17 June 2012 @ 11:02 pm

Rory Williams, if you can hear this I'd like to talk to you. There's a bloke I think you might know that I'm rather interested in. Please contact me as soon as possible.

[305 Miller Street/Early morning]

[Jenny comes down the stairs with a spring in her step. Contrary to her normal suit, she's wearing one of the few dresses that she kept around just in case she was going to have to blend in better. Her hair is done partucularly nice and she's even wearing make up. She moves right into the kitchen and starts cooking breakeast, just for Cade.]
06 June 2012 @ 08:05 pm
゜゚*❀*゚ ゜ One  
.: at 1485 Kramden Road :.

[It would have been a peaceful and uneventful Mayfield morning, given the mild chaos of the past few days, were it not for the loud clanging of pots and pans accidentally crashing onto the floor. A complete accident. Honest. The kitchen itself is not a disaster zone at this point, but it's well on its way to becoming one, courtesy of a young girl who's far too used to using magic at this point to do without it now while making breakfast.

There's anger, confusion, and a slight fear. But most of all, there's hunger.]

All of this would be a world easier if I could just get my wand back!

.: Downtown Mayfield :.

[There's a girl on a borrowed stolen just for a little bit really bike stopping every once in a while to squint at the shops for any familiar faces, or even any trace of magic. Please excuse her if she crashes into you.]
06 May 2012 @ 07:14 pm
Jenny Sparks - Getting one's shit together  
[B: Phone (Open to all)]

I've got a message for Coran's house mate. I found out more about that club we were talking about. If you'd like to come over to 305 Miller Street we can discuss the details.

[She pauses before speaking again.]

Also, Tony Stark, I'd like to have another drink. You seem like you might be just the man I need right now.

[Action for around town]

[Jenny was taking a walk, hands shoved into her pockets. She really needed to do something about all the time on her hands. Maybe training a few people in unarmed combat would be a bit better of a use of her time. She'd been thinking about it for a few days now. A few well trained men and women would be damn useful.

She lit up a cigarette as she stopped to watch over the area she'd ended up in. Yeah, a few well trained people would do wonders for this place. Not to mention a good overhaul of their communications relay.]
29 April 2012 @ 02:25 am
Jenny Sparks // Puzzling it out  

[Jenny's voice is calm and cool. She hasn't been able to learn the filters yet.]

I'm looking for a person by the name of Dist the Rose.
17 April 2012 @ 10:28 pm
Jenny Sparks // 2nd spark  
[A: Action for 305 Miller Street (Jenny's home)]

[Jenny's already gotten rid of all her clothing that was unacceptable. She'd kept a few of the gowns, one which she happened to be wearing today. Making her way down the stairs she lit up a cigarette and made her way into the kitchen. She leaned into the fridge to see if there was anything left inside. She pulled something from it and put it onto a plate to heat. Finally she started the coffee pot and waited to see if the idiot she'd been stuck with was going to be around this morning. She had a few things she wanted to share with him.]

[B: Phone (Open to all)]

[Jenny's voice is just a bit groggy as she's just woken up for the morning.]

Good to see us all in our proper bodies again, though I must say I learned quite a bit about this place over the course of the day. I appreciate all the help I received.

[C: Action for around town (Open to all)]

[Jenny's got her hands in her pockets as she walks the streets of Mayfield. She knows it's best to know your enemy and since her enemy seems to be an entire town she needs to know that. Looking from 'droned homeowner' to 'droned homeowner' she nods in acknowledgments of their waving. She'll have to see about getting a job in order to blend into this society. Then once she's learned enough about this place she'll attack. Once she has her powers back that is. It'll be easier to fight a whole town with her electricity then without it.

Apparently this was one of those places where Jack would be amazingly useful.
14 April 2012 @ 12:05 am
Jenny Sparks - Freaky Friday (Backdate to around noon)  
[A: Action for 723 Anderson Lane (Corran Horn's household)]

[Jenny rolls out of bed running her hand through her hair to straighten it before pausing at the realization that it's quite a bit shorter then it was the night before. She pushes herself out of her bed and makes her way over to a mirror. It's better not to freak out before she knows what exactly is going on.

The face she sees in the mirror isn't her own. It's that of a well put together man who looks as if he would be older then her in body age. She reaches up, running a hand along her, er, his face. The hair's not bad actually. Kinda sexy if she were completely honest. Not bad at all as men go. She runs a hand through his hair, tussling it a bit. Good shampoo too. She doesn't hate this. A little weird, but in all honesty she's had weirder things happen to her in her lifetime.

Next she's checking through the chests for cigarettes. She needs to feed her addiction before doing anything else like dressing or dealing with that idiot she lives with. Nothing.

"Hey moron ..." A pause as she takes stock of the lowered voice. Yeah, she could get used to this. "Hey, moron, where the hell did you put my fags?" She's already started out the bedroom door to look for he kid.

[B: Action for around town (Open to all)]

[A pack of cigarettes and a bottle of whiskey later Jenny's making her way around town inspecting the place. She still hasn't had the chance to and doing so in this bloke's body seems as good a time as any. No bitty American housewives trying to get hold of her in order to gossip about this fake town.

Plus it's more likely for a man's lips to be loose in the bar then it is for a sober housewife.]

[C: Phone (Open to all)][Jenny clears Corran's voice before speaking.]

If the bloke that recagnises this voice as their own is listening it would be nice to know what you're doing with mine ... provided that you're in my body that is.