30 November 2012 @ 01:04 am
08 - Hunt Feed Kill Repeat  
[Around Town, Evening]

[The compulsion to kill is something that Natalie is very familiar with. Her Beast is a spiteful thing, clawing and snarling and demanding violence and blood at the slightest provocation. And while her night started off strangely, with her limbs having desires that were in no way congruent with her heart's, it wasn't long before her Beast was eager to go along with the wickedness. For violence took effort. Violence took blood. Each feat of superhuman strength and speed required an expenditure of vitae that left Natalie famished, and all too willing to drink the nearest living creature dry. She was quick to stop resisting Johnson's control. There's no use. There is only blood and feeding and death.

Natalie is a stealthy creature, one that can hide in the shadows and will herself to remain hidden. If you're her target, she's likely been stalking you almost invisibly. Magic senses, video cameras, a cleverly-tossed handful of confetti... they can all pierce the effect. If none of those are in evidence? The moment that she strikes and grabs to pin arms or tackle bodies is when she'll be very much present and in evidence. If you're a stranger? She won't say a word before trying to sink her fangs into your flesh and drink all your blood. If you're familiar? A friend, even? Maybe she'll shout a warning. No promises. The Beast and Ms. Johnson are calling the shots.]
28 November 2012 @ 11:26 pm
Ha. Haha. Ha.

Are you enjoying yourselves as much as I am? It hurts, doesn't it, to see your friends coming at you with murder in their eyes? To hurt the ones you lOve, without being able to stop yourselves?

I never did thank you for youR help in getting rid of ZEmEkis. That useless girl was right about one thing: we NEVer would have been able to beat him if you weren't taking up all his attention. This system... you have no idea what it's like. To be able to see everything, to feel everything... to BE everything! I don't coNTrol Mayfield- I am Mayfield!

No wonder that bumbling fool had to go and put himself to sleep in the body of sOme drone girl. He didn't have what it took to run this place without going mad. But I do. I Do.

Strap in, darlings. The fun's only just begun.
28 November 2012 @ 08:14 am
✖ anxiety attack: 015 ✖ Murderhaus ✖  
[A: Phone]

[The laughter on the phone is a desperate sounding noise, the kind of laugh that someone has when hope has been crushed so completely all they can do is laugh at themselves and how stupid they were to think that escape was possible.]

So that's it, then. We're all just a copied file in someone else's game simulator. It's funny, almost ironic in some ways, but that's it then. There's no way out, we'll die here, and that's...

[The laughter almost sounds like Mika's crying, but she isn't. Not yet.]

Captain Rogers, looks like I can't go back with you after all. Thanks for the offer, it...it really meant a lot to me that you asked at all.

I'm sorry.

[She's choking up, there's so much she wanted to say, so many people she had something important to tell, but she's struggling just to hold the phone to her ear.]

I'm so sorry everyone. I can't--I can't hold her off anymore. I'm so, so sorry.


[B. 339 Brady Lane]

[Mika's struggling to stop it, but she's not strong enough to stop the way her body's been reprogrammed without her consent. Her lead pipe's in her hand, and a sheathed carving knife is tucked into her belt. She hunts down scents faster than a bloodhound, but the look on her face is nothing short of terrified.]

Quinn, Raz, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. RUN! Oh my God I'm so sorry, I'm so, so sorry! Please, run!

[C. The Streets]

[She's walking down the center of the street, her pipe held in an unwavering grip even though her teeth are clenched and her tears have left filthy smudges on her cheeks. Her clothes are already stained, either from the blood of other captives or from drones, or even herself.

But Mika is hunting and she won't be allowed to stop until everyone else is dead. Or Johnson gets bored of her latest experiment.
28 November 2012 @ 12:32 am
event: the end  
OooOOOh, but this is nice. Hmhmhm. It's so nice to finally have control over this place... so good to have conTROl...


Hmm. Right.

You poor dears. Did that mean old Zemekis upset you with that little reveal? I knew letting him live was a bad idea. Oh well, too late now!

But it's okay. I know exactly what will make you feel better: experiments! Oh, don't be like that. It'll be fun!

...for me! Oh, I'm just terrible.

[Starting at midnight, all those characters signed up for it will immediately awaken to find that they are no longer in control of their own bodies. Though they remain able to speak and think, their bodies have begun to move independently. All affected characters will find themselves moving and acting with one apparent purpose:

To kill everyone else in Mayfield they can find.]
22 November 2012 @ 11:35 pm
under new management  
[At the stroke of midnight tonight, all radios will automatically turn on and broadcast a message from Mrs. Johnson.]

