely flustered. This Frenchman's speech is a little archaic (depending on your time period and/or setting) and occasional insistent phrases poke through untranslated--"Where am I?" "Pardon, madame/monsieur/mademoiselle..."]