17 June 2012 @ 09:39 pm
゜゚*❀*゚ ゜ Two  
.: In the Kitchen of 1485 Kramden :.

[Breakfast this time is not a disaster, and nothing has been caught in fire. There is no ominous smoke escaping the window and the backdoor. In fact, the small room is even fragrant with the smell of freshly baked goods and just prepared coffee. It's perhaps too much for two people to enjoy. Lily has yet to meet her darling father and the head of the household, but it doesn't mean that she can't be appreciative of him, anyway.

You might be tempted to peek through the wide open window, if inclined. There is certainly enough to share, especially if you happen to be a lucky man today.

The actual taste of the meal is another matter, of course.]

.: Outside Grey ABC, the liquor store :.

[There's been some complications with the actual act of acquiring an honest to God innocent, if alcoholic Father's Day present from the store. Lily, for one thing, is underage in this town. She's fuming outside, quietly, after being yelled at to leave the first four times.]

This wouldn't have happened if I were home.
10 March 2012 @ 05:15 pm
Curse 001: Muggle-fied  
Action: 1667 Nelson Street
[Residents of 1667 Nelson Street, there is a lot of noise coming from one of the rooms previously allocated to the drone kid in the house. The door is shut, but one can probably hear the near-hysterical voice of the latest resident increasing in volume:]

No no no no! Where is it!?

Action: Around town
[Someone's skulking around town. Having given up finding his wand, and attempting to come to terms with the situation, he's decided that rather than continue to act in an undignified manner (eg.hyperventilating and crying) he is going to explore the town for more information. However, should one cross Malfoy on the street, speaking to him will get a rather strange response. He seems to flinch and shrink back a little, before mumbling a quick "Good afternoon". He doesn't even look anyone in the eye, choosing instead to move on quickly away from the person.]

Action: Library
[And now he's at the library, checking out the books. It seems the selection of books aren't to his liking, as the pile of discarded books on the table seem to indicate. He's also rapidly losing his patience as the paranoia returns.]

There has to be a way out of here. There has to be!