Hello, darlings! I'm pleased as punch to announce that the patriarchy has finally been toppled. Yes, thanks to the combined efforts of myself, the lovely Miss Sun and her handsome brother, and you wonderful folks - but mostly me, let's face it - that nasty Jonathon Zemekis is finally beaten. Feel free to celebrate! You no longer have to suffer under his extraordinary incompetence.

Now I know the last few months have been tough, but with control of this town having finally been handed to someone who actually knows what she's doing and isn't a complete moron too obsessed with the pathetic shadows of his past to realize he was ruining everything we all worked so hard for, the Mayfield you all know and love is back and better than ever! So for the few of you who may still be thinking about silly things like abandoning ship and trying to escape, let me put your worries at ease. You'll find that I operate under far different rules than that weak-willed little broken shell of a man.

But I'm sure we'll all get along just fine, aren't you? Incidentally, if you want to speak with him, I left him at the Church for you. Don't worry, he can't hurt you anymore. You can go ask him deep life questions, or rough him up a bit, or just kill him! He's fading anyway, so it doesn't really matter to me what you do. Consider it my gift to you.

Ta-ta for now, darlings. I'm sure we'll speak again very soon.

22 November 2012 @ 11:42 pm
event end: the beginning of the end  
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14 November 2012 @ 11:16 pm
event: the beginning of the end  
[Things in Mayfield are... well, they've been better.

The Smith Household, long a town staple, has burned to the ground. And while the house's primary resident, one Jonathan Zemekis/Lucy Smith, may not be seen? He's certainly being heard.

A storm has descended upon Mayfield- both literally and figuratively. Gale-force winds are whipping the town, rain and hailstones falling from black clouds that cover the sky both day and night. Somehow, despite the rain, most of the buildings in town are on fire. Your houses, thankfully, are safe, and the phone lines are still running- but going outside is not advised, because the storm isn't the only thing out there.

Thanks to to the Milkman meddling in a certain rescue mission, a horde of moving corpses has swept the town. No mindless zombies, these- they're running, climbing, attempting to break down doors and windows, and generally do whatever it takes to find and kill you. They are joined by men in hazmat suits wielding axes and machetes, who will burst into clouds of poisonous gas if killed.

There is one safe spot in all of the madness- the Library, where Annie and the Postman have settled for now. 20 feet around the Library, an invisible barrier of sorts seems to be keeping both the corpses and hazmats at bay. If you're looking for a safe place to ride out the storm, this is the place to go. But be careful getting there- any death from now on will be permanent. (Obviously we won't be forcing this on anybody, it's solely your choice if you want your character killed.)

Only one other building stands out at the moment: the Church of Salvation, which is neither on fire nor a safe zone. The whole building, in fact, is locked tight, with no way inside... yet.]
08 November 2012 @ 11:58 pm
event: the beginning of the end | trade-in post  
[At some point during the day, those of you who've lost their memories may get a sudden nagging urge to visit a certain area of town. Where this area is varies from day to day - a room in the hospital, a hallway in the school, an empty aisle in the library, or perhaps somewhere else - but either way, if you decide to give in and follow your instincts, you'll find yourself face-to-face with Annie and a reluctant looking Postman in her tow.]

Good, you got our message. We've managed to create a safe spot hidden from Zemekis and his drones, but we can't stay in the same spot for long, so I'll make this quick. If you'd like to get your memories back, my brother can return them to you right now.

For a fee, of course. Can't get anything for free, not in this town.

Ugh, you meanie! Why do you always have to make things so difficult?

Look, I'm doing my best, but you know well as I do that this place still operates under his rules. I don't have the power to overturn them without taking something in exchange...brat.

Can't you try something? Please! It's not fair...no one should have to pay a price just to remember who they are. No one should have to go through that kind of hell.

...Fine. I guess I might be able to find a loophole somewhere out of the goodness of my heart if the memories were like really shitty ones, but no guarantees.

[OOC: The memory trade system works just like the Post Office trades: if you'd like to get your character's memories back, you can trade in a body part or a regain of equal value for them (so no, trading in your character's fifth grade bottlecap collection won't work). Because we're so close to final endgame, all trades will be permanent.

That said, the Postman may be nice enough to give your character their memories without taking a fee! We're leaving it up to you whether or not your character will trade anything in.]
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03 November 2012 @ 12:38 am
event: the beginning of the end  
[The Mayor's Office. You've been here before- some of you have even made it inside. But this time, you've got help.

The Postman is waiting outside the office. When your group arrives, he gives you a curt nod. His usual easy smirk is gone- and is that fear in his eyes?

Nevertheless, he tugs on the handle once, as if testing it.]
I don't know why I expected it to not be locked. Well, here goes...

[He closes his eyes, his hand still on the knob, and waits a few moments. When he tugs again, the door opens in front of him. He waits a few moments further, as if listening for an alarm, then smiles slightly.] Still got it.

[The office is, by all accounts, an ordinary office, and nothing appears to have changed since the last time a group broke in here. There are papers scattered about on the desks, and the receptionist area is empty. Only one thing in particular stands out: there's a heavy scent in the air, like wet copper and rotting meat. It's coming from further down the hall.]

[ooc: this one is open to everybody! Follow the scent in order to advance the plot.]
24 October 2012 @ 08:23 pm

Heya everyone. So, Halloween's in a week and I happened to notice the great lack of jack-o-lanterns on everyone's front stoops. How are we going have an amazing time trick-or-treating if everything isn't festive?

Come on, everyone. Where's the spirit? I'm totally going to set up a community pumpkin carving festival in the park this weekend. Maybe we can trade costume ideas, too. I'm dressing up as a cat. Meow~

Oh! Rin! When you hear this... [Marisa sounds a little nervous.] ...wanna come over for dinner? Mom makes the best roast. We can, um, finish that... project for school.

[1125 Taylor]

[Marisa is diligently carving pumpkins outside. The designs are a little... odd though.]
22 October 2012 @ 03:39 pm
11th Key: You are...not a pirate...  
[Action A: 7134 Brooks]

[The house is surprisingly quiet, without the hum of Galleon engines overhead. But why would there be that? This is the house of the Marvelous family! Your average down-on-their-luck family; father working hard at the barely-paying job. See him now? He's picking up the paper as breakfast is getting ready. Anyone inside, or on the streets can come up and say hi.]

[Action B: L'Déplaisant]

[Marvelous is working hard for once, getting food out to the lunch/supper crowd, his head beginning to twinge in between tables. But he'll still have a smile on his face as you call him over.]

[Action C: Phone]

[Marvelous will be in agony by this point, having found a certain large piece of cardboard in his front closet, along with that strange red coat. He needs someone to talk to about it: anyone he can.]

H-hey....any of you...know what's going on?
14 September 2012 @ 08:41 pm
event: don't you forget about me  
[For those of you venturing into Mayfield's library today, you can find the head librarian hard at work at the front desk or shelving books. Most people who try to approach her will simply get a stern look and a reminder to keep their voices down.

If you happen to have something of hers though, you may get quite a different reaction...]

[OOC: This post is locked to characters who have a memento. Please do not reply if you don't have one. For those who do, you can go ahead and respond in any order; however, day 7's memento will be chronologically the last one she'll see.]
07 September 2012 @ 01:27 pm
event: portal seven | the void  

The final portal doesn't seem to be a portal at all. It's a glitch hole.

Located on the lawn of the library is a hole much like the ones that have plagued every new location for the past week. As with them, it hurts your eyes to look at too long, but even if you should muscle past the pain and stare straight into it, you can make out nothing on the other side. Nothing, save for a shifting, twitching, swirling void.

Unlike the portals, which were vertically placed like doorways, the hole at the Library is strewn across the lawn: if you want to enter it, you're going to have to jump. Of course, there's no guarantee it will even lead anywhere. Touching the hole or sticking your arm in doesn't have any effect: you'll pull your arm out unharmed. As far as jumping in completely goes, those who jump in disappear from sight. As long as you're on the Mayfield side, there's no way to tell what lies beyond the hole.

There's only one way to find out.

[ooc: Feel free to roleplay up to the point your characters jump in, assuming they do. A single group subthread will be created in a few hours revealing what happens on the other side.]
06 September 2012 @ 12:44 pm
event: portal six | the wasteland  

If you had thought that a charred nuclear hellscape couldn't possibly get any worse, turns out you thought wrong.

The sixth portal is located just a few yards across from the entrance to the Mayfield Dairy. The door to the Dairy is, as always, locked, but those of you who stare long enough at the drawn curtains might notice them fluttering slightly every once in a while- as if there's movement behind them. As if someone is watching.

Even just by glancing at the portal from the Mayfield side, you can tell it makes the desert portal look like a tropical vacation by comparison. The portal opens up to the interior of a ruined schoolhouse, its walls and floor caked with dust and ash. The hallways are bare and desolate, save for the occasional scorch mark. Inside the classrooms you can see small skeletons beneath the desks, curled up as if for warmth.

The world outside the schoolhouse is no better. Not only are the old hazards still here- pockets of intense radiation, air clouded by ash and smoke -but things have apparently deteriorated since your last visit. There are glitch pockets, as expected, but they're not sitting in place anymore: they're moving, slowly at times, quickly at others. And they're not moving at random, either: they'll come straight for you, as if they're hunting...

But glitch pockets aren't the only ones out for your blood. The roaming gangs of cannibal survivors are still here, but they appear to have been as changed as the landscape. Many of them bear the same deformities as the drones of the carnival- multiple or lacking limbs, two bodies fused together, mutated growths spreading up and down their limbs. Many of them are wearing scorched hazmat suits, patched together haphazardly. All of them are armed. None of them are friendly.

The sun hangs high in the sky, but you can barely see it through the thick brown clouds. This is a dead world, and unless you find that memento fast, you're about to become a permanent resident.
05 September 2012 @ 05:00 pm
event: portal five | the carnival  

The fifth portal is in the park, tucked away behind a cluster of trees; as usual, any drones walking past simply ignore it. The cheerful carnival that can be seen on other side of this portal may strike many of you as quite familiar.

The carnival doesn't seem to have changed much since the last time it was open. The street that had been behind the carnival has disappeared, but everything else remains the same, down to the sky looking like it's been completely deleted and replaced by a gaping hole of nothingness. Despite this area being the smallest and most enclosed environment so far outside of the blimp, there are plenty of places to begin your search, from the Ferris Wheel, to the funhouse, to the various rides and stands. Just make sure to avoid the large glitch holes that seem to be all over the place.

Oh, and you might want to speed this one up, because you're not alone here. The faceless drones from the blimp are having fun at the carnival as well, queuing up for the rides and playing the games. They'll ignore you for now, but they're not the only ones you have to worry about. Here and there, you may catch glimpses of hideous, mutated drones...and they don't seem very happy to see you.
04 September 2012 @ 12:44 pm
event: portal four | the mountain  

The fourth portal, as might be expected, can be found atop the hill known as Makeout Point. The other side of the portal isn't altogether that much different from the side you're entering from, save for the thicker trees and somewhat darker lighting.

The other side of the portal is significantly colder than the Mayfield side; frost covers the ground, and although it's not quite freezing, you'll want to bundle up. A glance at the sky reveals what you might have been dreading: glitch holes, in varying size, litter the skyline. The sun is hidden behind a set of thick clouds, creating a melancholy atmosphere.

The landscape around you is relatively flat, and you can't see too far beyond the forest ahead of you. It isn't until you turn around, facing the portal that you entered from, that you see the rising slope of the ground. The mountain rises high, higher than you can see from its base. There's a rough, primitive path heading up its slope, and for now simply hiking will be sufficient. As you get further, however, simply walking won't be enough: you're going to have to climb...

Somewhere, closer than you might prefer, a single wolf howls, and is shortly joined by more.

Better get moving.
03 September 2012 @ 03:09 pm
event: portal three | the sky  

The third portal is not what you expect.

It's found in the middle of the Greased Lightning auto garage in the center of one of the building's walls. The drone workers in the garage don't look at or speak of it, but they seem to be avoiding its presence.

From what you can see in the garage, the portal opens up into what seems like the interior of a train's carriage, or first-class seating on an airline. You can see down what seems to be a large, impossibly miles-long aisle, with floors and seats made of luxurious red carpeting. From where you're standing, you can see the arms and legs of the people sitting in those seats, and in some cases the backs of their heads. They're all very well-dressed, and seem pretty lively, although you can't hear anything from this side of the portal.

Upon stepping through, other than the same tingle felt by the other portals, a few other sensations may hit you. The first, and most jarring, is the sense of vertigo caused by suddenly being hundreds of feet above sea level. If your ears pop, that would be why. The second is the smell of delicious food wafting into your nostrils; the supper trolley must be getting close.

The third, and a little less pleasant, is a faint buzzing in the back of your head that will be more than a little familiar to anybody who visited the carnival. Glancing around the cabin, you may notice the same holes that littered the sky back at the carnival: pockets of pure nothing, each about the size of a dinner plate, are scattered here and there across the aisle. Looking at them for more than a few seconds hurts your eyes as well as your mind.

It is while glancing around the cabin that you may notice two things. The first is the windows of the cabin, outside of which you can see the surroundings of your vehicle. It's neither a train nor an airplane: it's a blimp, bigger than any you've ever seen. Above your window you can see the bottom of the great balloon your cabin is attached to. Below, you can see the ocean, and ahead on the horizon, land. It seems the airship you're aboard is headed straight for a large metropolis on the coastline.

The second thing you might notice, now that you're close enough to see them, is the fact that none of your fellow passengers have faces. Their bodies are moving, shifting positions and gesticulating as if they're talking to each other, but no noise emerges from the patch of skin where their mouths would have been. The same goes for everyone occupying the seats down the aisle, which stretches further than you can see. Even when you poke and prod at them, the faceless passengers don't seem to notice your presence- yet.
02 September 2012 @ 11:23 am
event: portal two | the desert  

The second portal will most likely require a double-take to locate: it's found at the end of an alley between the malt shop and the roller rink, and you might glance it out of the corner of your eye while passing by. Drones, as before, don't seem to notice it at all, strolling right by the alley as if it didn't suddenly lead into a great swathe of sand.

Stepping through the portal can be a bit of a jarring experience. One moment you're standing amidst the bustle of downtown Mayfield; the next moment your face is being whipped by sand, the sun is blazing down on your neck, and the only noise you can hear is the distant, lonely keening of the wind across the dunes. Looking back at the portal, you can still see Mayfield's streets through the lens of the alleyway- but don't stare too long, because that portal closes within a day...

As far as the heat is concerned, you might as well have stepped into a pressure cooker. Not only does the sun beat down on you from above, but the heat also rises up from the sand: hopefully you're not going barefoot, otherwise you'll be suffering from some badly burned soles. On that note, unless you brought some very powerful sunscreen, you're going to want to cover up: any exposed skin is going to be suffering sunburn pretty fast. If you were smart, you brought something to drink: there's no water to be found here, only sand as far as the eye can see.

The great dunes rise and fall like unmoving waves. The horizon around you shows nothing, no buildings or signposts, only an endless sea of sand. Unlike the beach, there's no sign of habitation here- any footprints that might have been have long since been swept away. The wind is constant, unyielding, insistent, and focused on one direction alone: east.
01 September 2012 @ 12:00 pm
event: portal one | the island  

The first portal doesn’t take long to locate: it’s across the road from the Rec Center, in a field visible from the pool. There is no shimmering or flashy effects to indicate the portal’s presence. There is simply an eight-by-five-foot vertical hole in the middle of the air, a hole through which a vast expanse of sand and surf can be seen. Said hole is completely two-dimensional- walk to its side, and it will seem as though it’s disappeared.

There are times, however, when the portal seems to disappear even when viewed from the front. Every once in a while, the portal appears to flicker ever so faintly, like a television briefly losing signal. Don’t worry about it- it’s probably nothing. Those who visited the carnival last month and viewed the pockets of nothingness that plagued it may feel a familiar sense of physical discomfort when staring at the portal for too long- as if your eyes instinctively know that they’re looking at something that shouldn’t exist in this world.

Stepping through the portal doesn’t burn or hurt at all, although the temperature immediately rises on the other side from early autumn to the peak of a tropical summer. There is, however, a slight tingle to your skin that lasts only for moments upon passing through. Again, probably nothing. The portal does not vanish after you pass through it: behind you you can see the field and the rec center in the distance.

The island has no name. Its beach stretches from east to west as far as the eye can make out, and the great sea lapping at its edges is a bright, clear blue. Looking out at the ocean you can see that it’s calm, the waves soft and almost inviting. There’s no other land on the horizon, only a vast expanse of endless sea.

The only signs of human habitation you can make out are littered on the beach around you. A set of towels, beach chairs and umbrellas have been set up a short distance away from the portal. In the wet sand left in the high tide’s wake, a series of sand castles have been constructed, as well as a shallow pit where someone may have been buried in the sand.

On the opposite edge of the beach lies a forest of palm trees. The foliage is thick, but there seems to be a path carved into the flora a short distance away from the shore.
27 August 2012 @ 10:20 pm
[Your mail today is the same as ever; useless bills, letters from non-existent relatives, the usual. Except that, today, there seems to be something else. A sealed envelope filled with random nonsensical gibberish- save for one section...]

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